Lifted 2015 Toyota Tundra SR5 5.7 V8

This is my new truck that i got back in February. It has 3″ inches lift

What’s going on guys see now here we’ll ask our national service way you’re gonna see these beauty right here it’s my new truck guys so check it out come on let me show you you saw it now i’m gonna show you what i was eating i came with a three inch slip in here and these are 30 trees 120 s in like say it’s gonna three inch lift right here and i think

It’s all the way on the back okay all the way between sleeps with this 33 all right we have the i force 5.7 l ba you got a tundra by d cap or whatever skull i don’t like this i just don’t like rome i will change the trim of this three trim one is sr and one and this is the sr5 which is the over here the other ones are 2d pros it’s a 4×4 guys back up camera helped

So much first first first time i have a backup camera in it’s nice when you’re looking back when you’re backing up from parking spaces this helps a lot so it’s got a tundra print on the gate watch the gate it doesn’t drop they’re not led the exhaust pipe is that chrome chip i don’t like it either i don’t like this boom i don’t like that sure probably will change

It i want to match color gray this is dark gray bleep cold nice shade and pretty much the same around here just regular headlights they’re not only needs just like headlights and i think i’m gonna changing later on down the road i did change this grille this is the trd pro wheel in the color match it’s grey grey grey color match 390 black here okay so that makes

It nice she came with the raggle grille which is what’s all chrome i don’t like leather chrome so this looks so much better color match first fog lights and the kumite is the biggest truck and tundra there’s the crew mike i didn’t clean the inside but this is what we have if calls me if it’s not leather seats let me show you in the back so much room there’s a lot

Of room in your night laney ruining here you can deficit no problem i mean especially me i’m that i’m five five so i definitely have plenty of room for me so it came with 76,000 miles oh it had seven six thousand miles so i already put a lot almost i almost got 80 now so i’m gonna pretty much i’ve been driving in a lot so and this screen came with x xm radio xm

Radio so we have that and i did upgrade to a wireless charger right here so you can wear this charge your cell phone right here okay and right here just a big space to put bunch of papers a lot of space right all right i’m gonna crank it up and show you that my own keys my camera i mean a someone little girl do that better tundra pain radio and i’m going to

Show you the back window was actually christine this is the coolest thing that comes with a crew max stone which only comes with a crew max hey over here but the window role that means rolls down just like a window that is cool only is available on the crew man that’s really nice that is really cool me i love this job he has plenty power to pull the trailer no

Problem i don’t so yeah we got a gps bluetooth everything playing phone now you can see the wireless charging what’s and screen is ray all you got to do is set your phone start charging i did add this on my own i upgraded i mean didn’t come with a wireless charger so i put that on my own actually i want to change a lot i want to pull towing mirrors i want to put

Change maybe the step rails and headlights taillights lu likes so it’s a lot to me but you can hear the engine right so now you can do the engine like i yep all right so guys thank you for watching the video you’re new to the channel subscribe i do wanna say guys when you work hard hard work pays oh so cute cue hustling guys keep working hard one thing si i

Never thought one day i would have something these nice and look at that things can be accomplished when you work hard by the way if you need the general subscribe leave me a comment questions leave them down below alright and let’s keep working guys swings here we’ve got a custom grass

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Lifted 2015 Toyota Tundra SR5 5.7 V8 By SCutting Edge Lawn Service