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The team get a first look and drive of the latest addition to the luxury cross over market, the Lexus UX – should Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes be worried? To watch the full episode go to –

Now it’s time for us to get a first look and a first drive of a new model yes it’s the fifth gear team test today the team tested the all-new lexus u x this is the first ever compact suv from lexus going up against the likes of the volvo xc 40 and audi q2 and its standout usp is that it’s a hybrid so lexus ux yes see i struggle i brits because if you sit most of

The time on the petrol engine and you can’t plug this in this is not a plug-in it is a full hybrid coach means that it can run in electric mode but not for very long at all in an urban environment it does make sense you know where there’s a lot of slow start/stop that’s when the eveything kicks in do you like lexus generally i kind of do styling on this car straight

Away i’ve got issues with it what’s going on with the archers look at the size of that wheel in that arch little wheels massive arches first thing i know this was a great big nose on it there’s a lot going there’s a lot of lattice then we got to the bent oh even when johnny tried to rip it all apart it was still that’s tiny i mean a couple of big conflicts packets

And you’re done why does he got a dog we’re doing jump in boys my gosh if he felt how soft the door handle is so touchy inside i’m just stroking the center console it’s so damn soft order can i bring up the color what do we think about the red ox blood they call cleaning like spider-man back here so the interiors on point but how does the 2 liter engine and hybrid

System perform combined with a continuously variable transmission aka a cvt gearbox the first thing i notice is slipping but it’s not cvt so basically it’s one gear and it just sort of expands it sounds out the cars hurt it doesn’t sound like it’s healthy the gearbox has got strange feeling to you know the revs don’t go in a linear way to speed right here we go

So now i mean electrically now on blue you’ve probably done some serious charging from downhill region so this is just a cv is for congestion and cities yeah now we take it it to the cobbles to see if the chassis suspension and build quality live up to the legendary lexus standard oh this is amazing it’s amazing over here the suspension is very quiet very very

Quiet he’ll be here in the suite hi squeak what’s that is my right knee goodness now the ux is chief engineer reckons it can match the performance and agility of a regular hatchback so i’ve got hold of this basic 150 horsepower vauxhall astra and we’re gonna do a time map in each car three two one josh is flying that is absolutely shifting did you find to

Going to be quicker here he comes here he comes here he comes 47 47 47 what’d he say in the sun so let’s see how the lexus with its hundred and seventy eight horsepower compares it’s gonna be quicker you reckon here we go no chichi what’s up what didn’t a she that’s from past it’s got nowhere near degree astra was ready to pounce out of the corner slugging after

He’s quieter now than he was before yeah it’s less traumatic but he does go this isn’t looking pretty is it i don’t know actually it’s looking actually quite close he’s paying off for london he’s not gonna make it it’s basic space expenses both forty nine forty two forty nine forty so sorry mr. chief engineer the lexus is a whole two seconds slower than a normal

Hatchback time for the schools i’d rather have a volvo xc forty and i’d probably rather have an audi q2 and that’s why i’m giving missus sakes even though i’m not a fan of hybrid style cars i’m gonna give the lexus ux a seven i really wanted to love this lexus yes it’s got a smooth ride but i think it’s all a little bit mixed up so it gets a six you’re gonna give

It an eight which is a pretty good solid score other which gives the lexus ux a respectable team test score of 27 out of 40 you

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