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Lovely 2020 RTL Ride.. Update On DPS R&R | TheSmoaks Vlog_2516

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Out With the Old, In With the New! | RTL Noise Issue! | I Found One of Them..!

Foreign and welcome to a another kind of a fog misty morning um about i don’t know 10 o’clock last night it got down to like 55. and uh it’s still 55 it never changed through the whole night i see a little starlings flying all over the place they came in around that little vent thing on the top of the barn that’s pretty cool but uh today would have been my dad’s

84th birthday holy moly man that’s not old these days that’s not old and um man it’s been it’s been 13 years since we lost him there’s no way that much time has gone by but anyway let’s not get in the funk over that let’s be happy it’s it’s a my dad’s 84th birthday so happy birthday bops i know things going well up there you and mom hanging out together again

All is good but uh anyway in uh my world i gotta go to work so let’s enjoy this beautiful kind of fall like weather and drive to work 60 degrees here in vancouver and as you can see we’ve got that same kind of foggy miss thing going on remember we’ve reached hump day how about that yeah halfway there reach that point but start sliding towards the weekend again

Well mama have yourself a wonderful wednesday it’s starting off very peaceful hopefully it stays that way like a blanket and take a nap yeah cuddle up and just snooze a little bit all right love you say goodbye i love you bye bye i don’t think this was ever meant to come back out of this spider as you can see i still had to fight it out of there one of the worst

Things is that they have a different the pitman arm you can see there’s an insert inside that and that is what runs the the steering angle sensor is that d shape thing well when they come out of the box it does not have that little d-shaped insert so hopefully i can get that out but the biggest trick is is you have to use a puller to pull that pitman arm off

Of that shaft how am i not gonna damage the end of this thing i mean granted this thing’s probably never going back to brp it’s not a warranty thing or anything anything or anything but um that’s a much upgraded steering angle sensor and what they used to have used to have this little magnet that you screwed in that was very easy to break so i need to get that

Little insert out i wasn’t aware that they had changed that when i ordered this i should have looked to see if that was there i didn’t see anything like that maybe that’s with the uh steering angle sensor but nothing’s on there tight i got this old ktm puller that i use that reaches in there but now different different type shaft so i’ll find see if i can find a

Some kind of a i don’t want to use the one i haven’t well i guess i have a new one i can use this one maybe i can get a socket that’s uh one step too small and use that as my base to eat it off but it’s got a long ways to go to come off of there we’ll see but i’m here to tell you that thing did not want to come out of there and i did just what it says to lure

Remove or loosen that lower a arm so that it can all swing out and still the radiator gets in the way it’s had to dislodge that and flex it forward this is the curb scooper pipe that gets broke that tell you guys about and it usually breaks it right over there but anyway get them parts swapped the pitman arms my biggest thing and i’m a c because that pitman arm

Was in the way a lot excuse me see if it’s possible to put that thing back on with it in the in the bike we’ll see all right all right so a little break from the uh dynamic power steering job on one spider and a quick diagnosis on another spider she’s a this is the one you remember a while back when you stood on the lateral support you hear a clunk well i

Tighten the the three bolts that hold the lateral support or not the lateral support but the uh the floorboard on the left hand side and uh that was it didn’t make any more noise now she’s complaining of noises from the left-hand side and um he still feels that it’s a break scraping sound but anyway i because it’s noticeable when you take a left-hand turn every

Time i take a left-hand turn i’d hear a clunk like and i feel it under the floorboard so i’ll pull all the body work off the left hand side to gain access to that lateral support and i uh found some bolts that were less than optimal as far as being torqued down so i got all that torque down and um pulled the pull both wheels off and uh unclipped and slid out the

Pads there’s no weird debris in the pads there’s no scratching on the on the rotors but anyway went through all that there’s now i mean the brake pads or disc looking fantastic i don’t know oops i meant to hit the joystick everything looks good but that lateral support with my weight on it anyway i could make it clunk and i could feel it clunk well yeah it was

It was uh it was enough that you know because there’s a lot of torque on that floorboard and um that’s the only thing i found wrong brakes everything looks good no codes i mean this one happy spider as far as i can tell that’s it beautiful out here temperatures oh yeah the spider says what it really is it’s 72 out here right now it’s the locals it’ll get you

