Loading 5 Lucid Air Electric Cars To Manhattan

Check this out guys i’m at the lucid factory or company picking up lucid cars we got this nice screen over here nice pic um what is this is this a screen tv screen that’s a tv screen looks like it or it’s just a picture with light behind on it so there’s all the lucids there’s like a whole bunch of them here wow it’s got a planetary gear set unrevival unrefiled

Electric vehicle technology designed so yeah um it has two motors huh all right so i’m stuck waiting for all these lucids they’re preparing mine lucid factory maybe i should just open up nashville all right it’s the first car let’s take a good look at it okay i guess huh i don’t know anything about lucid does have a window frame i guess it’s kind of

Cool whoa buddy it’s like intuitive yeah buddy yeah you know what i’m gonna do since i have a whole bunch of them to load i’m gonna make myself a little mark so i know okay see i could go another foot right let’s go take a look on this side i should have went closer or i could go another foot that’s for sure i need to figure out a mental note right so

Even though it says stop okay let’s see what that is so if i’m over my my outlet then i still have quite a waste almost a foot let’s try that huh now let’s figure out how to fold the mirrors in right oh right here that’s pretty intuitive lucid so that’s cool folded the mirrors we’re going up the liftgate it’s pooping out it’s heavy not a light car so

I’m in the trailer this car is it feels like it’s crushing my ramps it’s not like always oh maybe that’s as far as we can go there that might be it okay number two is this gray one it looks great so oh it’s got a different color dash interior what’s up lucid let’s go you on you on you’re ready to go huh ready to go to new york okay and apple young of

Course i got okay there we go close the mirrors up we go i don’t like how it rolls back quite a bit when you’re trying to when you’re up high on the lift gate it’s kind of scary it’s very scary show you what i mean now you put it in drive you let go of the brakes and it starts rolling backwards oh this one went forward right away so that’s good over here

Clear up there these cars are not too wide okay so now we’re in the next one the white one oh let’s go lucid now something i just learned well i knew this before i said this in the previous video that uh you should still open and close the door even though you climb out of the window just so the car thinks that is just so the car thinks that you’ve

Exited the car because yeah that’s that’s not too close so time to go up again we may not have enough clearance on the roof here this does look kind of close who is it is that how these things are gonna jump around look at that hopefully i can get the other car in there all right last one number five starting to get bored of them and it’s starting to

Get more challenging in the trailer it’s kind of full don’t know if i’ll have room for this guy it is kind of tight in the front there these are a little bit larger than the ferraris i’m used to thank you foreign quite a bit i don’t know if i have room for this okay so i got about a foot here it’s kind of interesting how the brand new lucids they show

Up on an open car hauler but they’re covered of course they’re and then they leave on a enclosed car hauler like mine going to the dealership so weird they come from arizona here so yeah fully loaded now finally ready thanks for watching you made it to the end of the video my name is serge and this is my wife dasha and we live in sunny south florida miami area

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Loading 5 Lucid Air Electric Cars To Manhattan By Serge The Car Hauler