Today I am reviewing the highly requested 2021 Volvo XC90! This is one of my favorite luxury SUVs! Let me know what you think about it!!!

Hey guys it’s kelly and today i am so excited to bring you a 2021 volvo xc 90. this has been a highly requested tour and i cannot wait to dive in if this is your first time joining me hi i’m kelly and i am the carmen i review cars for moms and for families make sure you subscribe to my channel because i’m going to be posting a tour a week give this video a

Thumbs up and comment below about which car i should tour next and before i get started special thanks to west county volvo for giving us the car for the morning especially thankful for tom who’s a sales person there so if you are in st louis looking for a volvo i would definitely check them out all right so let’s start with the exterior to be honest with

You it is one of my favorites on the road this xc90 got a complete redesign in 2016 a minor refresh in 2020 and i’m gonna say she was ahead of our time because this car looks like a brand new model i absolutely love it it’s very unique it is elegant refined again one of my favorite exteriors on the road i love the front end grill with these vertical lines

That kind of concave and the beautiful volvo logo i think the hood lines are subtle but they yet they make a statement everything led all of the led headlights look amazing she’s she rocks she rocks i love her moving along to her side profile again we have some subtle lines some beautiful chrome detailing i love the chrome roof rails with the chrome like

Faux running board down there the wheels on her are gorgeous they’re 20 inches two-toned wheels they look so sassy again guys she she doesn’t have a bad angle she doesn’t but my favorite angle stay with me is from behind these headlights these tail lights excuse me are absolutely gorgeous they’re completely led so they look great when they’re on we’ve got some

Again some beautiful chrome elements everything from the xc90 badging to the volvo badging only thing i wish they would have done is i wish this wiper would have been underneath here i mean the kia sorrento has that so i feel like the xc90 could have that just to kind of clean up the back end here’s a shot of me and the driver’s seat of the xc90 now i’m doing

The inscription package today so it is one of the highest trim levels out there stay tuned to the end of the video though because i’m actually going to be building my own xc90 and talking through different trim levels and colors but she’s got it all i’m talking massaging seats i’m talking heads up display heated steering wheel heated seats ventilated seats and

The upgrade the bowers welcome sound system i mean everything i could win this car is here let’s start with some of the interior design elements i love this exposed wood grain trim that then goes really nicely into all of these beautiful chrome and this is like a shiny chrome i’m a huge fan the high glass high gloss black buttons look great and then we kind of

Go into my side cup you know the side cubby in here is a little narrow but it’s got a good cup holder section so i do appreciate that here’s like a size tumbler so that fits pretty good but then it’s very narrow moving on down all right so kind of moving on to some of the more technology features um we’ve got a beautiful digital dash and i love digital dashes

For the customization of it there’s actually a couple of different themes that you can do in here and i think that looks amazing the steering wheel very simple everything in this car is so simple but well done so it doesn’t feel cheap it feels very luxurious and just very well thought out i’m really liking the minimalist design steering wheel feels great it’s

Completely heated we’ve got some steering wheel controls right here moving on to some of our like amenities down here again some beautiful design elements like if you even just look at the small detailing look of this volume button i mean that is stinking gorgeous and then we come into like a little bit of like the tiny the world’s tiniest cup you can fit like

Six pennies a wireless charger two cup holders that are a decent size um and then a time tine of her center council okay so i’ve brought a size five diaper for reference just so you can like get idea of the vibe and i can’t even lay it flat for the size of this car like being a true seven passenger car this should be a little bit bigger we do have two usbs in

Here so that’s great you know yeah they keep it pretty simple you can also like cover everything up which does look kind of nice i mean not that i would ever live in a world where like i wouldn’t need every single square inch of this area but if that is your vibe good for you one of my favorite features in the car and you know what you can come for me if you

Want but look at the stop start button on the engine this is the cutest dang thing i’ve ever seen watch this that’s how you turn it off a few more just like fit and finishes in this car which are just darling look at this little swedish flag right here that is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen in my life i would maybe buy the car just for that i’m not going to

Lie to you and then check out this detailing on the seat belt since 1959 volvo was one of the first cars i actually think they were the first car to put seat belts in cars we love a little detail we love a little detail um i also like that these are actually completely wrapped in leather that just kind of gives it like a nicer look and then i have a suede

Headliner as well that’s not a good look but the car is all right so let’s talk about this infotainment system because again guys this came out in 2016. talk about ahead of her time this very tesla-like screen is so honestly user-friendly now i will say the only thing i kind of wish is why i like the minimalist design i do wish they left the climate controls

Maybe slightly out there’s just something about the climate controls that i feel like when left out are easier to access especially when driving it is easy to access the climate you would just hit that but then you know it’s just i mean it just takes a minute like how do i turn down the air you know and i know you would get used to it but just my one thing that