Every time i’m telling you yeah it seems it seems quite nice actually so i wish i could hear what she’s hearing if you ride these things and you have you know your your hearing’s good enough you actually hear those those metal pads sliding through the rotors for require well actually you always hear them it just never really goes away but most people don’t hear

Them and then you know i ride these so often it’s just like a normal sound so i have to tell myself to look for it see if we can uh there’s no traffic around here i can hear it trying to trying to lift the tire slightly for the you know the inside the tire like scratching at the road you think she’s riding at a grip maybe maybe she’s a hot rodder she’s such a

Nice gal spider people tend to be nice people anyway i think i’ve come across a couple of spider people that were less than nice but the spider people oh it’s the markings on the tire i can see something coming around it’s just like the design on the sidewall i’m like whoa what is that imagine that the right side has the same thing thank you oh no no no no

No how far is that going this one little short spot no it’s not either all right i gotta get off of this worst thing ever on a spider is a tarred and feathered road is going with being so rough on me just trying to figure out what the sound is but she distinctly describes it as a scratching sound like a brake pads they’re in fantastic shape i can tell you that

Wheel bearing’s good you know suspension ball joints all that stuff i mean it only had seven thousand miles on it lovely lovely lovely lovely speed either oh you know if we find the right speed we might hear this one whistle because it still has the original sprocket i haven’t heard my lovely whistle sound in a while enter sprockets in good shape even though

It’s not the white non-whistling sprocket it’s amazing how many people go why am i bringing this thing in the check for stuff and people you know see stuff on the forums what are they talking about this whistle this you don’t hear it don’t worry about it it’s nothing enjoy your spider crying about stuff something smells i don’t know if it’s come from these

Houses or something just like a floral almost like a uh what do you call it fertilizer kind of smell s really good or maybe the spider just smells that good oh no it’s definitely in the air god seems like it’s been forever i’ve been stuck with things that are no rides you know the rides are coming it’s just uh gotta finish things up the police bike you know

I take it for a ride but i don’t i don’t even put a camera on so i don’t even know if i can do that i got some music i gotta shut down and also people with motorcycles that do that it’s like you’re like assuming i want to hear your music what if i’m not interested in what you’re playing at all well oh this this could be fun because he’s probably coming

Into our store wish i could hear exactly what she’s hearing or that lateral support thing was making so much noise but not a scratching sound i hate that feeling when you know i don’t hear what they’re describing and you’re left wondering you know but i mean i thoroughly went over anything that could make especially with the brakes and she’s convinced it’s the

Brakes and she’s probably just hearing the brakes but usually if it’s enough that somebody’s complaining about it it’s it’s a substantial noise but i absolutely cannot find that i’ll chit chat with her some more i tried to make her make some noise looking at everything and making whoops that was not reversed that thing is go you go yeah i heard just what

You’re exactly what you’re talking about i found it i probably got the brakes probably smelling now because uh i was on her a little bit here and there oh i got my hat up front too alrighty well thanks for coming for a quick rip on on a 20 i think it’s a 2020. or t limited about that all right the new dps is in there how about that it’s got some nuts and

Bolts to tighten and button everything up i still need to do an alignment on it and it needs tires and a belt and uh i think one of the other techs are gonna do that and use their original one on this job so that’s it for that let’s roll out of here it’s about that time well hello there youtube it’s 59 degrees out here it’s cold that’s not even 6 30 yet i think

It’s probably about 6 30 now it won’t be long we won’t be able to even make it home no and say a goodbye out here in the daylight we’ll have to back to the in the car on the porch or garage or something yeah something that has light yep bummer times man they are coming yeah going quick yeah but um yeah it’s a good day we’re very spider day today little bmw

Thankfully well i don’t mind the bmws just wanted some kind of weird wiring thing you got a nightmare thing melt your brain over with anyway it’s a good day hope you guys had a good day as well but on that we’re going to slip on now all righty well thank you guys so much for watching we really do appreciate it we will talk to you tomorrow same smoke time same

Smoke channel don’t forget to give a thumbs up and you guys have an amazing thursday or friday thank you all right thursday tomorrow i know clicking away all right we’ll see you guys bye bye now all right

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Lovely 2020 RTL Ride..!! • Update On DPS R&R! | TheSmoaks Vlog_2516 By TheSmoaksVlogs