Lincoln Nautilus SUV 25 April 2022.

A great car we have hired for a few days. A tip to all, when you hire a car find out what year it is as hire cars do not have handbooks normally. The reason being is, in the modern world all cars can be different to do the simplest of functions unlike 20 years ago. You then go online look up the handbook and all the simple tasks are explained.

Morning this is the car we’ve got as of the 24th of april 2022 and it’s a lincoln nautilus and what that is is the up spec version of the ford edge so what infinity is to nissan is basically what lincoln is to afford and it’s got the full leather interior this model’s got a two liter turbo engine putting out 250 brake horsepower they do do a v6 version i think it’s

With another 100 brake horsepower which is four wheel drive this model is front wheel drive really comfortable car it’s as comfortable as a tahoe really really quiet it really is a lovely lovely motor vehicle but as i’ve said this one is not four wheel drive so if you want to do some dirt tracking or go somewhere where you want to take some pictures out of the

Ordinary i would not recommend it sat nav full length panoramic sunroof keyless seats it’s got everything on it and it really is a lovely car so if you’re hiring a car in the states and you get offered a lincoln nautilus you are not going to be disappointed really roomy lovely lovely motor car what i will say about it is it’s not as economical as a chevrolet

Tahoe on the freeway on the freeway a tahoe goes down to four cylinders and you’re seeing 45 55 to the gallon this hovers around 26 30 to the gallon all the time and to be honest turbo four-cylinder petrol engines i have not found that economical we had rover 75 1.8 turbos and they weren’t the most economical either anyway getting back to the point the lincoln

Nautilus fantastic car and if you’re offered one of these do not turn it down thank you for watching thank you one of the quirks with these this car now you’ll see susan walks up to the car and opens the door and closes it and you’ll see these lights come on and what they are is if you leave your keys in the car you can have a no say you’re going swimming and

You don’t want to take your keys you can leave your keys in the car lock it and you touch the numbers like a keypad i’m not going to tell you the number and you can open the car without using your keys so it’s like a safe which is quite a nice little quirk thank you here is the interior obviously of the lincoln nautilus and it’s pretty much set piece the only

Thing that is a bit different it’s wiping the glove box you’ve got a uh button but you can see you’ve got the normal nav you’ve got the screen steering wheel set piece controls cruise control turn right now hopefully you can hear it’s pretty quiet we’re at the town of coming where we are where are we barstow which has 123 percent more crime than any other

Place in america but you can hear this car pleasant drive thank you okay with this lincoln nautilus we couldn’t figure out how to lock the car keyless now with general motors you’ve got a little chrome button anyway through looking in the manual online on the computer this is how you lock it when you’re keyless can you just show us susan that’s it now i’ll try

And open it stand back because susan’s got the key and open it show how you open it and lock it again it’s a little ridge little ridge now this is why i say if you hire a car find out the year go online look at the owner’s manual because you can barely see that in certain lights you can barely see it and if you haven’t got a ford or a lincoln you don’t know

Especially in the uk thank you for watching and i hope this has been of help thank you

Transcribed from video
Lincoln Nautilus SUV 25 April 2022. By Paul Briden