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Living With 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Is No Big Deal (And Thats A Good Thing)

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The Ford Maverick might be a compact pickup, but for many people it’s a better choice that a full-sized truck… or even a car. Affordable, fuel efficient and easy to drive, Maverick can replace the family car if you don’t need a lockable trunk. Tom Voelk checks out an XLT model powered by the 2-liter EcoBoost engine and finds that size matters. Just not the way you might think. Also, a quick look at Maverick’s only real competitor, the Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Hard to believe, some americans are unaware that’s followed by the dynamic duo of chevy so if you think ford’s useful, affordable, product planning like this deserves the nobel prize in automotive. and i wanted to get more time with this because of way, this is the replacement for the focus in ford’s lineup. can this replace a regular passenger car like for sure,

The ford’s form factor is completely it’s about the same length as three row crossovers like kia telluride and ford’s but pricing is in the ballpark of the passenger vehicles. i’m driving a front-drive mid-pack xlt model like the luxury package and $390 hot pepper red paint. for starters, tailgaters, will never want for a bottle opener. like air compressors to

Pump up inflatable ford offers easy to follow plans for these kinds of projects and many more. the four and half foot bed has all the slots and 4 x 8 sheets of material can be hauled if you need more than this, be lazy like me and get it delivered. crowded urban areas easier to park and it’s reach over and grab stuff out of the bed can’t the ecoboost can tug two tons

If awd and the tow package is selected. hyundai santa cruz is maverick’s only direct competitor. it tows 3,500 pounds and has a better payload it gets storage under the load floor and can that’s an option for maverick, but arguably hyundai does it better. doesn’t have the trucky look of the ford if that’s what floats the boat you need all right, let’s get back

To maverick specifically. the 2-liter turbocharged 4 pumps out 250 horsepower the ecoboost engine shifts with an 8-speed gearbox. there are drive modes, it’s my experience the turbo four makes maverick a pretty quick a tip for you, if you wanna go a little faster bit of torque steer pulls to the right not a dealbreaker though the ecoboost has the edge when passing on

Two-lane roads. a little less than that, around 18 in the city, 28 on the highway. they average just over 30 miles per gallon, there is an automatic there is a fuel saving see how smooth it is shut down pretty smooth compared to even mid-sized trucks like canyon it works well on the highway too, going down the road straight and true without micro corrections. is very

Much like a compact crossover say because these two vehicles are built on the same architecture. even more so than honda ridgeline which is also unibody. range rovers have been unibody for years, with no structural issues at all. it’s not bad though especially considering the price this is reasonably quiet. max towing does fall short, ridgeline will tow 5,000 pounds.

That’s slightly less than colorado and ranger, visibility is especially good in the maverick more important the front end isn’t massive maverick is around 7 inches longer than a 1970’s era ford f-series. the bed length is 54.4 inches, that happens in back, at 23 years old i’m going to get it upgraded. in without a problem, the bedliner is part and my wife knew i

Had a pickup, so she sent me out to grab a bunch of mulch. most of these chores would be tough to do in a car. between the grain texture, the navy-blue colorway, both the pattern and waste carbon fiber that’s looks like someone at ford remembers the american if you’re long of leg, the cushions might be a little short. the split works well, it lets tall bottles fit in,

They even click securely. for lining up a tow hitch, the camera has this trick. ford’s sync3 user interface is bare bones, are owners would just use android auto or apple carplay anyways. audiophiles will want the bang and olufsen so you finally get to test in maverick, why didn’t you come to the press event? we’re 5 foot nine, this space is not bad for a vehicle

This size. so that car seats go in and out without any issues. a demerit here though, there is no seat back pocket on this side. again the seats, surprisingly comfortable, will fit but for comfort you’re really gonna want to keep it to two. maverick’s design has recognizable ford styling cues. it doesn’t have the window cut into the many knew exaclty what it was it,

The license the plastic surrounds can be replaced easily if damaged. the tailgate locks with the fob but the biggest car to this is the lack of a secure trunk to keep things out of sight. i never do the tp trunk test with pickups green light- maverick is a good solid basic the compact dimensions are perfect for those living in dense urban areas. it’s very affordable,

The sweet spot is yellow light- it works well for small families it can tow up to 2 tons but that means going red light- the sync3 user interface is a pretty rudimentary system. good luck finding one, there are all sorts there’s all sorts of chatter that other right now maverick and santa cruz have the pie to themselves. i think so it’s comfortable it’s easy good

Fuel economy if you go with the hybrid truck that’s just not gonna happen with a vehicle like this it’s a pick up. maverick is proof that small can be a pretty big deal. coming back from this shoot martin cambell to be in a huge hurry, weaving in and out while passing him, we noticed the bed was pristine. you get immediate invoice pricing the way getting a quote on

A maverick and you’re sold out they’re just wildly popular ok just being honest with you you know that i shoot write and edit all of these videos myself? martin is an excellent still photographer he’s also an terrific dj if you have a party in the seattle area. truck the only issue i have with it is it’s for a good reason and i will leave you with too crazy about

The maverick name people of on a two door coupe and four-door sedan not it’s really difficult for automakers to nomenclatures are very very popular when ford and what to name this little truck maverick on the trademark spell maverick it was kind thanks for watching remember to subscribe should really do that and assuming you like me on twitter very active on twitter and

If i’ll try to get back to you that’s driven and tom voelk

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Living With 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Is No Big Deal (And That’s A Good Thing) By Driven Car Reviews With Tom Voelk