Lucid Air VS. Tesla Model S – Does Lucid have what it takes to Dethrone the EV King?

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So you have driven gasoline-powered vehicles for the majority of your life and are now interested in experiencing the ev way of life great now it’s time to see what ev manufacturer best suits your lifestyle some brands are exclusively dedicated to ev production while others are gradually transitioning over from their internal combustion routes you are aware of

The recent influx of new electric vehicles however a premium sedan is on your shopping list this allows you to narrow your list down to porsche mercedes tesla or audi which are all heavily invested in the ev market and offer some great alternatives to their gasoline counterparts after long and careful consideration though you come to the conclusion that tesla is

That very manufacturer that suits your lifestyle fair enough they have been around long enough to prove themselves worthy of your hard earned money not to mention the endless praise granted to them by various media outlets but wait there’s a new electric vehicle on the market a vehicle that actually exists and isn’t just someone’s pipe dream one that offers more

Range than a tesla for significantly less money hard to believe isn’t it well they are known as lucid motors and they are currently taking the automotive world by storm if you follow the automotive world at all and haven’t been living under a rock you have probably heard of lucid by now the new electric car manufacturer that’s receiving excellent reviews of their

New sedan the lucid air and the fact that their range does in fact exceed that of the tesla model s i wasn’t making that up additionally you may have or most definitely have heard headlines about them having the potential to destroy tesla well unfortunately it’s not that simple and i’ll explain why in this video so does lucid have what it takes to become the new

Ev leader let’s find out what’s up guys and welcome back to another video on the mf automotive youtube channel ironically enough the ceo of lucid a gentleman by the name of peters was actually a former tesla engineer who set out to build his own eevee and you can bet your best bucks he took some detailed notes during his time there one of his main objectives was

To produce a vehicle that handled like a lotus yet had the interior space and ride comfort equivalent of that found on an s-class a tall order from a vehicle that weighs 5 200 pounds a mere 700 pounds heavier than the model s now for this comparison i’ve chosen to put the tesla model x against the lucid air for two main reasons one well because that’s the only

Vehicle lucid produces at the moment and two because both sedans compete in the same price range exterior wise the two are quite different in pictures the lucid appears longer than the tesla but in reality it’s shorter measuring in at 195.9 inches well the tesla stretches out to 197.7 inches as they say pictures can be deceiving styling is subjective so i won’t

Linger on it too much however just going off first impressions the lucid is definitely different and exceeds some futuristic styling unlike anything i have ever seen before although it looks great i still find certain angles to be somewhat wonky looking but the front is by far my favorite angle then there is the tesla model s which granted has been around since

2012 so we can give tesla somewhat of a break if it isn’t the most revolutionary looking thing out there but you can agree that it is starting to become a little long in the tooth still it too exceeds a premium look and by no means does it look bad to me anyway looking at the interior of both cars paints a similar picture while tesla comprises of two main displays

With simplicity being the main focus and the steering wheel pulled straight out of knight rider industries kit 2000 the lucid on the other hand appears more natural and sophisticated benefiting from a variety of different materials including alcantara leather wood and some sort of fabric that’s found on the back of the seats and under the dashboard at least on

Higher trim levels that is in fact it somewhat reminds me of that vehicle that was kind of a hybrid and electric vehicle it had like that solar panel on the roof the fisker karma if you saw the interior of that people describe the interior using natural materials such as bamboo wood etc however while it does look simple to use it doesn’t appear to quite tout the

Tesla in the intuitiveness department i’m of course talking about the lucid but it definitely does come ahead just going off first impressions design wise and the fit and finish definitely looks better too with that in mind let’s compare some basic specifications which most evie buyers pose as a priority how fast is the charge and how far will it go well in the

Case of the lucid 300 miles in just 20 minutes granted you are using a dc fast charger and a minimum of 406 miles of range the tesla on the other hand can charge 200 miles in just 15 minutes with of course supercharging and the tesla offers in the speed in its base configuration a maximum range of 405 miles trim level wise the lucid is available in four well

One is technically a launch edition with a limited production run so we’ll go ahead and exclude that this brings us to a grand total of three the launch edition is known as the air dream edition and can be had in your choice of performance or range-specific models signified by the letters p and r corresponding to either one 520 miles of epa tested range or 1 111

Horsepower with a 0-60 time of 2 and a half seconds is what the dream edition will get you of course that depends on whether you go for the performance which is more obviously performance oriented as the name may suggest or you can go for the range topping 520 mile is obviously the air dream edition r however all of this of course comes at a price and a steep one

At that the air dream edition will set you back north of 150 000 us dollars so on a price basis alone i think i’ll go ahead and disregard them for the sake of this comparison as the price tag far exceeds even that of the s-plaid albeit they do offer more range so you so you are getting some advantages over the model s that of course leaves us with the rest of the

Lineup which goes along the lines of air pure air touring and air grantoring now let’s go over to the competitor the tesla model s which thankfully isn’t as complicated as the model line i’m not say it’s complicated for lucid but it’s kind of condensed down into just two trim levels you have your pick between the more efficient option or the plaid which needs no

