Lifted 2018 GMC Sierra || 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 4X4 Crewcab review

Today I bring you guys a 2018 GMC Sierra crew cab. I’m not a big truck fan but I do appreciate some especially lifted ones. Again I don’t know how much exactly this has been lifted, I probably should have asked :). Hope you guys enjoyed and stayed till the end of the video also leave a comment!

Welcome back to the m fans my name is toby from tvm reviews and today i am bringing you guys a 2018 gmc sierra crew cab this is the 4-wheel drive and if you guys can notice from video you’re watching right now this one hasn’t lifted first of all ozma quick shout out to james woods of denton right here in denton texas for making it really impossible today i just

Thought i’d bring gaz a truck you know i mean yes i was done wonder if you have a truck was like months ago and get a notice i’m not really into trucks but there’s something about just lifted trucks that i got lifestyle you know i you just know lifestyle lifted trucks no exhaust whatever it is disney truck make it looks cool i appreciate that you know i’m appreciate

Things that just cool and this right here is a 2018 gmc sierra and i just like the way it looks you know especially this cardinal red wood interior of the black so it just works very well so i don’t know how much how much this truck is gonna lift it i wanna say couple good would be six eight to six to eight inches i could be wrong this is the window sticker you get

With the truck so this one is though it’s on sale obviously cuz we see you see the red but um yeah it’s a 28 same gmc sierra 1500 crew cab else slt on the outside on the badge it says z71 so on overall price for this car will be 48,000 140 so that’s the answer msrp for this vehicle i really like the gmc trucks no this one this one comes with a 5.3 liter v8 engines

They are really nice there the build quality is really really good i like the way it feels so i wouldn’t just dive right and get to the sterile i love this terrible it’s leather wrap and also you know tilting he’s not telescoping but you can tip it at whatever angle of it so this button is right here offer your headlights and controls this one also has two ways

Not qi way to memory settings for you driver seat so input settings water centers – and customize that you want to right here i’m the section of the driver side it’s very very padded and just very very it feels clean and it just feels like it’s well put together and you know when you open the door and you close it it feels solid you know it doesn’t feel like it’s

You know you know fall apart when you driving it and something like that so yeah so now to the instrument cluster it’s the same entry acosta gonna find in the 2017 models you know the rev counter only rush to 6000 rpm to truck you don’t need to read that high anyways and you have a battery voltmeter your temperature sensor or for the engine tab your fuel gauge

Old oil temperature gauge or old pressure gauge in a speedo and right in the middle of the infotainment you can see it has you know i can tell you it’s a little lcd lcd screen there i believe it’s a 4.2 i could be wrong but it pretty much gives the overall engine data you need for you know fuel consumption or percent like a tire pressure move down to the center

Console excuse me here it’s not in the arms reach for the display but it’s quite responsive to you know you can change the station if you want to this one has xm satellite radio apple carplay and android auto as all across the chevy lineup i’m pimping i’m pretty sure all the manufacturers are dual is now a standard feature for apple carplay and android auto so in

Case your vehicle also come with navigation from the factory pages to conform to this to the system and just know how to navigate on there as well it’s also powered by bose audio has a nice pretty good base hood at the baseline it sounds pretty pretty solid for some reason for me to me personally i think trucks sound really really good in their audio department

I think they used bose shaker audio too i was well as well well the reason mustang so bose audio in this truck it’s one of the best choice they have dual climate control zones one for the passenger one for the driver so that’s pretty much tougher exponentially each in the direction of the air you want to yatta yatta yatta moving down the comma control zones or

The buttons you can notice your panel adjuster so if you if you’re very very short like some people you can adjust a peto just so we’re you know just the same height for you but if you’re tall like me you know 61 above you can have the pedal as just wherever you want it to be and that’s and that’s pretty much standard features in most trucks nowadays you know to

Adjust the pedals not just trucks also like any suburbans and all the dig that ah holes and whatnot i’m pretty sure they have that and to the right of that bottom you have a traction control button also your bed light button and your that’ll be the lane keep assist in the truck you know has a car in the middle with lines on the side so when you be out of lane the

Kitchen place and yeah so down that down down along that area you get also fine you know power outlets you know 100 that can see you plug it plug you i guess a food blender in here or whatever we have to start up one big power outlet right here in 110 volts your cigarette libraries whatnot so basically just loaded out you have two years two years reports down here

