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Lexus has unveiled the rz 450e electric crossover, based on previously shown toyota bz4x and subaru solterra models. interior and exterior design, a more powerful power plant, been declared the brand’s first global electric car. ux 300e electric cross created on the basis of a gasoline model, but the rz 450e is the first lexus electric model that did not initially the lexus

Rz is built on the e-tnga platform, with a battery integrated mcpherson front suspension, and double wishbones at the rear, with the rz becoming the first lexus with amplitude-dependent that is, we are talking about the closest relative of the toyota bz4x and subaru solterra models. there is a separate video about them on the channel, you can watch it by the hint in the upper

Right corner. in fact, the rz 450e is their premium version. lexus compared to toyota, the new product is 115mm longer, and compared to the familiar lexus nx crossover, the rz is 14 centimeters longer and three wider at a similar the crossover received branded x-shaped design elements, branded l-shaped strokes of running lights in the headlights, a giant taillights made in

The form of a single die, and a roof with a falling the amount of cladding plastic in the lower part of the screen, but retains the hardware buttons on the steering wheel among the options there is a screen in the interior rear-view mirror (the image from the upper rear-view camera is broadcast on it also, as an option for the electric car, they will offer an unusual steering

Wheel with a cut off upper and lower segment, reminiscent of the y-shaped steering wheel that appeared on tesla electric cars. such cars will not have a mechanical connection between the steering wheel and wheels – the control will be carried out a mechanism without a shaft allows you to set any gear ratio, crossovers with a steering wheel in the most “sharp” unlock from

The inside, just press the handle, although the has also been preserved (for this, you need to habitually pull the handle). also on the list of equipment are adaptive cruise control system.if the toyota bz4x puts either one 204-horsepower electric motor electric motor in the front that develops 204 horsepower, and at the rear axles – 109 horsepower unit.peak output of the

System electrical system operates with a voltage of 355 volts, from standstill to 100 kilometers per hour, the electric car accelerates in 5.6 seconds, and the maximum speed is limited at the capacity of the battery pack is the same 71.4 kilowatt-hours, the expected range on a single charge is 450 km, but on the the direct4 system is announced, which constantly redistributes

Traction between the wheels, based on data from a set of sensors. reception of orders for crossovers lexus rz is already open in japan, the start of sales is scheduled for the end of this year, but for example, in the us, toyota bz4x costs from $43,200 to $ in russia, an electric car is unlikely to appear, including which of the related electric crossovers do you like more?

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