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Living with the Cadillac Escalade Platinum (honest review)

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Ah andrew you made it what are you doing perfect timing because i just got the brand new 2022 cadillac escalade the cadillac gave me this car a while back to drive this car some insane features that i’ve never seen before but it has night visions stealth mode enhanced conversations self-driving it’s absolutely insane so first let’s do an exterior walk around of the

Car let me remind you that this car retails at over a hundred thirty thousand dollars and it’s basically like driving a modern tank this thing is absolutely huge but super stable but huge like when you put this beside an suv you’re gonna see how big this car is but the downside is with a car this big sometimes it’s very inconvenient opening doors going to malls

Tight parking spaces and even at times when i’m going to shopping parking lot malls i’m like barely hitting the height limit of this car if we just move back we’ll see how long this car is this is a super long car you’re gonna see inside wide super lungs because each part of seating has super spacious leg groom i’m gonna show you something super cool about the

Outside of the car when we open this door you’ll see that there’s actually a panel down here which is retracted now when i open the door look at the panel down there look it’s going to come out and this panel is where we’re going to step on to get onto the car because this car is super tall it is nice to step on all right let me show you the back this back is going

To be unlike anything you’ve ever seen like actually first look first of all have you seen this look at this you can open just the window part of this trunk now why do we want this sometimes you just want to throw some stuff in very quickly and if you’re carrying things like you know steel beams or whatever you carry that’s super long you can have a stick out of

Here while still keeping it very secure in the car so let’s close this the second thing i’m going to show you how do you think we opened this car andrew um just press here or something right no you’re wrong look we opened this trunk by pressing the cadillac logo have you ever seen this feature before so you know i want to take up the seats right but a problem we

Often have is you know where this scared of exposing our butt cracks when we’re leaning over pulling all of that but no more look for this automatic we can bring up the seats automatically bring up the seats automatically and i’m not gonna i’m gonna show you something else of course we’ve seen in some cars where it can be automatic but look at this the second row

Seat look i’m going to press one button over here and it’s going to look at that fold down that’s one but even more look at this second fold and you see how much space is in here here let me walk it stay over here whoa look at this imagine all the things i could do back here what would you do in here who would i do what would i do now let’s get into the interior

Of the car what does it reminds you of andrew luxury luxury doesn’t it remind you of first class plane tickets you got polish wood everything’s nice you have nice stitching on the leather you got touch panels and everything and even looking at the center consoles over here first of all i really love all the wood finishes now let’s move to the back to see and see

What it’s like so don’t you hate it when you’re in the back seat and you have no room like most suvs if you ever have to sit in the third row you’re always boom jam-packed under the seats but here look i’m a six foot guy look how much space i have my knees are so far right and even this seat this seat is moved as far back as possible i still don’t touch the seat

With my legs are you really sick really sick let me show you one of the features that i know some of you may love which i don’t use as often and that’s going to be the massage chair feature here we have massage off we have massage on don’t you just hate it when you’re talking to your kids in the back and you can’t hear them you got to turn around and yell at them

But no look here right now it’s off we can turn this to high and we can turn on the rear microphone and listen do you hear the difference right now hello there’s a slight echo because right now what’s happening is that it’s picking up audio from my speaker position and it’s transmitting it to all these different speakers throughout the car so andrew say something

Echo next i want to show you a feature it’s going to be augmented reality so in this panel right now all of this is touch screen and on this side we can click on over here and then we can press first of all we have a map option where we can see the map and gps if we want and we have a ar camera augmented reality now it projects what’s going on in front of you and

When we’re driving it looks super cool now you’re thinking when would i ever use this why would i not just look at the road well when there’s sun blaring into your eyes or sometimes when it’s super pitch dark it’s nice look at this so that you can keep your eyes off of the things that’s distracting you on the road something to reference of course not to look at

All the time there’s also night vision in this car which we can’t activate in that right now because it’s not nighttime but when you activate night vision what’s going to happen is everything here is going to turn into a black and white heat sensor and it’s gonna pick up heat from your surrounding area or in front of you this way it’s very useful because at night

When you can’t see children or you can’t see animals in super dark areas that night sensor picks it up for you and i think the thing that is actually the most super useful for me is that i can play hide and seek with my friends this car is also equipped with over 36 speakers for me as someone who listens to more classical opera music it’s really hard to find cars

