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LUCID AIR beter than TESLA

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LUCID AIR beter than TESLA

What’s so cool about the lucid air hello and welcome to another luxury driven trip in which we delve into the world of luxury while tesla has established itself as the market leader in electric vehicles lucid motors is best known for supplying batteries to formula e race cars the startup business hopes to compete with luxury alternatives such as the tesla model s

And porsche tycoon with its all-new 2022 air sedan even before the first lucid vehicle rolls off the assembly line elon musk and tesla have had a run-in with the young electric automaker peter rawlinson lucid’s ceo and cto was an early colleague of musks and he wasn’t just an intern rollinson was tesla’s initial chief engineer for the model s he has also served as

A lead engineer for jaguar and lotus demonstrating his expertise in the automobile industry lucid air is a high performance all-electric sedan developed in silicon valley certainly this is not a new story however you are viewing a fresh new item the lucid air is here to take the rug out from beneath its competitors wheels tesla’s rivals are not mutually exclusive

While lucid’s technical team clearly had the model s in mind while developing the air they also had another vehicle in mind the mercedes s-class that is right not even the electric eqs satisfies this requirement the air has come to dismantle the old order and the three enormous german limos are all possible targets lucid anticipates new buyers from the audi a8

Bmw 7 series and mercedes-benz benchmark perhaps this is why the car’s headline figure is not its zero to 60 miles per hour time but its range up to 520 miles depending on the configuration that is precisely what a large tank of diesel formerly provided what’s new for the year 2022 while tesla has established itself as the dominant electric vehicle manufacturer

Lucid motors is best recognized for its battery supply to formula e race cars with its all-new 2022 air sedan the upstart business wants to take on luxury alternatives such as the tesla model s and porsche tycoon performance the lucid air is built on a skateboard platform and equipped with up to three electric motors that provide varying degrees of power and

Range we drove a lucid air grand touring that produced 800 horsepower 885 pound-feet of torque and a blistering 0-60 miles per hour time of 3.0 seconds additionally lucid announced the grand touring performance model which produces 1050 horsepower and 921 pound-feet of torque regarding range we personally witnessed the lucid air approach 500 miles during a drive

Through california the complete story can be found here according to the epa the 933 horsepower air dream edition r can travel 520 miles on 19-inch wheels or 481 miles on 21-inch wheels if you’re looking for maximum performance opt for the air dream edition p which boasts an incredible 1111 horsepower the range of that model is 471 miles on a 19-inch wheels and

451 miles on 21-inch wheels comfort make no mistake the air is a luxury vehicle with a handsome interior that features luxurious materials and cutting edge technology lucid is particularly proud of the sedan’s generous passenger space which is highlighted by a roomy rear seat while the standard rear seating configuration is said to be comfortable for up to three

Adults an optional executive rear seating configuration adds significant recline functions for ultimate comfort the air’s cabin will feature a mostly glass roof which will increase the sense of openness and improve outward visibility the sedan’s front center console appears to offer ample storage space behind the retractable lower touchscreen and inside the large

Center console bin which includes a pair of cup holders and slots for a smartphone additionally we’re told its front trunk or frank will have a volume of up to 10 cubic feet the largest of any electric vehicle safety features anti-lock brakes abs brakes detect when a tire stops rotating during hard braking and automatically modulate the brake pressure to allow

The tire to rotate this improves the vehicle’s turning capability while braking stability control when the vehicle’s handling limits are exceeded stability control automatically reduces engine power and or applies select brakes to assist the driver in regaining control of the vehicle front impact airbags driver and passenger front impact airbags are designed

To protect the drivers and passengers heads in the event of a frontal collision side impact airbags front seat side impact airbags protect the torso in the event of a side impact collision overhead airbags in the event of a side collision or rollover overhead airbags protect the occupants heads knee airbags knee airbags aid in the protection of the occupant’s

Lower extremities in the event of an accident pricing and availability lucid will launch its new sedan with high-end top spec models first similar to how tesla did with the model 3. to be the one of the first lucid air owners you’ll need to shell out 169 thousand dollars for the loaded dream edition a super sedan with a range of more than 500 miles and over 1 000

Horsepower a 139 800 horsepower grand touring model is expected to follow followed by a 95 000 406 mile touring variant next fall and a 77 400 base model in 2022 lucid is currently taking reservations and anticipates beginning deliveries by the end of 2021. as always this has been fun subscribe and follow to luxury driven for more adventure in the world of luxury you

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