Introduction me so out of these two evs which one comes ahead well it depends on what your priorities are if you cherish the most range for the least amount of money then the lucid air pure is your go-to ev as it gives you 406 miles of range for around 80 000 us dollars the tesla in comparison makes you pay around 15 000 us more for similar specifications and

While this is the base model it ought to be better than what you would expect from say a base model civic moving up the loose and model hierarchy brings us to the air touring which presents an interesting predicament it has the same starting price as the regular model s however lacks slightly in the performance department so this has to be based purely on which

Vehicle drives and looks better in your opinion the next model up will be reserved for individuals seeking the most range the air gt or air grand touring starts at 140 000 us dollars a whopping 10 000 us dollars more than the tesla model s plan however its range speaks for itself as the tesla cannot match its epa rated 516 miles of range and people who would rather

Have an ev that has the most range and price isn’t really a consideration for them this may be the trim level for them so in the end it ultimately comes down to what you cherish most out of your ev performance for the least amount of money or the most range and of course the aforementioned talk about styling driving dynamics etc another thing i wanted to touch on

It is whether or not lucid can dethrone tesla and take its spot as the new eevee king and that is an interesting question which i myself and am eager to find out but for the sake of time and boredom i’ve sat down and compiled a list of reasons as to why it see the analogy i would use in this situation is say a manufacturer new vehicle tomorrow aimed at the bmw 7

Series and for the sake of this example let’s say it drove better offered more features on the inside was significantly more premium and had a lower price point would all existing 7 series owners instantly flock over to said manufacturer probably not right i mean a few may be swayed but ultimately they would stay put with their bmw now this is in no way intended

At lucid saying that they’re like a cheap manufacturer just coming in and trying to take the throne with better specifications it’s just the way people really think brand image and reputation play a key role especially in the premium space but anyway hear me out on these few points one reputation ask anyone in public to name an electric vehicle manufacturer and

Chances are they’re going to say tesla or at least acknowledge their existence why because they have built a solid foundation and build trust with their customers over the course of the past decade and those buyers have then conveyed their experience to their friends and family and their friends and family and so on so forth they have proved that they are capable

Of producing solid mostly reliable and somewhat in a somewhat efficient manner so much so that they confidently warranty their batteries or at least i believe they used to do that for a maximum of eight years with no mileage restrictions they were one of if not the first manufacturers to shy away from the traditional in-person car buying experience in favor of

A more at-home pressure free one all these factors come into play and seem to win the trust of most evie buyers proven so even further by the continuous rise in the number of vehicles they deliver each and every year two their lineup consists of vehicles that cater to each individual segment tesla made their debut in 2008 with the tesla roadster a vehicle based

Heavily on the lotus elise or at least had the underpinnings of said vehicle at the time the roadster was more than a prototype it was available to purchase but for tesla it was more of an already existing platform they could use to both test and improve their battery technology in lieu of their upcoming ev the model s fast forward to late 2021 and tesla currently

Offers four models the three the s the y and the x with more currently in the works like the semi roadster and the and upcoming pickup truck these vehicles all pertain to the most popular segments in the automotive world allowing tesla to essentially engrave their name into the heads of everyone associating only their name whenever they think of an electric vehicle

Three supercharging one of the drawbacks people associate with owning an electric vehicle is having to strategically plan your route this isn’t necessarily an issue for short commutes but presents itself as a problem on longer journeys however tesla has single-handedly eliminated the phenomenon known as range anxiety with their vast array of charging stations

Which they refer to as their supercharging network are scattered across north america and europe while they aren’t as common as gas stations just yet they aren’t really available in remote areas either however they are quite widespread though in suburbs and towns so this allows tesla owners to embark on long journeys without the worry of depleting their batteries

Along the way and finally for autopilot a setting previously reserved for commercial airliners the autopilot can now be had on teslas well not quite autopilot is the name given to the suite of driver assistance features a little misleading considering you still have to be fully attentive while using it but a cool feature nonetheless and often referred to as one

Of the best in the biz the standard configuration allows the vehicle to act like a standard adaptive cruise control system however for the low price of ten thousand dollars tesla will add full self-driving hardware which is only available in a beta version as of yet but promises in the future that it will be as simple as inputting a destination on the display and

Allowing the vehicle to take you there while this may be unsettling for some and not a very attractive feature there is no doubt that it’s attracted certain buyers solely for that function so those are a few reasons i think tesla has an advantage over lucid obviously there are many more qualified individuals out there so those individuals please leave your comments

In the section box below to add some additional points also note that i am in no way bias towards a specific manufacturer obviously lucid has filled in some of the shortcomings of the tesla model s and vice versa so though there are plenty of evs that are currently in the works from different companies which is not only exciting but creates competition and pushes

And pushes them to strive even harder to create a vehicle that outperforms the previous one at a lower price point which then in return benefits the end user and who knows lucid may very well be on their way to the top but as a first attempt the lucid air is an exciting proposition well guys that wraps up my comparison of the lucid and the tesla model s if you

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Lucid Air VS. Tesla Model S – Does Lucid have what it takes to Dethrone the EV King? By MF Automotive