Formula E Drivers Nico Prost and Bruno Senna go head-to-head in this challenging race between the Mégane Renaultsport 275 Trophy-R against the Audi S3!

It’s time for procced going head-to-head with sena nico prost is the son of quadruple formula one champion alan well bruno senna is the nephew of triple former don champion ayrton the prosperous is centre rivalry of the 80s and 90s was legendary and now bruno and niko also race wheel to wheel with each other and karoon in formula e this is a chance of bruno senna

To get past niko drop so r expecting some hard-fought competition today niko’s warming the tires up mr. senna rolling up to the line yeah this is big pressure enough it was like a bit of a honour thing to try and beat niko me and karuna sit alongside to make sure there’s no corner cutting i know he’s young drivers are like they jump the curbs honestly i think going

Into it we didn’t know which was gonna win but concentrating there right we’ve got our launch sequence all lined up yeah senna bercy’s prost aha bye-bye stick on your makeup i thought that broom would pull away straight away because the four-wheel drive at the start come on come on come on whoa i tell you i’m a terrible passenger in on its tail butter turned to

A tight hairpin the meno sharp a break see it claw its way back oh we always shooting a little bit oh look at the rear end is coming that’s bigger i love the way the rear end just keeps up with your doesn’t come on come on just a little buddies clothes toys clothes are you feeling can you get it gonna get in here we’re getting it we i touched you the slipstream down

The straight or the first step oh glip straining me come on good piece we basically i want to walk him i don’t care jing zhi write down the outside oh it’s bouncing what the hell he’s gonna good slips in there that’s a good 15 this kissing wah-wah while we had the few moments under the bridge i forgot to breath ago while we were like really close don’t go through

Go through gonna go through oh my god with the cars evenly matched niko makes a do-or-die lunge to take the lead and with the renaud’s tires warming up i’m hoping we could pull away during lat – they say it’s quicker at the pit wall but again the audi’s greater traction and power give it an advantage he’s coming he’s coming he’s coming he’s coming he’s coming mego

Nice i’ll break him do something brave oh god oh god oh god knock him off that’s what center up ross used to do knock each other off well i’m ready a bit why do we get this rudy right today we’re going up the inside hisses ooh cool i rigged a knock him off the road my car was much better under braking because a bit less weight and probably a different suspension

The four-wheel drive of the the audi really helps on traction and acceleration oh yeah look at that oh do something more this time i’m going to break really late i don’t care i don’t care it’s not an investment no chance well look at throng stop yeah that’s what i’m talking about baby yeah make are you betting on two quarters there so center out for the honor of

Cross he’s made a mess the plan not like outside like whoa cool toys on the outside and outside you’ll have to die him now he’s anyone option you have to go through no no no he’s not gonna go who’s coming oh poor kid blocking put him on the dirt do something dirty i don’t know like what are you doing man you’re crazy god no i’m gonna gonna gonna gonna go about

Weave or something oh yeah go on go on and then we just had a nice drag race all the way to the line lip-lock lip look oh bab bras twins oh indian it sir we’re friends rather than keep the family animosity that was there before that’s not right close that was much closer but it was gonna be yeah how is the most difficult race i’ve ever had i think we’re way past

What happened almost 30 years ago and it was racing and i get along super well with bruno and it’s really nice to have him as a friend oh man can’t believe it not my half a gorilla cop-caller sitting alongside prost and senna has been a massive privilege and the result couldn’t have been closer the audi s3 is acceleration and grip are incredible but it can’t quite

Match the mcgann’s braking and cornering ability the competition is closing in but our favorite hot hatch is still the renault you’ll be a quicker bend little bit quicker ah wait that was awesome until the point you fell over

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Mégane Renaultsport 275 Trophy-R vs. Audi S3 – Fifth Gear By Fifth Gear