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Living With An Electric Car – This RUINED IT *Audi Etron Sportback S Review*

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So the Audi E Tron Sportback S is a brilliant electric car. I enjoyed driving the Audi E Tron sportback S a lot however there are some things i want to share with you about the driving experience that really didnt go down well!

Oh it’s so frustrating it’s so frustrating hey guys what is going on welcome to stef abtv welcome to the audi e-tron sportback s now in this video i’m going to talk to you a little bit about what my experience has been like living with this car for a week i’m going to talk about the car but i’m also going to talk about the charging experience and the living

With experience when you’re trying to find charge networks and well let’s just say that you’re going to see me relatively animated in certain parts of the video and for that i apologize so let’s start talking about the car first before we get into the meat of the video per se so what we have here we have a 503 ps audi etron sportback s or i guess what it is in in

Electric money it’s 370 kilowatt in terms of battery power what this will mean is it will give you an acceleration in non boost mode of 062 in 5.1 seconds with boost mode it will do 4.5 seconds to 62 which in itself is a pretty good achievement because this thing weighs 2.6 tons it’s a heavy old barge of this thing and i’ll talk about more about how this thing

Handles when we take it out on the road top speed on the e-tron sportback s is 130 miles per hour and we’ll get a range of approximately 233 according to audi however in reality it’s closer to 200. in terms of pricing this car comes in at 87 000 pounds base however with the options it’s got it comes in at 96 000. that includes things such as the matrix headlights

Which are 3100 pounds the comfort and sound pack which is 1900 pounds and the panoramic roof which is 1400 pounds we also have a four-wheel drive platform powering this thing with a single gear transmission and of course to keep this thing on the road we get 21 inch wheels they are mohussev but what i like about the e-tron is it doesn’t try to be something it’s

Not if that makes sense it’s it’s kind of kept pure with its kind of audi lines the styling is very very elegant it’s very very nice it’s a very kind of premium luxury vehicle and what i love about it the most is that you look at this and the design language is so audi it’s not like something that say bmw have delivered in the form of the i ix4 or i4x i don’t know

That thing that looks it looks hideous from the front it just it’s trying to be too futuristic whereas this it just does the job right as we get inside the audi e-tron sportback yes it’s a very familiar feel we have a very nice audi inspired well interior we see on most of audi’s cars one of the things that you’ll notice is we get this kind of these very nice kind

Of gray rotor grey seats the s-line seats which are extremely comfortable we get the flat bottom steering wheel which we’re used to seeing in models such as rs6 a6 etc um it is nice it feels very very familiar and the other thing which i quite like about this car as well is that it gives you some additional features particularly in the form of the satnav and

Obviously we’re in the world of ev and charging so one of the things that you’ll want to be able to check is where your nearest charges are including your medium range charges your high power superchargers etc and the audi sat nav has that all built in which is very clever and very useful now there are a few things i don’t like about this car one of them is this

Center section i really don’t get it this big kind of gear sticky thing which actually doesn’t really make too much sense for me i think it’s kind of giving you i don’t know it’s there for style and design but i think it’s wasted space um i think something much smaller would have been better and you could replace this bit with something more of more substance i

Don’t like this it feels like something’s missing once you get things such as wireless charging apple carplay wireless carplay cup holders etc i do feel that this part of the car lets it down a bit i just i don’t know i just don’t really like that of course you’ve got the dude the dual screens or the kind of is it called haptic heptic thing where you touch it and

It makes a click like like that um but the the other one as well as the one down here below as well so you’ve got the climate control is managed by the screen down below which is a little bit fiddly if you’re on the move if i’m honest with you because there’s no buttons which is a shame but other than that seats are extremely comfortable as you would expect the

Ride as we’re going to find out is also extremely comfortable the fit and finish inside the e-tron sportback s is second to none it’s it’s very premium and it’s what you’d expect for a car that cost 96 000 pounds this is where this bar gets interesting because before we take it for a drive i want to share with you um a bit of raw footage that happened yesterday

When i was supposed to charge this car for the review um so i’m going to cut to yesterday excuse my uh animated self and uh i will then join you on the drive all right so i’m recording this bit on the iphone because i want you guys to know my genuine reaction to living with an eevee i am flipping pissed i’m so pissed off so i’ve literally just to put it into

Perspective this is this is this current state of affairs so i plugged the car with it so this morning when i got to work i had uh 30 sorry 41 miles worth of range i thought well i can’t film a video with 40 miles of range so it’s going to deplete itself extremely quickly so i plugged it on charge put it on charge for six hours i’m flipping sweating as well i put

It on charge for six hours um and we got oh what did i get to i got to 131 miles in six hours which i thought okay do you know what that’s manageable let me just go and top it up at an ionity charge you know the fast chargers are 350 kilowatt charges that will do 20 to 80 in a little less than half an hour i thought you know that will keep me going until the car

Has to go home uh sorry go back to the press carriage and okay so i’ve got to this ionity place first of all two out of the four charges are unavailable which is a complete piss take i’ve queued for 35 minutes to use this flipping charger and then i try and plug it in and it doesn’t flip in work it doesn’t authorize i can’t really use it so i’m now stuck here in

A roasting car should just really turn the ac on but i’ve now stuck here so i literally got no additional charge i’ve got 114 miles left and really i’m going to go home now put this on charge overnight and film the rest of this review tomorrow because i just it’s so infuriating it’s so annoying put it into perspective if i needed petrol all i would need to do is

