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Lotus Evora GTE Le Mans – KomoTecTalk

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This engine, a 4,0 liter V6 with max 7400rpm and app 450hp at 7100rpm. Its a real legend in lotus history.

Welcome to today’s komo-tec talk. currently, we would like to introduce you to the lotus evora gt2 engine. a project which lotus started in 2011. when lotus was n formula 1, money was not available but significantly spent. the idea came to use the evora gt4 in the european gt4 championship and as a crowning glory than the evora gte or gt2 of the then le mans series for the

24-hour race. as is so often the case with lotus, i believe the decision was made in january. so there was plenty of time to prepare for the first races in may. to be competitive, or they thought they were competitive, the basis was the gt4 engine they had already built. in fact, in principle, the standard 3.5 liters v6 engine is a naturally aspirated four-liter. the gt4

Was built but had to drive for le mans with an air restrictor and more power. because with the 400 ps, which had the gt4 at that time, one was naturally the gt2 engine had completely machined cylinder heads to generate extra power. although the same valve size but the elaborately machined. the camshafts were changed, the cam followers were made highly light. according to a

Textbook, one has actually everything that one can produce to reduce friction, reduce weights, were actually everything perceived. in addition to that, instead of a single throttle body, i say six individual throttle bodies. the entire housing has been machined from solid, just like the oil pan and all the other attachments, so you see everything very, very exclusive. all

Just for the ten engines that were ever built of it. fortunately, we have all the data that exists. we have it from all ten engines ever made. all cosworth’s original notes and test bench protocols, so you can still get it together relatively wholly. whereas it is otherwise challenging with the data because most of the people who worked on the project are no longer at lotus

Or cosworth. all the engineers can hardly remember it. it’s been ten years now, but it seems like a long time. it’s an exhilarating engine. it’s not easy to build because, as i said, it’s all individual parts. that also means that everything we change, we really have to want. we also have to design them individually, and that’s a lot of work. but of course, we have the

Basis of a gt4 engine. as i said, we have six throttle bodies instead of the original one. of course, you don’t see much difference between such an engine and the gt4 from the outside because it’s just an engine. most things are similar. the most you can say is that the installation position has changed completely. the engine is 180 mm lower and 130 mm further forward than

The gt4. you can see that everything has been done to get an optimal weight distribution. substantial expenditure must be made extra a transmission case, which is individually only suitable for this engine. of course, if you have only two cars, dem corresponding it was a cost. are what you can see most from the outside, which is also visually a beautiful thing. they hide

Under the relatively discreet little air collector box with the air filter in it. you can see them very nicely when you look in that is constructively very, if you have fun with something like that. of course, special attention was paid to the length of the intake manifold the cross-sections. i say the channel shape is angled optimally. in other words, everything is done

Correctly according to the textbook. the engine classically has no standard injection nozzles in the intake manifold. still, the 6 injection nozzles sit above the intake funnels. thus directly in the flow area. they inject directly into the funnels. this is extremely bad for idling behavior. according to the textbook, the performance behavior is actually optimal. no

One is genuinely interested in everyday use and idling behavior with such a vehicle because it is a pure racing vehicle. there are only two vehicles ever built of it. one is in our country, the other is in parts of england. one buys such a vehicle, of course, once as a capital investment, as preservation of beauty, but of course also to use. that is planned for season

22 individual entries at selected racing events for 22 or 23. also, the use at the le-mans classic. the car is eligible to start in the original lemure race. variant on the race track where the 24 hours are also driven. thus one is with such a vehicle instead in the area racing, the selected races because it is simply too good in everyday racing events with the car to

Participate. information about this we will also publish on the website from time to time. also, in his blog. in the blog, we also already have a short report or the teaser to the vehicle itself to get a little bit. that is, we keep you up to date with current information. if corona allows it again, we look forward to next year, always to visitors and viewers who like to

Come. otherwise, the car is always here with us. so who enjoys seeing with us in the company and look at the car times.

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Lotus Evora GTE „Le Mans“ – KomoTecTalk By Komo-Tec Motor Technik