Luxury Cars Manila : 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport

The 2022 Land Cruiser GR Sport is the P10,000,000 Land Cruiser that you would never be able to justify … until you drive it.

All right guys as promised we have the brand new 2022 land cruiser lc 300 gr sport the gazook’s racing sport okay this is king panda for luxury cars manila welcome back to the channel like i said we bring you guys the rarest cars and the best experience because we actually take you on an experience we can ship it to you anywhere in the philippines so this is the

2022 gr sportano now since ability what’s the difference between this and you among a regular neland cruiser initially you know first time concerned drive no first time to drive queues zx triung vxr and vx and gxr as well panama justify and depression attack land cruiser right but after driving this car and it’s not because i’m trying to sell you the truck

The truck’s already sold i can tell you with all anastina it’s a world of difference first of all the suspension is totally different which we will discuss later on but let’s go over the exterior details first and foremost the grill this is the iconic land cruiser grill if you look at the old bj40 sano dito nagoon pizza and grill and land cruiser and the gr

Sport is the only trim model in the lc300 universe naganito angril it has the gr badging it has that black grille with the toyota sign in front 18 inch light drd alloy wheels it has the new gr stripe which really accents the car very well you know with the pearl white exterior and gandana combination and stripe normally that is usually gold and black gold

And silver this time they went black and red the gr sport badging which is black and red black trim as you can see they went away with all the chrome majority in my land crew certified among higher end models puro chrome trim dito gr sport valancian chrome trim you have the contrasting fender guards the fender extensions you have the accented black bumper

Trim normally among the land cruisers they have a body collar or chrome door handles this time they went with black to complete the whole blacked out you know black uh sporty look you have the 70th anniversary badging which is a little different than what you see on the other 70th anniversary badging samara land cruisers it has the black shadow badging you

Know and you also have the black land cruiser the blacked out badging for land cruiser now one thing that sets apart one way you guys can know that it’s a gcc spec which is a middle east spec versus a european spec is you look at the rear pagnero third row seat normally gcc special because in australia and in europe they don’t allow the third row seat so

You can tell that this is a fully loaded version because meronshang normally it’s a lower end models on lc300 you have a manual third row seat now you have to adjust you still have enough ample room for some luggage but majority of the time you have emergency seating but one of the best features of the lc 300 is actually the third row seat normally bang

Third row seats lc 200 jumpsuit they finally figured it out for the lc300 so here you have and actually fold it down and you have cargo space again so guys we come to the best part of this experience which is we get to drive the car so let’s take it out on a test drive this is not your run-of-the-mill lc 300 this is actually a gr sport gazook’s racing

Sport now in the lc 200 well let’s go back with the lc 200s back in the day with the lc 200s in the last few years toyota has been developing this lc 300 and has decided to segment the off-road series versus the luxury consumer series so hence we came out no we didn’t come out but toyota came out with a gr sport now what’s different about this gr sport one

Of the things that’s different about the gr sport is its suspension if you guys are familiar with the kdss suspension and the kinetic suspension toyota took it a step further and came up with this ek dss wherein even the sway bars are electronically controlled now what does that mean so let’s say you’re going into a corner mobilis cap a paso as a corner

The car knows whether to stiffen the left front right rear right front uh left front right rear or left rear so aluminum because the body itself is stable only the suspension is moving that’s the main difference of e k dss no so you know i i’ve driven the vxr the 3.5 liter gasoline twin turbo vxr i’ve driven the zx the 3.3 liter twin turbo diesel i’ve also

Driven the 4 liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine imported and i’ve driven this gr uh sport in in the beginning hindi kosha ma justify um you know you’re looking at black market priced on zx around 7.5 7.8 and then you have this the gr sport which runs around 10.5 million initially i couldn’t justify the price but after driving this for several days

I’ve come to realize that toyota has really done its homework and toyota has really figured out what they want out of this car and was able to achieve it the suspension is by far more superior than all the other models combined even the zx major fully loaded even the top of the line vxr unlike you italian suspension when you go into the different modes you

Can really feel the difference in dampening so i think gazook’s raising racing has been able to convey that in this car now the amenities inside the car obviously it’s the same as a vxr you have the perforated leather seats obviously ventilated you have heated and ventilated seats you have your 13-inch monitor you have all the amenities that you want out

Of a uh luxury suv so indicator things options and to add to that this is a very capable suv when it comes to taking it off-road although a lot of people who are going to spend 10.5 million pesos will probably never ever see dirt in this car than 10.5 million tapo that delineates kilometers per hour although i have a friend who did that in sabino saren

