Lot # 102A 1999 Chevrolet Express 3500 (15 passenger)

Lot number 102 a is a 1999 chevy express 3500 this one has low miles it only has 58 000 miles 5.7 liter v8 sounds good the motor’s been running for at least an hour it has not overheated it idle smooth revs up nice the automatic transmission engages the ac blows warm and there’s a problem with the brakes the brakes go all the way down before they stop and

I suggest you have this one towed to a mechanic and take care of the brakes before you drive it on the road i did drive it in the parking lot slowly and when you push the pedal all the way down it does stop but i do not recommend driving this vehicle on the road without getting uh the brakes taken care of the driver’s side is nice and straight the paint looks

Faded and it’s peeling in some spots it’s got a lot of paint feeling actually passenger side has several dents that i’ll show you starting with the passenger door the door and the body on the van are both dented and damaged the second door the side door is also dented and the body below it is also damaged then it has something weird it’s got damage up here and

I just can’t imagine how it got this dent right over the glass unless this glass was broken and replaced i don’t know how it got this much damage right along the right under the rain rail right above the back window it’s got a long deep dent you can see it right there and it goes the whole length of this back window the rest of the rain rail looks good the roof

Looks good i don’t see any major rust on the roof but it does have that damage along there the rest of the body looks pretty straight the back door is dented and the handle and the cover are all cracked and broken the door does open from the outside it’s got the rubber mat on the floor inside and it looks like it’s in good shape the seats look good some of them

Are a little dirty but overall the interior is in great shape and it shows the low miles inside it’s missing ac vents on the roof it’s got tinted windows back here and the ac blows hot so ac is not blowing cold there’s the damage that back door is dented and the housing for the handle is all cracked got a lot of paint peeling back here it’s got a heavy duty

Tow hitch the tires look good and we’re back on the driver’s side which looks nice and straight let me show you inside the interior is really nice here’s the driver’s seat no damage nice and clean very comfortable the steering wheel is worn the temperature gauge is all the way up but it’s been like that since i started the van up and the van has not overheated

The motor sounds great the temperature gauge is all the way up and that’s wrong the van is not overheating the dashboard looks good it’s not cracked as far as i can tell the radio and all the ac controls all look like they’re in good shape little center console here looks good passenger seat looks good great no damage that passenger door does not open maybe

From the damage it has outside that door does not open from the inside or the outside it’s got the rear ac controls right here and the headliner all looks nice all the bench seats look good the rubber mat on the floor it’s a good looking van this is a 1999 this is an oldie but it’s got very low miles the interior looks good as i said the passenger door does not

Open more than likely from that damage the side doors do open and look at these seats eyeliner it all looks nice here all right there you have it it’s got body damage it’s got bad brakes maybe the brake booster something’s wrong up there and you should not drive this vehicle home you should have it towed out of the city lot we’re not gonna release it unless

It’s on a tow truck front bumper is dented all right so there you go lot number 102 a very low miles 1999 chevy express 3 500 15 passenger van needs a brakes uh taken care of and it’s got a little body damage but it’s a clean straight looking van good luck

Transcribed from video
Lot # 102A 1999 Chevrolet Express 3500 (15 passenger) By BIDERA Auctions