Go to a flipping petrol station fill my car up with petrol will take all of five minutes and then i’m fully stocked i’m good to go petrol stations everywhere evie network is just not there yet so i’ve just got the car home there was one other thing which i really forgot to mention which i think is actually really important my normal journey back home from work is

About 25 30 minutes and i just take a set route all the time having this ev having to go and search for this ionity supercharger meant i had to go on the m25 and the m40 m25 was chocolate block with traffic so so it it really it’s it’s really disrupted my way of transport which actually is actually it’s a really important thing and i don’t think it’s talked about

Enough everyone raves about ev and don’t get me wrong this is where i need to be really clear because this car i really like the car you know the car is great but that car comes with the experience and if the experience is dog then it puts a sour taste in your mouth because it’s like look the good example is you’ve got a really nice house in a really crap area

When you’re in the house all is good but you still have to get out and we’ll take you know go for a walk in this crap area and it just it doesn’t leave you fully fulfilled because part of the experience is ruined the same thing with this whilst this car is really cool i like the car it’s a great design the eevee experience for me having this car and living with it

For a week it hasn’t been great so if we take my uh audacious ordeal of ev networks and i’ve got to be clear that there’s nothing really wrong with electric cars that’s not the issue it’s the network itself which is the issue but as you can see from the previous segment of my video it really infuriated me but anyway that’s my honest thoughts on the network what

About the car what about this the audi e-tron sportback s look as i said earlier on design wise i think this looks really really nice it’s a very very nice looking car i’m going to get the acceleration out of the way because well we all need to see what the acceleration is it’s 5.10 to 62 in normal mode i’m going to put it into boost mode now which is sport and

That will increase the performance of 110 of the battery power giving us 4.5 seconds there it is and that’s quick and you do feel that and you know what as time goes on i’m getting completely desensitized by the lack of sound i think evs have got their own thing going and yes they don’t have the sound but equally for cars like this sound is very much a secondary

Option it’s a secondary thing you don’t necessarily think about the sound in this i’m going to put it back into kind of comfort the other great thing with this is you’re kind of different driving mode as well you’ve got the kind of comfort efficiency mode you’ve got the dynamic and all of those modes kind of behave slightly differently dynamic mode it drops the

Car’s ride height because this does have what feels like air suspension so in dynamic the suspension is a little bit harsher in comfort the ride is higher the car feels very cumbersome you know it it doesn’t do the greatest job at hiding its weight particularly when you kind of throw it around the corners but equally the that’s the kind of the compromise for

Extreme luxury and extreme comfort i mean if i throw around you know yes you can ping it around a corner but you do know you’re driving a 2.6 ton vehicle the same thing is said about the brakes because whilst it’s got big brakes kind of encapsulated within that 21 inch wheel you do have to stamp on the brakes to really get the most out of it now in terms of how

It is to drive it’s other than it’s cumbersome it’s heavy but it’s really nice it really is it’s a very nice cruiser and and actually you know being a kind of suv i see it nice and high now of course powering this kind of car you get the uh the single gear motor uh in cars like the ers rs etron gt and the ti can you get the dual gear which kind of gives you that

Extra oomph when you get up to speed whereas with this it’s just that constant kind of progressive feel which as you start to increase in speed you kind of feel that power laying off it kind of starts to run out of a bit of steam that low down torque is immense it’s just brilliant but as you start to get to the higher speeds you do you do feel a little i wouldn’t

Say it’s called battery sag that’s not the right thing but you do feel it kind of loses a little bit of its kind of performance but then it is trying to shift 2.6 tons around the suspension is so comfortable you know what like i said the compromise of having such a heavy car and such a kind of soft suspension to give you the comfort it’s just it’s brilliant it

Really is extremely comfortable super comfy your passenger’s going to absolutely love it the car itself is huge it’s a massive thing rear space in the car is completely huge you’ve got a massive boot in this thing your rear passengers actually even though you’ve got a kind of slanted roof and i still feel that your rear passengers have got plenty of space in the

Back of course with the extra optional lecture of the panoramic sunroof it gives a lot more light into this car which actually is a really nice thing the steering itself feels a little bit light it feels a little bit wafty uh if i’m being honest with you but again that’s not you know this car isn’t out there to be a super performance ev this is in that luxury

Premium automotive electric market sector the interior cabin noise there is nothing it is absolutely nothing it’s so well insulated you wouldn’t expect anything less from audi the final thing i want to talk about before in the video is it does have a very clever way of using the auto regen function which actually i quite like in this car um you’ve got the paddles

Here um if you know if you flick the pedal down it kind of helps with your braking it gives you two stages of regen but actually what’s really good about this car is it uses the audi pre-sense which is kind of your you know your emergency braking system to gauge the distance from the car in front and if it sees that you’re actually starting to close in on the

Car it will auto regen for you’ll auto break for you but if you don’t have a car in front it will let the car coast to give you as much range as possible which which is a nice touch because so many of these cars with auto regen they have it permanently on and it becomes quite disruptive in the drive and you have to learn to drive it differently but the audi e-tron

Sportback f s is um it’s pretty good i like it do i love it i don’t love it i love its design um i think it’s a really good step forward for audi i prefer this to the look of the normal e-tron and yeah i think that’s a kind of quick first drive of of this audi e-tron uh

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Living With An Electric Car – This RUINED IT!! *Audi Etron Sportback S Review* By Stef ABtv