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LS Swapped Chevy Colorado First Rips

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My new daily does burnouts. Sloppy stage 2 Cammed 5.3 LS swapped Chevy Colorado

We got one windshield wiper on my side and none on his well that’s nice it’s like i’m wearing sunglasses and you’re not this is making it really strange to drive okay hey look we couldn’t see it’s so nice it’s two not eight oh much better oh man oh yeah we bought a truck yes guys i screwed up i bought a new truck and i didn’t even see if you could do

A burnout before i bought it but before we do a burnout let me tell you a little bit about the truck but before i tell you about the truck i have to tell you about the new t-shirts because this is how we make our money to keep doing what we are doing this is the best way to support the channel this is the best way to tell your friends that you are an idiot that

Was a terrible sales pitch so i’ve had old faithful here for about seven years now and i’ve put 90 000 miles on it yes hyundai veloster bucket seats which will go in the new one and just developed this really strange misfire eventually it will die it runs like this for probably about two minutes and then completely gives up during chasing the misfire i was like

Well this would be a good time to swap my truck so i started looking at you know all the prices for the swap kit and everything that i would need to swap that truck and in that process i stumbled upon this sorry we got a birthday party today so this used to be a manual i still have a clutch pedal down there which is really cool so this is really hard to shift

Um because this cable here is kind of rubbing this was this is the only part of the swap that was not done really well i mean it works fine it’s just kind of uh it’s not quite finished the rest of the swap is freaking perfect so this has a walbro 255. see sometimes it’s not even park so it won’t start marlboro 255 stage 2 sloppy cam with springs and lifters

And the strap was done really well all the wiring was hidden underneath the engine cover the ecu’s over there i mean nothing the only thing that i’m going to switch out is the radiator because this is a stock radiator that feels like four cylinders and that radiator pipe i’m going to get a factory five three colorado radiator point to do it but other than that

It’s just a freaking pie tree and it sounds delicious oh yeah the gas gauge doesn’t work but jns the guys i bought all the parts from the jeep from they have a fix for it so i just gotta find time to go over there so i’ll show you this is kind of it comes out of park easier than it goes into park so that’s reverse neutral drive that doesn’t work new car scent

So the rear diff has a spool in it which uh basically makes the rear diff act as if it’s welded so on turns you can see it kind of chop chop chop chop so i’ve been taking really wide turns but the guy that owned it before me was not selling it and his intentions were to make a full race truck out of it so as it sits up here at altitude it ran a 15-6 with a

Really bad 60 foot he had a 2 4 60 foot i’m assuming it was a 50 shot he went 13-6 with a similar 60 foot but he was telling me that on 100 shot it’d probably go 12s so that’s why i’m assuming he only did a 50 shot my old colorado ran a 17-2 so two seconds is quite a bit of noticeable difference but the cam is big enough to where the low end is pretty doggy

Uh but then on the top end it really picks up chop chop chop chop chop chop chop that’s kind of annoying i’d like to switch that out for an lsd but i don’t know what the check engine light is for i’ll be totally honest with you got a little squirrely so i mean for what it is it’s way more fun than what mine was i’m in love with it it gets terrible gas mileage

I just filled up and calculated and on this tank i’ve got 12 miles a gallon which is a little bit worse than the 22 that my white truck got but it is what it is this is kind of cool too it’s a 3d printed vent uh cut out to hold a gauge so that’s oil pressure other than that the interior is very normal and boring and clean which is more than i can say about

Mine in the front these are uh stock spare tire wheels to something but they look really good so i’m cool with it brake calipers are yellow uh stock springs we got headers the springs up front have been cut still right it’s really really good so we can mess with that later the rear has three inch lowering blocks very freshly done there the back tires are nitto

275s um some knockoff wrote a grid looking wheel i’m not a wheel man so mine is lowered four inches in the front four inches in the rear so this is probably about three inches in the front three inches in the rear which is better because this thing scrapes on everything because of some sub-member support stuff that sits like three inches lower than the rest of