That can bring out the color of the the voices in classical music so i’m going to show you i’m going to play a little bit of a classical song i want you to hear how all the colors of the music can come out it might be copyrighted if it is then we’ll find out in one second that was uh so excited hear that sweet whoa do you hear all those colors on the voice

Usually car speakers can’t capture the colors and we only have that very heavy mumbling sound so i don’t know what kind of music you listen to but if it can capture the recording of good classical operating music i’m sure it’s going to be great for whatever music you listen to all right now that we’re gonna get into drive mode let’s first listen to the exhaust

But before we do that we have to of course set this car into sport mode okay sport mode means stiffer steering stiffer suspension sport engines and also of course high engine sound all right now let’s do a little bit of rep size to see what that sounds like all right let’s get into the drive experience you can still hear the echo from the hands conversation now

The first feature i want to show you is you’ve heard our engine on sport mode but let me show you the stealth mode we’re gonna drive in stealth mode right now how does it feel how does stealth mode feel to you i don’t hear anything the point though right yes it’s time for the drive experience right now we’re gonna put it on sport mode because that’s the mode we

Usually drive in for the driving experience it kind of feels like you’re always quote unquote hauling ass now perfect we have an empty road right here on a closed course and we’re professionals and we’re going to do a little speed test for you from zero to a hundred okay and oh ready let’s go so we were pretty much at a hundred but it feels like we’re or even now

When we’re cruising it feels slower than we’re actually moving i would say because of the size of the car another feature right now you’ll see that we’re kind of in a little bit of stop and go traffic is cruise breaking so i’m gonna press this button on to detect lanes for us now cruise breaking i just set my speed to 25 so what it’s going to do i just took my feet

Off the brake and the gas pedal what it’s going to do is it’s going to accelerate and stop for me from a stop now a lot of cars have this feature on highways but cruise breaking is not as available as many cars on many cars so you see from a stop right now it’s going to as this car moves forward accelerate for us and move forward and my feet are completely off i’m

Not on the grape all i have to do is set the speed so all i have to do is do my steering wheel now in traffic situations this is great because it’s very tiring traffic stations to move your feet back and forth and for this i just have to keep my steering wheel straight and it’ll go and stop for me and when a car comes in it’ll detect that and also so break so now

Why don’t we take this car onto the highway and let me show you it’s super cruise feature so a super cruise is kind of similar to autopilot of course we can’t say autopilot because we always have to keep our eyes on the road in case emergencies happen but it will steer for you adjust your speed it’ll even lane change for you and i’ve never seen gas cars that can

Do that for you so we’ll take it on the highway and show you what that’s like now we are on the highway all right we’re gonna turn on our lane assist and now we just press one button and super cruise has been activated so you’ll see this light has turned green that means it’s going to drive automatically okay all i have to do is set a speed so my max speed is 90

And that’s the max it’ll go and it’s gonna drive it can even lane change as well so right now there’s some cars coming so i won’t let it rain change but when it opens up i’m gonna hit my indicator and it’s gonna do automatic latins for me so right now let’s just let it roll for a while until we’re able to lane drain there’s a camera right here that’s making sure

Your eyes on the road because if your eyes are on the road then the super cruise feature will deactivate okay there’s open lane right now so i’m going to indicate i just hit my indicator button and look you’ll see that the super cruise is now automatically changing lanes beautiful so now the super cruise has just finished changing lanes and now we are in the left

Lane right so my feet are off the gas my feet are off the steering wheel pretty good on long drives especially sometimes i have to go vancouver or visit my friends who could put them 40 kilometers 40 minute drive on the highway and the thing i hate about highway driving is that you always have to be so focused straight ahead right but with this you still have to

Be focused straight ahead see now it’s breaking but this car will break for you as well because it’s going to detect that we’re coming to a stop but when you’re driving highway especially in vancouver with such beautiful scenery around on this super cruise mode you can also take some time to enjoy this whole scenery around you and that’s what i actually love about

This and this is a feature i use every time i get on the highway as well foreign

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Living with the 2022 Cadillac Escalade Platinum (honest review) By Aylex Thunder