But worth it doing gr sport and he ended up buying three units but as a family because they just love doing it and they have the money to do it so um they’ve done an amazing job with this car the interior you have the gr logo on every single place that will remind you that this is not a regular land cruiser on top of the iconic grill that toyota you know

All toyota land cruisers had back then the bj40 had the big toyota sign in front i mean if you look at the tundra as well if you go to the trd pro side toyota sahara so that’s very iconic for toyota um this car boasts a 14 speaker jbl sound system which is the first time i’ve ever liked a sound system the stock salon cruiser because way back then lc80 lc100

Lc200 the sound system absolutely sucked i mean it sucked it sucked donkey balls uh even the jbl sound system on the lc 200 was like but this car and the lc300 for some reason toyota has finally figured out the acoustics on the car um all the gr sport come all the gr sport models come with black and red red and black leather interior like i said perforated uh

Seating surfaces uh ventilated and cooling front and rear seats um the air conditioning in the back is digital you know that’s one of the things that i think guys you have to remember humane paparazzi but pay close attention to the second row seat when you look at the air conditioning controls from the second row seat if it’s not a push button control if it’s

A toggle switch it’s a gxr or a gx so it’s never a vx okay all right so who is this vehicle for suppression is a 10.5 million obviously it’s not for somebody who’s regular you know day worker or office worker this is for somebody who has pretty high net worth this is somebody who knows what they want this is for somebody who actually wants something different

In their stable of vehicles this is for somebody who is an enthusiast uh there’s the person who just wants to have it because it’s different and the other person who wants to have it because of its off-road capability so but obviously this is for someone who has the means to spend the amount of money required to buy this car you know so unfortunately this

Car with its high high entry level price is for the person who has kind of made it in life okay i think the reason why toyota decided to segment the market i know if you if you notice you know every single model yaris they came out with a gr series which is high performance even the altis came out with a gr series even the camry has a gr series the hilux has

A gr series the tundra has a trd pro you have those different segments now because toyota has figured out now there’s a big market for modified cars and there’s nothing better than having a factory authorized or factory developed modified vehicle you know a lot of these uh a lot of these technologies that that basically are adapted to like this car the gr

Stems from toyota’s racing division you know between trd and you know their their participation in the baja series in mexico the race uh their paridakar cities so a lot of that research that toyota gets from the data the raw data that the feedback that they get from the drivers from the racing experience all trickles down to the consumer segment and toyota’s

Realized let’s reward our clients and give them something that we’ve really worked hard for and that’s why i’m very excited about this car and that’s why i’m very excited about car companies nowadays because they’ve come to realize that in the hola tayo girigami from a to b you know we’re all we we have a lot of enthusiasts in this world and it’s very prevalent

In what toyota did to this gr sport so i think that’s a reason why they segmented out the off-road side on this vehicle so that indiana although you know a lot of us are still going to make kalikot on the car no because hey that’s a human nature nothing yet but uh you know as much as possible toyota wants it to be the way that they produced it i’m calling all

Land cruiser enthusiasts those guys who’ve never driven the 300 you know the lc200 owners i’m an lc200 owner i went from an lc80 to the lc100 to an lc200 i’ve driven them all um even the lc70 series this is a totally different uh suv i’m gonna tell you and i urge you guys that the guys who have the means to buy it for once in your life buy it and experience

It this is a totally different suv very off-road capable very in tune with what it intends to be very different from the lc200 i would say it’s more comfortable and at the end of the day it’s for you to judge but uh if you’re coming from an lc200 you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all the advancements that toyota was able to jam into this car so again guys

This is the uh 2022 toyota land cruiser lc 300 gr sport the gazook’s raising sport a very limited version of the toyota land cruiser because it’s freaking expensive but i honestly think it’s well worth it um it’s probably toyota’s best land cruiser ever built so far huh i think in my opinion lang it’s the best land cruiser toyota’s ever built this gr series

It’s not for everyone but for the person who has the means to buy it i think this is this is it so guys girls uh please give us a call uh we have these cars available the the gr series the gr sport land cruiser uh we have several more units coming in in different colors please give us a call it’s zero nine one seven four six three zero zero seven seven or zero

Nine nine eight nine three three three eight eight three and uh hope we can make a deal thanks guys all right guys girls thank you very much for watching our videos please don’t forget to subscribe here on our youtube channel as we give away more prizes we will be choosing more and more winners for our giveaways from our sponsors from everyone that comments

On our videos and please tell us how we’re doing and tell us what you want to see on the comment section we’d love to hear from you again this is king panda for luxury cars manila don’t forget to subscribe

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