MA PREMIRE SUPERCAR? Aston Martin V8 Vantage N420

Deuxième vidéo de la série sur ma première supercar. Dans cette vidéo j’essaye l’Aston Martin V8 Vantage N420. Contrairement aux premiers modèles, celle-ci est dotée du V8 4.7 au lieu du 4.3.

Hello to all i hope you are well today we first supercar today to introduce you to the looking for was a v8 vantage 4 the insight a small special edition of the cat liszt est to us i present it to you and then we’ll go me a little comparison to the porsche and then gives me a little idea of ​​what the outings of first in 4/3 2006 or 2007 i the hood instead of the 4

Liter v8 one still a little bigger and this one so it’s a special right 420 m420 pard we and they don’t die it pays a little tribute to the performances and therefore it is an edition there have this configuration therefore i think it was name tafer is logically it is noticeable especially also at the level of the windows so here are normally these beautiful rims are chrome

Personally crocs and so the n420 is a step that is a the vantage so we have a carbon front blade car is all black but if you go you have a here at the level of the air vents the aston moreover what is magnificent about the v8 in the bodywork of the door we have flush they open to her suffers like that you see a little in the elytron that we are going the back of the car on

The cades liszt est two series or not but this one has crystal know what they call it at aston martin which carbon diffuser but it doesn’t it doesn’t of the cat liszt is which takes up the bodywork that is different on the s in real life it for a car that is going to be 10 years old buttons here to open the trunk which suffers two-seater in the vantage seen behind the room

To put a little bit luggage a little is also a little bit of room to add to add that goes up a little like that it’s it’s of the cars that has aged the best it hasn’t calipers it’s the only color detail besides have put in my list this is by far one of remember there was the leak v10 ashton v8 gt is this so you saw in the previous video turbo jaguar e-type air and maserati

Granturismo that have the best life and are really magnificent classy it is perhaps a little less supercar you are not yet subscribed i invite you to of the videos because there are enough of the cars on my list before i decide to buy here activate the little notification box so it opens a little bit towards the top and why they did it it’s really very beautiful in fact

Than in a porsche we really have stitched and therefore it is part of the pack on the which recalls the special edition at aston we have beautiful seats with topstitching is very very beautiful for a car that is 10 that it hasn’t aged too well there’s just aston martin it’s not a review of aging counter maybe on the db9 even before i don’t know and the speed it turns in the

Opposite direction the start that happens here with the key that lille iii fall and insert the key really an there we have the key that is used in the does that it’s original and i like the famous it’s an object of art and that’s stylish so and then you push and it starts talking about here is the band there 400 my little larhantec 3 in 2005 alas in four sets in 2008 and

This baptiste did like any astana owner small modification open to the hydraulic steering with one for the sports steering manual i’m withdrawing the sale is down it gear for sure in the console i don’t know finally there is the palette that telephones so it’s not faster but so fast the yard like have the accelerator when changing gear about the slow trip trip that lasts

About fifty clutch for its part time on the steps it is so you leave in first you seem we are traveling and so if you go a little too slowly the car a little stalled if i give you 4 the two sets on the s after everything was a little bit but the maintenance on the n420 the particularity is stupid eh it is clearly the martin stall and a car correct attack like a porsche no

That moment i was live and indeed it does not have the sportiness if when there were comparisons at the time approximately over the nine years so it in you saw the previous video 1 more in 4 wheel can attack the brakes you hit it it’s a page much no but the door you can take it the measure this one was a track day with her in pain on her hair so maintaining her feels like

Isn’t made for the skin for the track my first page that we are in something special it is porsche it is so successful and easy that to know after class when not too bad and yes on 4 m old school i think on corner and if you do car will really only count coming back in 3 finally in the first part of the diets it the other hand in the vice that no other car it is a term at

Least violentt but in red on the whole regimental band because it fits a little less with the philosophy you like it but it makes him lose your wish a little bit tgt do it is perhaps the purest motorization no it frankly plati seven dead and ten other boarders simple that i i listed the least efficient you want when you do that you do it with flexibility i don’t dare just

By something dream diyala more typed in the box and then anyway if i buy a man tanguy gates is a friend 130 kg and this one with the bac 420 suddenly and m we have the impression like that because yeah that this little grandmother and all that there is what is necessary and she passes that i like which are pleasant to die and that’s the only thing that has me that scares eh

On a daily basis rather in the city you fatal stopped ph must put the neutral position yes when you start is a peul count that i first vantage or so i don’t know if it’s the you have the normal mode is a sport button then when we see everything too isn’t it very what you already have leverage on this comfort the penalties for this little pen if pen which with elegants what

You won’t do in another is so every time you stop like these two robotic neutral because otherwise the clutch it will a good feeling in the by far not too much smoked saddlebags the helmets that i like dgt class and then the soundtrack so i don’t know if on a small normal stage i’d be curious to works great i was expecting it to be beautiful here that’s that the only thing

That’s the i find that you learn to manage it you go if you like shroud and where dad indeed with basis and at low speed all that will be easier like about manuals is to be in layers out we bought a car which will be a crime so the in the comments you will learn it rather good what i’m the biggest fan of manuals but when is everything else it’s everyday life not diapers or

So the seats have some haven’t and front rear and in height maybe also but there there is the back of the car which will in fact you can quote site is also quoted unbearable on a daily basis and the same ones it’s more fun to be miss maggie the accidents maybe it made me is it consider this option and i didn’t expect thisbe as fun to drive feel like we are really holding

An old car and which is outdated but i think it was already would i take that wouldn’t i take there m ap through your next 0 no

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MA PREMIÈRE SUPERCAR? Aston Martin V8 Vantage N420 By WorldSupercars