Loud Ferrari Pista Exhaust, Major SF90 Spider Project Update.

The super rare Ferrari 488 Pista Spider now with a loud Ryft exhaust!

Foreign talking about i’m just testing out my new iphone is that a new iphone it is it’s not how are you gonna look at it and see you wouldn’t even know you have an iphone yeah i’ve never seen something this short are you sure where’d you steal this from legoland we’re doing service on this porsche uh this porsche is a it’s it’s a diesel car so it doesn’t just

Take regular oil you can’t put anything you want customer needs to go she’s in a hurry so yeah we’re doing it right now it doesn’t say nothing about diesel waited three hours got the wrong oil is it wrong look i have to say like this look for gasoline and diesel yes sir is this is this the right oil i think this is is this for diesel i think this is the wrong oil

Because it’s not diesel it’s pissing in the middle of the road foreign these cars don’t have the smoking problems the sf90s do i thought i was correct about by the way now everybody’s figuring that out we’re the first ones but if you have sf90 it’s wise not to change your cap pipes you heard it here sounds way better than the vent store by the way 23 yes so

As you guys already know on the previous episode we showed you a little bit more full rift exhaust system titanium back section cap bypass pipes off-road use only and it has been tuned as well so stage two plus tune turbos are stock all that’s the stock this car you guys already know lowered on wheels basically other than that stock this is a 48 pista spider very

Very special and very rare and now sounds amazing it’s the perfect amount of deep tone and loudness it’s not too loud but it still sounds like ferrari we’re gonna take it out for a spin do some drive-bys because like i said we have to heat up those cap bypass pipes that heat chills around them so it’s going to smoke a little bit but don’t be afraid that’s normal the

Stock exhaust tips went back on the car you might have seen us try to put the titanium burnt tips from rift customer didn’t want that we had this debate on our podcast the last podcast if we like those titanium purple blue print tips on exotic cars most of us decided that we do not and we like the simple stuff like this or carbon fiber tips like capristo on that kind

Of stuff so this car gets the stock tips back which is kind of cool because nobody actually knows it’s modified so yeah stock tips so much louder through my valves all right if you guys didn’t know joe and third of my valves are beefing behind the scenes because he keeps putting his name in the captions through my valves and his name is really clarabelle right i

Find it to be very rude and offensive but you know joel deep down inside yeah joe’s not the nicest person on uh don’t think he’s really nice he’s really a pretty mean person the guy’s done nothing wrong oh my god first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go pump some gas how do you like driving a car you can afford yeah how does it feel that you drive your

Car every day that you can’t afford foreign but let me fill this thing up it’s a billionaire look where it’s parked right so we’re gonna do a contest putting the car in the drive-through car wash not this one because i’m not going to put a piston now right through yeah because of the wheel oh it’s too wide yeah sure back in the day they used to have those

Wraps yeah i haven’t been in a drive-through car wash ever yeah because i watched the cars all the time now all right guys let’s get it so he likes me he didn’t give me anything it’s the first time i drove a ferrari it was a 4 30. no the first time my girlfriend right so the signals there was it was on the steering wheel yeah and i didn’t know how to turn it off

After it was the first time i ever you know i don’t know this car was one two three four five six seven eight nine ten gas lines so we put i’m gonna shoot for 30 bucks yeah we’re at three we’re actually at four lines but that just that when i just punched it right now it went down you don’t want to punch it not yet i’m waiting for no box i’m the slowest driver in

The world like so why would you push the car well i’m showing them the two and the exhaust where you know where we’re talking about where car business okay what’s your point this one yeah i’m not driving fast it’s 25 miles an hour and i haven’t passed 25 miles an hour i’ve not broken the law you’re punching i have not broken the law you break the law every single

Morning right when you get inside because everybody broke the lock foreign but i can’t doesn’t fit too big but this s580 here originally we had put spacers on this car to make it look a little bit more aggressive aggressive stance and also we lowered it so after driving the car for a while you know he’s figured out that he wants to go back to stock because he

Likes it he likes that smooth ride i mean even with lowering links and spacers it’s still a smooth ride because the s class has such a great suspension and it’s a very very luxury ride so but still you know he felt a little bit to where he just wanted to go back to stock and his back to stock and still looks amazing big fan of these s580s looks great foreign

That’s where all the nutrition is so he’s a journey quick patient now that’s very true most is that right your journey correct patient uh yeah i’m trying to lose some weight he told me i’m a fat and jenny craig patient now he becomes no no no he’s a johnny for beijing we’re standing in front of the sf90 spider project nearly completed i promise you guys the next

Episode is going to be this beast completed right now we have the wing on there in the back as you can see carbon on carbon the vehicle has been satin clear broad so now it has a full satin clear bra on there it’s getting a little dusty but as you can see we also just replaced this thing this goes on the quarter panel event it’s plastic we got the carbon fiber ones

From rift we put it in place right now in order to do so you have to actually remove everything from under here which you’ll see some of it here there’s actually a cooler there there’s a intake pipes brackets all kinds of major stuff there so all that has to come off so we could change this thing just to get that look obviously the theme of this car is satin black

With the gloss carbon we’re going to leave it at that we have the rear bumper on there the diffuser we’re prepping it which includes doing you have to transfer a lot of stuff from the oem parts to the new parts even including on this thing we got to transfer all the grills and missions whatever the fenders are temporarily on they’re not fully on yet but there are

Temporarily on they have been satin clear broad painted all of that we have to still do the rocker panels it’ll do the front end all that stuff and obviously throw the wheels on so bear with us this is going to be the wildest sf90 in the planet and we’re very very excited to show you guys so you guys have gone through the journey with us we filmed this car when it

Was stock we filmed it when we started taking apart we filmed it with the new wheels on there and we’re filming it throughout the whole process so yeah next episode i promise sf90 spider build is done i don’t like foreign

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Loud Ferrari Pista Exhaust, Major SF90 Spider Project Update. By RDB LA