Just my one gripe as i wish they would have kept the climate control out but i like everything else being used in here now i have a shot of me in the passenger seat and i just wanted to point out that i have a diaper bag here and i’m a little bit tight i just think that’s kind of important because me and my husband go anywhere together we bring our giant diaper

Bag like again could i ride like this 100 do i have a ton of room no another thing i wanted to point out was the glove box so you actually open the glove box so this little button right here it’s a really decent sized glove box and there’s even a refrigerator element here which is so stinking cool anyway let’s get out of this front seat because the exciting

Stuff happens in the back not like that get your head out of the gutter all right let’s talk about some of my back seat amenities so first of all i have this seat set for myself at six feet tall great knee clearance feeling good um the ventilation back here no ceiling vents but i do have vents on the side and vents down here so especially i am a big ceiling

Vents fan because i have rear-facing kits so in the summertime they can get really hot i do think having both these vents though would offer some good circulation in the second row so i like to see that i have some side cubbies down here i have sun shades that are so nicely built and integrated which i love um i’ve got my own climate control back here as well

And then i have two usbc’s down here so all good stuff so my most some of the most exciting things though in this car is how this backseat is designed this bench is made for car seats and i’m so excited to show you why one thing i love about this back seat is that all of these seats move independently so you can move this seat forward and backwards and you can do

The same thing with the middle seat which is great for car seat flexibility another thing i love and this is an option it’s not on all the xc90s but check this out you know what that is a built-in booster seat how stinking cute is that this should be standard give this video a thumbs up if you think this should be standard in all cars because then your little

Booster aged child could sit right here and buckle safely so i think that’s a great feature both these seats have lower anchors and then we have three tether anchors across this bench no lower anchors or tether anchors in the third row however the headrests in the volvo are not removable um there is a little area right here so you could put through a tether

Anchor but just to note none of the headrests are removable and then in the middle right here this is where we’d have our cup holders the tiny tiniest cup holders hold on let me get my cup it doesn’t fit look at these little tiny buns i’d rather have one couple just one give me one cup holder than this i do want to talk a little bit about the car seat setup

And just kind of how the spacing is concerned because to be honest i think it is a little tight so i have this seat set for myself and again i’m fairly tall about six feet is it would i like to go back a couple more inches yes is it totally drivable absolutely i also have this this second row seat pushed all the way back so i am giving myself a lot of room i

Have okay clearance i still could not put this bar down though luckily with this pumpkin seat particularly you can drive with the bar up so that’s how i would use the car i also have a little bit of a grievance with this because it doesn’t quite open as wide as it would like so when i go to get the pumpkin seed and try to pull it out it’s a little difficult is

It again is it impossible no by the time you add like you know a 10 12 16 pound baby which is how much my daughter weighs right now at five months and is still in a pumpkin seat uh that could be a little tight also i call it a pumpkin see comment below what you call it because i’m pretty sure that’s just a midwest thing so comment below what you call this type

Of car seat and where you live because it would be kind of fun so i guess to summarize my biggest advice would be is if you are a tall driver and you plan on having rear-facing car seats i would definitely bring the car seat to the dealership and make sure it’s going to work all right i want to chat about the third row first i got to put it up though so this

Is driving me a little bonkers i’m not going to lie so i put this seat up already look at this there’s no pulley tap it’s not power for me to get to this third row oh this seat’s not even up oh my gosh hold on this is just not what i like i don’t like when it’s so complicated and that’s just too much i’m sorry i’m not trying to be dramatic but how much is this

Car like seventy thousand dollars we need a power we need the power okay but with the third row up that’s how you do it let’s hop in the third row all right let’s talk about the third row axis a little bit so there’s two levers but they do different things this one down here just actually folds the seat down so if you had to like carry more cargo but it’s not

How you access the third row to access the third row you have to use this one up top so i don’t love that because i feel as though children are the ones getting the third row a lot so i prefer the third row access to be down here it’s it’s not difficult to do but i think it would be difficult for a child so it pushes the seat forward and then you can move this

It looks like the car seat friendly tilt but this seat does come up a little bit so it does kind of affect the integrity of a car seat and then i can hop back there okay so here i am there’s only two seats back here which do make the third a little bit easier and then i have to pull this back oh gosh okay and then i’m and then i’m squished to be honest with you

Um no it’s not as bad as i thought i’ll give you a shot of my knee clearance in just one second i do have vents on the side right here i have my own cup holder and then i’ve got like a little extra cubby this is so random i have an extra cubby and it’s got a picture of a spider on it it’s the most random thing ever no usbs back here which is kind of a bummer but

You know overall i’m pretty comfortable we have this seat pushed almost all the way back so let’s push the seat forward and see the knee clearance i have okay and then to exit the third row we would just put that tab up push the seat forward you know it’s not that’s not the widest gap to maneuver out of it’s kind of like a little ow it’s a little tight but you