The truck and the roof is starting to do some weird cracking the body’s got you know random scratches and blemishes but overall it’s uh significantly cleaner than mine there’s one dent right there i want to get pulled oh i i love it i love how it sits everything about it let’s go see if the truck can do a burnout so okay so in the process of trying to figure

Out if we could fix my misfire you know i was like well this would be a good time to do a swap i made a post on facebook and this dude got a hold of me the engine trains and ecu are all from a 2009 so that’s probably like a 2500 swap the wiring harness that’s in that truck is 1500 bucks the swap mounts are 700 so for me to do what’s in that truck to my truck

Is you know probably between five and six thousand dollars worth of parts and i didn’t have to do any labor on this and the truck is cleaner so in my mind it made more sense than at the end of the day i could daily that thing for another 10 years i mean it’s it’s basically a stock silverado and a little body so that’s why i did that um let me fill you guys in

On what’s been going on here because the last three videos have been of mina civic which we are racing tomorrow and sunday so if you didn’t watch those videos you should because we made a lot of power and it’s pretty cool so let me fill you on what’s going on with the bug and what’s going on with the jeep and then we’ll get you out of here because no one wants

To hear me talk any more than you have to which i don’t blame you we bought this piece of junk from harbor freight it is not intended to bend pipes for roll cages but it was 150 bucks and it’s gonna accomplish what i want to accomplish so i’m not gonna really explain this to you just have faith in me it’s pretty far away from actually being finalized but the

Idea is officially finally there and that’s what i’ve been fighting for the last three weeks poor c5 corveep months ago i bought a ton of parts for it for the fuel system everything we need start to finish fuel system we are waiting on some finances for holly in a water to air intercooler i have been really busy with hydra dip work i’m not trying to bore you

Guys i’m just filling in on what’s been going on because i haven’t made any progress really that i’ve been wanting to so this is my fourth week um four weeks ago i quit my day job and i’ve had so much hydro dipping to do that it’s it’s been absolutely bananas so those are earth roamer things i’ve done that was for out of state this for a guy that’s for a guy

A bun this everything in this room was filled it’s still an absolute mess canyon parts door like just a really really awesome amount of work but it’s been a lot of work and so i haven’t had time to do things on that um so the plan is according to brent this is gonna be up there in a month um but mechanically it’s ready to roll i have to finish the front end i

Got um that rear deck lid piece so we can fill the exhaust hole down there that i kind of did poorly um and then real i’m not so on the jeep i spent like three months doing bodywork not gonna happen i’m gonna do a skim of some body filler and chander down and then shoot it um i’m not gonna tell you the paint scheme yet because if i’m being honest i don’t exactly

Know what i’m doing i have an idea but it’s not you’re going to like it or you’re going to hate it but it’s going to be done so this is what we got going uh one month that’s going to go up there i have another k20 in the civic si that’s sitting out back that one should not make more than 350 horsepower before it blows so we’re gonna shoot for like three and

Hopefully get a couple runs out of it before it says i hate you and then we’re gonna grab that other one drop that in there and that one should be safe we could probably make 450 on that one really safely so that’ll be the plan for that jeep needs a lot but like everything is really really starting to come the jeep doesn’t need a lot i need a roll cage i need a

Windshield we need parts and then once all the parts are here honestly guys it’d probably be like a solid week of work and this thing will be up and going so we’re getting everything is gonna snowball and we’re getting really dang close to really having like a fleet of vehicles mina civic is running we got a 5’3 swap colorado the bugs running the jeep’s really

Close like everything we’re gonna we’re gonna have an actual car channel it’d be so crazy so that’s what i got got new daily i freaking love it i’m gonna try not to break it um let’s see we’re racing nina civic tomorrow and sunday if you did not watch those videos go watch it because we made a lot of power we also blew up a motor we made 744 and it went kapowi

So go check that out get caught up because then we’re gonna race he’s shooting for a 10 second pass i gotta clear cut some stuff mina’s on his way here for me to weld some stuff for his headlight because we’ll explain that next video thanks for watching guys we’ll see you later you

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LS Swapped Chevy Colorado First Rips! By GARAGE IdiotS