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Litchfield Nissan GT-R Track Edition: Full Review | Carfection (4K)

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It feels like an age since the r35 gt-r was launched its rep for being an affordable supercar killer was justified his presence was something else and it has so many fans on the internet that if you say showed it getting monstered by an audi estate you’d get more hate than that lady who put a cat in a bid because it was so accessible people started fiddling

With them giving them a bit more power here some tweaked arrow there some visual changes but where some did a little others like mitch field did a lot which leads us to today this the litchfield track edition starting with the already pretty ace gtr track edition litchfield has used its substantial knowledge of tuning gtrs to make pretty much everything about

It a little bit more giving the track edition godzilla a slightly spiky of tape nissan’s very own gtr track edition already sounds pretty meaty you get that 562 brake horsepower turbocharged v6 you get hollow anti-roll bars adjustable dampers forged wheels special track edition bits you get quite a lot now for the likes of you and me that sounds like a pretty

Considerable package but for litchfield that’s a starting point so what’s new well there are larger air intakes to the turbos and motor so they can breathe a little easier a modified fuel system to feed more in a modified intake manifold bilstein damped roenick dampers but a comfy r in comfort and harder in race stiffer i back springs and a tweaked engine and

Gearbox giving 631 brake horsepower and 600 pound foot not 262 less than three seconds naught to 100 less than six and it will top out at 205 miles an hour or so litchfield says on top of that there’s a few visual tweaks most notably the big chin spoiler on the front but the nerdery doesn’t stop there there’s litchfield’s handling pack on top of all of that now

What that does is it adjust the car’s wheelbase i did check this it actually does and this is slightly as well as adjusting their cars front suspension geometry and caster angle the idea here is to give the cars tires more contact with the tarmac giving you more grip and also better steering feel and if all of that wasn’t quite enough for you you can adjust the

Cars like rev limit for the the launch control on the wheel or on an app litchfield has fiddled with the traction control as well giving it greater control to catch any unintended skids and correct them before nissan’s own system is also dargan to the ecu to give the driver adjustable boost and map settings to get the best out of local fuel all of that sounds

Very clever it also sounds very expensive and it is very expensive actually just shy of a hundred thousand pounds worth of expensive now you would expect because this is a modified car that you also have to take on board loads of risk and you don’t get a warranty well actually litchfield has years of experience in tuning gtrs which lowers the risk quotient a touch

And you do get a warranty essentially you can have the cake and eat it too with more horsepower and faster it sounds like the kind of car nissan should have been making all along that just won’t the gt-r is perfect for some people and reviled by others those who love it love it there can be no other car only gtr the culture around it is passionate all the time

Those who don’t get it bit like me struggle to understand often its call to the playstation car is dismissed as easy speed for people that can’t hack a proper in inverted commas car and that is that both of those arguments seem a little extreme for me personally i find the standard gtr quite underwhelming it’s fast with a capital foot but that’s kind of all it

Is it does the fast thing and that’s all it’s quite boring really so i’m hoping that this litchfield track edition has unlocked a little bit of extra fun its power delivery its punchy it’s less on the smooth side and more on the punchy side the deliveries it’s addictive you wanted the noise you want that whoosh you want to be pressed back in your seat fired off

Into the distance and then the brakes nayla i know y’all played those your face falls off what tries to fall off i like that now i don’t know what litchfield is done but the fine control on the throttle is – a garre just give it a tiny little bit and there’s an extra few miles an hour lift a tiny little bit off nose or tuck itself in he’s the gearbox can be had

In a number of modes i’ve got it in its most aggressive and here’s one of those in sturgis now i know litchfield is fiddled with it to make it more responsive and more angrier and more duty arya and it seems to have worked because it’s bang done let’s break let’s go down one let’s go down what my face is falling off again dampers are all adjustable now you can

Have them in full-on track mode if you want to they make it quite stiff they do make the car feel very bumpy and bouncing and see me now bouncing around a little bit it will get you the faster lap time probably but it won’t be comfy even on a super smooth surface if you want to talk to someone you can make them more comfortable more so they say than this hands

Standard setup in the standard car i found the steering just a little bit too easy a little bit dull trying to found the whole package a little bit dull in here with the addition of the handling pack litchfield says that the steering feedback isn’t better and i agree it is a little bit better you can feel more of what the front end is doing getting the impression

Of what’s going on you can’t feel everything that is the nature of the gtr it’s just it’s not as fine as you’d like it to be also the weighting of the steering i find really bizarre it’s not light and it’s not heavy but it’s still not quite right it’s not my goldilocks i may not like the steering but the grip is it’s peeling my face away it is so easy to drive

This car it’s a hundred and ten hundred and twenty miles an hour you can just go fast everywhere it’s a gtr but it’s a gtr with a little bit more feel to it it’s no longer an underwhelming car it’s sharper it’s a little bit more exciting to drive and the fact that you can corner at all of the speeds you could just keep going faster until i imagine your cheek is

All the way over and then you can put the car into comfort mode as your cheek slowly finds its elastic limit again you can have a nice comfortable conversation with your significant other put the gearbox in sir automatic it’ll sort itself out quite nicely a bit of jekyll and a little bit of hyde and yes wallet is a cliche it does rather fix here nicely litchfield

Has been messing with gtrs since the very early days they know what’s what when it comes to getting the best out of them but other modifications enough to make the gtr an interesting car again or as litchfield simply made slightly boring car faster the gtr has traditionally been about going fast anywhere any time if something happens and you need a fast doing to

It that is what the gtr would do but as i said earlier it always left me feeling a touch underwhelmed a little bit unexcited yeah the straight-line acceleration will make you smile and the cornering speeds will be hilarious but it just did wasn’t all that however this litchfield trek edition it rubs out some of that boring it takes the under off of the whelming

It is whelming me right now and it makes someone who’s already very very competent enjoyable as well i am no longer underwhelmed by the gtr consider me weld

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Litchfield Nissan GT-R Track Edition: Full Review | Carfection (4K) By Carfection