Know i’m a little tall now we’re going to talk about the trunk space with that third row up so i have brought my i’m very scared it’s going to fall out it didn’t i have brought my fb vista stroller today i took it apart i tried a couple different ways to put it in i got it to fit i did not get it to fit easily and personally to me as a mom like the last thing

I would want to do is have two screaming children in the car we’re coming back from the park and i’m trying to figure out how to get my stroller in here so does it pass the stroller test yes is it exceeding my expectations no because it is a little bit tight i’m gonna take the stroller out put the third row down and then show you the trunk space i’m dealing with

So before i put this third row down first i just wanted to give you a shot of the trunk so it is a decent sized trunk i mean i have no problem fitting a week’s worth of groceries anything like that in here just gets a little bulky bulky with that stroller i also wish the trunk was just a little bit more lowered because i don’t love how high that tire is coming

Up around the headrest underneath here we have nothing but a spare tire but they say like 80 of new cars on the road don’t come with a spare tire and i guess this one is not one of them so that’s good to see we also um as far as putting the second row down it is very easy to do you just put that up oh got things everywhere and push it forward and then that is

The shot of the trunk so that is a great size trunk again my only grievance being i have no way to get that third row back up to me without physically climbing in there and pulling it up and then of course we have our power tailgate we also have the ability and most cars have this but you have the ability to hit that lock button so if the last thing you had

To grab was out of the trunk you could just hit this it would lock the car and close the trunk for you so we love to see that okay so just a little bit about you know what’s not my specialty but what’s under the hood in the xc90 so it does come available we’re doing just the turbo 4 today the t6 but it does come available in a plug-in hybrid with the plug-in

Hybrid you’re getting about 22 miles on pure electric but then the car does can be used in combination of gas and electric just to give you an overall better gas mileage it’s very comparable to something like the x540e which is the x5 plug-in hybrid but the x5 range is quite a bit more so i i would like to see that range get up volvo actually has come out so

That they plan to be at least semi-hybrid i think by 2025 so i’m very curious to see more hybrid electric vehicles they put out as far as the drive is concerned again we’re just doing the regular turbo for the t6 the drive is great i mean it drives like a luxury car this one with this removal we have has an msrp of 77 000 which is a pretty pricey car you’re

Definitely i mean you’re in the luxury car market for sure but you know it does drive really nice the performance is good it’s not the zippiest car around town but it handles very good you feel very sturdy in the car very safe and i think the drive is really good so overall i like the volvo xc90 i would definitely put on your list especially if you are in that

Luxury car market and i think compared to some of the other competitors in its class the car seat setup is overall pretty good wish i just had a little bit more room especially in that second row but overall i think it’s a great car okay guys so that is going to wrap up my 2021 of volvo xc90 tour super impressed with the car i super like it i think the safety

Features i think the technology i think the design all really just make it a top 10 contender so definitely check it out thank you guys so much for watching make sure you subscribe to my channel because you are not going to want to miss the car related content i have coming head to my instagram at the carmom because i post a lot more car related content there

Including used cars um car buying tips and just like in everyday live of what it’s like to be a two under two mom i hope you guys are having a great day and i’ll see you next time all right guys let’s build my very own 2021 volvo xc90 now the xc90 comes in a plug-in hybrid or a regular gas version now while i do think the plug-in hybrid is pretty decent i think

Compared to other plug-in hybrids the range is a little bit lower so i am going to stick with the regular gas version it comes in the seven seater giving you the captain’s seats or the bench so i’m sorry the captain seems to give you the six seater the bench would give you the seven seater and then i can choose from two gas engines the t5 and the t6 i’m going

To choose the t6 because this is the one that i test drove and i really liked the driving of it i don’t think i’d want to lose that horsepower or torque so i’m going to select that one and then we get into the colors which is probably my favorite part one interesting thing is the only color that was included with no upcharge was the ice white every other color

Was an upgrade so you know i always have to click on the blue because blue is one of my favorite colors but this is not my favorite blue and i don’t really like how it looks on that car specifically i think this bright silver is gorgeous but for 900. i just don’t really know if it looks that much different than the white so i looks good in black but i’m going

To stick to the ice white giving me no up charge now these wheels have to go because for a thousand dollars i can get 20-inch wheels that are so much better looking i mean look at the difference so much better i do not like the standard wheels that come with them at all moving into the interior a couple of different options again the the beige is right here and

Then we have the black for no up charge and then you can see you can get a little bit of charge as you go down i’m gonna go with black and then going into some additional packages now one frustrating thing is i do think i need to add both these packages because i would like the heated steering wheel and the heated rear seats and i’m not willing to lose like the

360 camera the heads-up display and some of the illumination so i’m also going to add this advanced package mainly to get that 360 camera i feel like if i’m going to be at a 70 thousand dollar price range i want to get that camera moving into some optional equipment i am going to go ahead and get the integrated boosters i thought that was pretty cool and then

That is going to bring my 2021 volvo xe 90. to an msrp of 74 1.

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