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I didn’t expect to like the Mitsubishi Mirage. In fact, I expected to dislike it quite thoroughly. I thought it would be too tiny and too tinny for me to like driving it day after day. I turned out to be very wrong (a world first, I assure you), and the little Mitsubishi ended up working its way into my heart.

Well it is a gloomy spring day and i am doing the last video for our mitsubishi barrage long-term test car we’ve done the long term intro we do a walk around i tell you a little bit about the car and its features we did a written piece where we compared the mitsubishi mirage against its used competitors and we road tripped it to sub brain back to see how it

Handled a canadian road trip now this is the culmination of all the driving we’ve been doing on this car the wrap up if you’re not caught up that’s okay i’ll catch you up this is a mitsubishi mirage es manual the base model it’s the most affordable car that mitsubishi sells and second only to the chevy spark it is the second most affordable car you can buy

In canada however for the end of this year the chevy spark will no longer be available which means that next year this will be the most affordable car you can buy this one as you see it retails at fourteen thousand ninety eight dollars and you can through various trim levels go all the way up to roughly about twenty thousand like i said this is the es manual

The most basic which means it has manual locks manual windows in the back power windows up front and a five-speed manual transmission through this long-term test we wanted to answer the question is this enough car for most canadians or is it frankly too basic to be considered an only car well let’s turn the key not a button and go for a drive now i’m going to

Start with my first thing i don’t like about this car which is that every time after turn it on the radio turns on to the same song that’s one thing i do find is annoying with the mitsubishi infotainment system every time you turn on the vehicle it cues up the most recently played song in your phone or worst of all it sometimes plays alphabetically the first

Song in your itunes so i get to hear ace of spades a lot every single mitsubishi mirage has the same 1.2 liter inline three cylinder engine it makes 78 horsepower and 74 pound-feet of torque it’s not a lot it’s actually 22 less than you would get in a chevy spark you can get it with a 5-speed manual as we have here only in the es manual base trim or it comes

With a cvt automatic transmission in basically all the other trim levels however there might be plans to expand the 5-speed manual into more model ranges the first thing everyone wants to know is what is this thing like to drive if you go on the internet you’ll find a lot of opinions from people that haven’t driven them the mitsubishi mirage is the lightest

Car you can buy new in canada 2095 pounds it’s lighter than any sports car you can think of it’s actually a little bit lighter than the mazda miata because of that there is a noticeable lack of insulation in here everything you touch is uh noticeably light the doors the glass the everything in the car feels light because it is it was made to be light so that

The car could be cheap to build and also efficient on fuel to that aim the mitsubishi mirage gets 5.8 liters per hundred kilometers on the highway and the cvt gets a little bit better at 5.4 just quite good however that’s during the official epa highway test and if you drive between 90 at 100 kilometers an hour you can probably beat that estimate by quite a bit

I did but if you are going to be doing long stints at over 120 kilometers an hour i found that you uh are really only going to get into the sixes 6.2 6.1 leaves 100 kilometers an hour and that’s because at speed the little three cylinder is working hard and that’s not an issue with a larger car like a honda civic that might have a 1.5 or even a 2-liter engine

They’re not working as hard to do those speeds whereas this little 1.2 it’s it’s working to move this thing at 120. but otherwise being small has many perks i can park this thing absolutely anywhere the turning circle is ridiculously small there’s no parking spot i cannot wedge this car into it is so easy to drive this car in downtown also the small cabin warms

Up quickly in the winter the heater works great as does the automatic climate control which automatically modulates the fan so that you don’t get blasted with cold air the minute you turn on the car i like that and it’s impressive for the price point the shift feel on the mirage is somewhat vague compared to you know something like a toyota or a honda it’s not

As well defined i never found it difficult to use but it isn’t as clear again this is one of the compromises you’re gonna be making with a car that frankly costs this little now let’s talk about things i learned in this car that i couldn’t learn in a week one of them is that the factory mitsubishi formats are not ready for winter the mitsubishi floor mat ends

Before the gas pedal which means all the muck that your foot drips as it uses the gas pedal which you need to drive ends up on the actual carpet of the car and not the rubber mat it seems so preventable if they had just moved the floor mat up a few more inches i don’t know why they did it but if i was going to own this car i would invest in a new set of floor

Mats almost immediately that’s that’s kind of a really preventable problem because otherwise it’s just going to ruin that carpet when you drive this car winter the other thing i learned about this car is that it is unstoppable in winter weather it will absolutely just slice through any snow or ice you put it in i haven’t found inclement conditions yet that i

Would not drive this car in with the notable exception of the toronto blizzard that happened uh when we got about i think 16 inches of snow i tried it out in that and i got about six feet so if you’ve got 16 inches of unplowed snow maybe don’t take the mirage otherwise it’s quite capable but in the end i learned that the mirage doesn’t really deserve all the

Criticisms i’ve been hearing about this car all the things that people complain about you know the noise on the highway the lightweight of the doors the interior plastics these aren’t things unique to the mirage these are things that you just get on small low-priced cars they come with the territory it isn’t trying to impress anyone it simply is what it is and it

Does what it does it drives how it looks and it does everything you expect it to and it doesn’t do anything that you don’t expect it to it’s an honest car so that wraps up our long-term test coverage of the mitsubishi mirage we drove this car a lot and we learned a lot i learned that if you really want economical transport this is definitely a car you should

Consider is a spark a better car yes however i also learned comparing it with the used market that being a better car isn’t all that matters in the current market it doesn’t matter if you can’t actually find one and buy one so what do i want from the mirage what do i wish mitsubishi would change well i wish they offered the manual transmission on more trim levels

And i wish that they offered more fun colors on the base trim levels as well and i also wish i would stop playing ace of spades every time i turn the car on aside from that i’m quite happy with the mirage it’s a good honest little car and i might miss driving it for driving.ca i’m clayton seams and for more long-term tests don’t forget to check our website and

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