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We are at motor cars of atlanta to pick up the lotus had to get the steering corrected on it the steering is corrected check it out dude the green the purple the turquoise that’s a garage right there so when you can’t decide between the spider and the coop you just get them both he wants me to stop and take a ticket and clearly you can’t get a ticket so they’re

Probably gonna be mad at me for not paying a toll but what am i supposed to do i’m headed to atlanta we’re gonna go get the lotus um however rain rain sucks with the trailer i’m just saying wow i’m not sure how far i am into the trip but it has gotten hot out very very hot and i’m finding that the ac doesn’t work so i’m hoping advanced auto can sell me some

Freon and that that will solve the problem fingers crossed because i don’t want to drive all the way to atlanta with no ac it already sucks and it’s only 70. at least this is a simple process hopefully start the car truck vehicle ac to max check our pressure it is low and ac compressor is kicking on don’t slam your phone in the hood bad idea bad idea oh yes

We have cold air we have cold air i have completely lost ac again so yeah she’s leaking and i get to do my first fill up and i am finding that a 36 foot trailer causes everybody problems i was gonna go to the pump over there but i had to loop around to get to it and somebody took it before i got to it and here we are blocking most of the traffic apparently i’m

Taking the long slow route to atlanta i am at the best western plus for the night we got food got the truck park time to rest and get into atlanta early good morning we are off to atlanta i got a decent night’s rest and i was not woken up by a fire alarm yeah that happened previous hotel woken up at 6 a.m by a screaming fire alarm turns out somebody apparently

Decided that they needed to play with stuff in their room that shouldn’t have been played within the room had to evacuate the whole hotel went to breakfast for two hours came back fire department cleared it that was fun that didn’t happen today thank goodness we’re getting in the truck going to get the lotus on the trailer then back to kalamazoo for lotus repairs

I think our guy in the mercedes up here did a uh a batch upgrade because that does not look like a c63 well that’s interesting apparently uh my transmission doesn’t know what temperature it is or what it wants to be that is a new feature of this truck the uh ever jumping transmission temperature gauge welcome to beautiful sunny atlanta and it’s actually sunny

Today travis i didn’t bring rain with me yes that is true i didn’t bring rain so we are at motor cars of atlanta to pick up the lotus had to get the steering corrected on it the steering is corrected and i love this 720s that’s what i’m filming right now oh more student driver but did you die i’m gonna use that at some point all right where are you running off

To just randomly walking around their service department yeah i’m allowed to yeah i’m not so sure about that i’ll i’ll go in that door like the normal people wow the color on that the speed tail and that that would be a garage wait hold on check it out dude the green the purple the turquoise that’s a garage right there check out the speed tail still can’t man

I can’t get behind the design they’re sick and they’re fast but i would rather be inside the car than looking at it outside all right still not a mclaren fan but man that color so when you can’t decide between the spider and the coop you just get them both seriously straight up matching speck every single cut thing on these two cars matches except the coop and

The spider they were one owner and i guess he really just couldn’t decide what did you find a unicorn that’s man that’s i don’t know if that’s a unicorn or what the this is a high roller bank wow he’s a high roller let me flaunt my cash in my lambo travis travis you could put like a whole foot in that wheel well yo i can fist this real well yeah that’s that’s a

That’s like a lamborghini faux pas right there i don’t know that even looks too high for the front end lift though yeah something’s broken that’s somebody’s ego and and the poor the poor elise is looking this is pretty rough it’s seen better days it’s seen cleaner days that’s for sure hey they tell me my cars are dirty they don’t look like this back into my old

Friend you probably should be driving the lotus all right for real um i found this out earlier those shoes are way too big to drive the lotus it’s just not safe i was just at this hotel a couple weeks ago and i don’t remember it being like this i guess they all run together but i don’t remember this good morning i’m awake it’s time to pick up the lotus we’re

Getting the lotus on the trailer back to michigan it’s only like 11 hours so i should be fine well here she is the lotus is headed back to michigan all strapped down ready to go i’ve got 11 hours to drive on a positive note it appears this truck gets about the same gas mileage loaded or not which is poor but i’ve got 20 000 pounds of trailer and car behind me

And i think the fuel mileage is probably about the same i don’t know exactly the mileage we’re getting but about 350 miles per tank which is probably like 12 or 13 miles per gallon loaded okay people sometimes in life you run into things that you just can’t explain sometimes you see things that you don’t have any words for like seeing an elephant on roller

Skates i have no idea what this is that i’m seeing this is i i don’t even know what to tell you what what is happening here it’s a kia and a flower shop and a sign shop all in one hey guys we are just about home exit right and in one mile i have to exit right so i’m about three hours away uh the lotus is coming back uh some things happen today that may change

The course of exactly what is happening with the lotus it may be on the channel for a whole lot longer than just the repairs um we may have the lotus back uh long story we’re not gonna share that today but stay tuned the lotus could be back could be back for good um again just stay tuned uh that’s all i can tell you for right now i’m gonna end this video pretty

Much everything on this trip is over except for the last three hours of night driving and you don’t need to share any of that so as always thank you for watching like subscribe comment merch at stream cars and i’ll see you guys next video bye you

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