Log Cabin ASMR | Fast and Aggressive VRBO ASMR

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Plus two free gifts when you use promo code corey asmr at checkout manscaped the perfect tools for your family jewels thank you manscaped for sponsoring today’s video let’s get started what’s up guys how you guys doing today it’s corey a s m r hope you all are doing well hey before we start this video as you can see from look at the hot we’re in a log cabin in

Michigan it’s a vrbo a verbos that’s what you call it anyways hey before we start this video like subscribe hit that notification bell it’ll help your boy out big time big time anyways come over here it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool it’s pretty cool relax relax foreign by the way guys i have a new cameraman it’s not jalen this time you turn it around and say

Hi that’s my boy magnus try not to get bit out here by mosquitoes and stuff tap scratch oh another bug we’re about to start getting bit so this is up we’re still on the front porch which is so insane all right so of course log cabin wood you get it let’s do a little bit of cory’s morphers so this is arturo over here um a lincoln aviator which is pretty

Classy not gonna lie i like this car damn big fan big lincoln guy as our guy tom asmr says relax i love the sound of that big one shield tapping is so good i might actually what’s funny is i might be actually wearing the same pants funny actually with my outfits all right anyways let’s go inside let’s go inside come on come on okay okay so i decided to kick

Some people out it’s okay it’s all good so of course as you can see you can see this is all log cabin house is made out of wood it’s almost like it’s a lock ing alex alex foreign you can say things cameraman okay oh that’s insane keep that in keep that in jail foreign okay foreign it’s a good day to have a good day that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard

Foreign hey cameraman say tingle stinks hey you guys so you guys know the magnus by the way he was in a live stream before i don’t let me know in the comments if you remember him some of you guys said he was better at asmr than me so i’m watching you guys i know who you are good boy foreign foreign let’s go let’s go you should relax relax foreign foreign

I won’t go upstairs i promise okay so handsome look at that look at that physique simp ly just kidding i’m joking black spots so really quick let’s go outside right here and i’ll show you the uh you know the background yard area wow so cool very very niche we’re in nature right now so cool this overnight silly silly us hey can you say tingle singles for me i

Can’t find screw it’s good no it’s definitely under here definitely under you yeah nature nature nature that’s right that’s right foreign it’s pretty much all forest flick flick i’m gonna show you upstairs because we don’t need to go there okay okay okay let’s take us relax this is the uh first room downstairs show them your thing that’s a punk room and all

That showering oh we know it’s the laundry a word though a little concerned oh what sounds what sounds different foreign oh a lot of wood sounds obviously it’s a log cabin duh water sounds water sounds nice yeah i’m done with that all right foreign just chilling in here you know just chilling just chilling it’s all messed up right now but shh h choo choo

Choo yeah not much to see okay really cool verbal um it’s been really really fun thank you guys thank you guys so much for joining me in our verbo but i’m really gonna have to have you guys leave so see you guys later bye bye bye bye bye get out bye-bye

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Log Cabin ASMR | Fast and Aggressive VRBO ASMR By Corey ASMR