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Lot # 201 1999 GMC 3500 Twin Cab Dually

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Lot number 201 is a 1999 gmc 3500 4×4 twin cab dually this one has been running for just about an hour it idle smooth revs up nice automatic transmission engages the ac blows cool it feels like it may be missing freon if you look at the ac compressor it engages and then it quickly disengages that leads me to believe that it may just need some freon this one

Has bad brakes that brake pedal sinks all the way down to the floor it does stop but it may be a good idea to tow it to your mechanic and have the brakes fixed the motor sounds good i’m gonna rev it up so you can hear it start it right up the batteries are good the motor sounds good let me show you the miles 67 000 miles all the gauges appear to be working

Ac gets colder when i accelerate it again it may just need some prior the body is straight it’s got minor dings and dents it’s got scratches and paint is peeling in some spots overall it’s a good looking truck this was uh from the fire department airport so it lived most of its life was in the airport passenger doors dented right there minor dents

And scratches it does come with this uh ar e tamper top rear passenger side fiberglass fender looks good i don’t see any cracks the driver’s side is cracked and i’ll show you when we get there all the cabinet doors open and close as they should and this camper top appears to be in good shape comes with a heavy duty tow hitch the rear doors open and close as

They should but one is dented that looks good i don’t see any rust as far as i can tell it does look like there’s something in here i may have some rust no it looks solid that looks like it may be um some sort of inverter it’s a marine battery charger camper top does look good here’s the driver’s side driver’s side has a couple of spots where the paint is

Peeling and this fiberglass fender is cracked right there all these cabinet doors again open and close as they should this one goes all the way inside the bed the other one has a separate tool box to access from outside i did notice that the chassis looks rusty and um as i further looked at the chassis i noticed that it does have some rust holes on the

Passenger side front corner this is the driver’s side and again it shows surface rust there’s no cracks here there’s no hole but if you look on the passenger side it shows cracks and rotors right there that is definitely the worst spot i haven’t seen anything else that looks like that anywhere around the chassis as far as i can see it so the whole fast control

Surface truck but right there right in the front corner it has broken through i tried to take as many pictures as i could so make sure you look at all the pictures that way you know what you’re getting into the rear looks solid and just shows surface rust those appear to be aftermarket tail lights all right now i’m going to show you inside the interior

It does look pretty good it’s dirty it looks a little moldy but it’s not too beat up it shows normal wear and tear there’s the passenger seat it looks good it’s going to clean up nice the driver’s seat looks good again it’s not torn just looks really dirty and moldy the dashboard looks good but it has a small crack right here right there those dashboards are

Made out of plastic and it did crack right there all the gauges appear to be working fine while the brake light turned off but let me show you the pedal goes all the way down very soft all the way down if you pump it a couple of times it does stop but this may be dangerous to drive down the road unless you find a real local mechanic and just take it right

There i would suggest you get it towed out of here headliners hanging this model does not come with any of the the little back doors don’t open here there is no back doors here you got to let the front seat up to access the rear seat and the rear seat looks good rubber floor mat looks good again it has low miles it’s got more age than miles but it shows uh

Shows normal wear and tear this is a 4×4 model got the 4×4 high and low all right so there you have it it’s a 1999 gmc 3500 4×4 it runs it drives it will need work on the brakes and you do have some rust on the chassis it’s lot number 201 lot number 201 good luck

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Lot # 201 1999 GMC 3500 Twin Cab Dually By BIDERA Auctions