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From the beginning we aspired to get the most out of this vehicle from an in-car audio standpoint we have a lot of people in the company that are audio enthusiasts especially around automobile the lucid immersive system is really about this further evolution of dimension and depth it’s not only about front to rear or left to right it’s also up and down so we

Have the ability to position sounds position tone whether that’s music or vehicle signals and sounds anywhere in space front back side to side up and down with movement and i think that’s what makes it truly unique because we always look at the automobile as like it’s a captive environment you know short of having a sound booth at home uh or wearing a high-end

Set of headphones the automobile is really like a captive sound chamber so to be able to partner up with a technology partner like dolby means a lot it was very obvious to us that lucid was trying to do something different and trying to do something that was unique to the automotive experience the way that lucid has approached the automobile and a lot of what i

Understand from a design on the creative side very much resonates with dolby’s approach to experiences we are creators creating things for other creators and dolby atmos is an immersive experience that allows creatives musicians artists to do things they’ve never done before with atmos we’re giving creatives a whole new way of thinking about audio to where they

Now just think about audio in space when they hear it it is always this holy whoa like you get some pretty awesome reactions usually one of the next questions we get from them will be this is great so um when can i listen to this in my car the automobile is a unique space to curate from a design standpoint we put so much focus on the materials and the space of

The interior the color and all the senses we’ve had to be super meticulous about the placement of hardware speaker positions throughout the vehicle and all of that’s been done to be very hidden and discreet you’ll notice on the interior of the lucid air there’s not big polished metal speaker grilles and things like everything’s very much hidden away and subtle

Because we want the sound to lead not the hardware the other side of that goes beyond the music and more into the sounds that the car makes so all of the signals warnings indicators and how the car communicates back to you we’re able to control those sounds and really design that to be immersive uh for example you know if someone in the rear seat’s not wearing

The seat belt the seat belt chime comes on but it comes on coming from that back corner or when we start up the car and the startup sequence comes to life it doesn’t just come to life in front of you it comes to life all around you so you’re dimensionally immersed in the sounds that the vehicle itself makes and so that’s a big part of it i think lucid is going to

Inspire a whole new way for creatives within the auto industry and beyond to do new things within an automobile whether it be entertainment or driver safety etc so what we do here is that we take one of our immersive car sounds in this case we work on the mock-up of a seat belt sound designing dolby atmos and in this room we simulate the full in-car experience

And on this side you see the immersive audio architecture that we’ve created we designed it to be like a recording studio it can handle hundreds of sounds and sources simultaneously we can’t wait for people to hear it we can’t wait for people to experience it the lucid air dolby atmos experience is going to be one that is truly going to blow people away and i

Think it really is going to get people excited about music in ways that maybe they haven’t been in a long time this is going to be one of those moments where people really are going to remember the first time they experienced this

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