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Lot # 202 2002 Chevrolet Express 3500 Passenger Van

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Lot number 202 is a 2002 chevy express 3500 passenger van this one has a 5.7 liter v8 with 99 000 miles the motor sounds good it’s been running for about an hour has not overheated idle smooth revs up nice the automatic transmission engages and both front and rear ac blow hold now i hear something rough up here maybe the ac compressor gonna shut off the ac

And see if that goes away the motor did get a little quieter let me turn the wheel and see if the power steering is squeaky power steering is quiet i’m gonna rev it up so you can hear the motor all right i turned the ac back on maybe the ac compressor making that little noise ac compressor is on again the motor idle smooth it revs up nice and it sounds good

May also be the belt tensioner but i do hear a little bit of a rattle up here body is straight it’s got minor things and dents all around it shows normal wear and tear the front bumper looks like it was recently painted or replaced it looks nice the grille looks good the paint on the hood and roof all look good here’s the driver’s side it’s got a very small

Dent underneath the driver door little hard to see it but it has little dents and scratches it shows normal wear and tear it’s missing the center cap for the front wheel tires look good rear doors have some damage this door is dented the plastic cover that goes on the corner here is loose and both rear doors have paint peeling this one comes with a heavy

Duty tow hitch let me go ahead and show you inside since we’re back here all doors open and closed as they should this one feels like it’s hanging a little bit maybe due to that dent no rust as far as i can tell it looks clean it’s got a very minor rough spot on the roof and i showed it in the pictures this one is missing the rear bench seat as it sits right

Now you can see 10 passengers and a driver headliner looks good some of the ac vents are missing it’s got tinted windows this panel up here appears to be loose rubber mat on the floor looks good event shows normal wear and tear this one’s coming from the fire department for bso here i’ll give you a peek of the roof just climb up here the roof looks good these

Vans are known to rust this one looks pretty good here’s the passenger side looks good it’s got minor dents and scratches the passenger door and one of these side doors are dented and have paint peeling right there the body looks straight the tires look good it’s missing the front cap on this wheel and all these side doors open and close as they should wow i

Just noticed this it appears to be torn right there where it holds the door it’s got three bench seats all bench seats look good they all have a small hole right there where the seat belt holder goes the middle one looks good that’s the first one all the bench seats look good the front portion of the headliner is hanging right there and should be able to put

It back in place passenger door panel is cracked right there it shows normal wear and tear the seat looks good the rubber mat on the floor looks good the dashboard is cracked on the driver’s side and it has some cracks right here let me show you the miles driver’s seat is torn right there driver side door panels cracked right there and it appears to be loose

In the bottom and there are the miles 99 000 miles all the gauges appear to be working fine let me show you the rough spot on the roof it’s the only rough spot i saw and it’s right here if you notice right there it has a little bit of rust no big deal but i did notice the rest of the roof looks good all right so there you have it it’s a 2002 chevy express

3500 with a 5.7 liter v8 the motor sounds good the transmission engages and both front and rear ac blow cold it’s lot number 202 good luck

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Lot # 202 2002 Chevrolet Express 3500 Passenger Van By BIDERA Auctions