As well and then you move to the center console and this massive bike insane you just as if you fit a backpack in here groceries your tools whatever it is is just hooked up nicely and if that is not enough yourself an led lighting in here as well helm this seating has leather seats all-around leather seats i like they’re very comfortable side bolstering there’s not

Much to hold you in place you know i mean when turning corners you might spot around a little bit but it’s very comfortable nonetheless also for backs it in its its roomy there in the backseat as well you can fit three people in the backseat and then in the bed it’s very very young there’s lots of just tons of truck there’s tons of space in the bed combined mpgs

18 miles per gallon 16 city 22 highway yeah it’s a truck what would you expect it has a v8 up there although you get the cylinder deactivation highway that wasn’t really saving much you know on the highway again the reason why i drive big trucks is either you’re in the construction company or you just wanted like have a nice i mean just feels good driving trucks

In general to me personally it has like open up to trucks and the lifestyle truck because i’m more solely on cars i can see on the videos on my channel but trucks are just something is just cool to be appreciated you know we are the sacred diamond highway and it makes you feel safe we are gonna go for a test drive in this 2018 gmc sierra slt 1500 crew cab that is

A long man alright are you gonna go around drive around a service road test the henlon the suspension and i’ll see what still maintains daniel factory you know comfortable rack suspension which i’m hoping it should and also while acceleration and just i’m turning and just basically how i feel to drive off and lift the truck if you guys have never driven one before

We’ve always start out i like to just you know make reference to this backup camera again it’s not the best at the sharpest like it still feels dated i just wish to make this much more like a really really good quality you know so we’ve that can up with a better camera you do get ganga’s lines with telemetry also as you can see i don’t know if you guys heard that

But on the seat will vibrate kind of like where you find a cadillac xts then they see this crossover suvs now to see vibrates when you’re closer to an object let’s just see if you can do that again did you hear that so invited pulses and pulses all right and to that 4,000 rpms there’s a semi next to me that’s crazy almost i’m almost like in this line of sight

In that semi that is ridiculous yes there’s some road noise and that’s because the tires they’re very very of a deep threat to them that’s one of the things do to believe you we were gonna have to you you know live with the tire thread this tire noise more not the overall it’s not bad do you feel like you really here just above everyone else i guess the point of

Lifted trucks so it still moves it moves it’s not as quick arrows it’s quick like like a nun let’s it was i’ve driven there now i’m picks up speed this one feels like it’s i said delano but it’s still manageable in a beginner sacrifice a little good a little bit of acceleration you know for the lips it’s not bad and it’s just quiet here you know i mean you know

Traveling highway speeds just driving around the city or factor i’m about the neighborhood that i’m doing you notice it’s quiet it’s comfortable it’s just like i’m just riding on air almost that’s the lifestyle you know driving lifted trucks too good truck you know this is normal stock factory ride height it’s good but with the lift kit looking about like $6,000

And remember i showed you this one has a discount so it’s for $49,000 that’s lower than msrp with the lift kids i’ve never owned the truck and i’m not really into like them know the department of like oh i know what month to do to a truck that is not my forte but what i’m saying is for that price force you get in to this deal you know i mean it’s not gonna be same

For every other deals we go to so i know let’s on the truck and getting the tires it’s expensive it’s not a cheap mod you know just it just just for looks the other one thing about performance you know so to me it’s like a very very good deal well that is not mine but it’s my thoughts and review on this 2018 gmc sierra 1500 crew cab lte or out said whatever i

Hope you have enjoyed this video because i did once again thank you so much for james lewis for making this video possible you guys are in the area or looking to see how much of it at the truck yeah give him a call tom toby sent you i have fun driving this thing man you know like i said i’m not a big truck fan but just something about his lifted trucks man like

He’s just you know speaks to me so to speak yeah i’ll because i got this video idea man special announcement we cross 300 subscribers yo i know my goal was to reach a thousand subscribers by february with the whole youtube team but it is what it is guys i enjoy making videos and i hope my videos are entertaining to you guys classroom coffee is gonna be this saturday

So i’m thinking something different you know not more flair to it if you guys have any suggestions for this come upcoming cause a coffee like me like i’m like a trivia game to knock people there or whatever it is leave it down below in the comment section and i will address that as soon as possible and as always thank you for watching this video subscribe if you’re

Taking the body if enjoy my content and as always peace out and stay fit

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Lifted 2018 GMC Sierra || 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 4X4 Crewcab review! By Driven Intent