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Last so what’s going on gas gang today we’re back with another crazy lineup between two family wagons that are worlds apart one’s a tuned marvel of modern engineering and the other an old-school one-off frankenstein build and today you know how it goes we’re lining the two of them up to see who comes out on top and it’s gonna be sick so stay tuned and let’s get

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Capable family wagons and we’re pitching a tuned version of audi’s flagship estate car dawning a formidable rs badge against a vw enthusiast’s ground-up highly tuned one-off build this particular rs a proven supercar killer here at the battles and the golf an unproven streetcar savage and in partnership with race logic we’re going to be carrying out two sets of

Races first up it’s a quarter mile drag race next up is a roll race to the quarter mile all races are best of free and the vbox performance box touch and vbox sport will be recording data such as zero to 60s quarter miles and more to give you guys the stats on how these savages perform let’s go over and meet both cars and their owners so first up today welcoming

Back anton from level up giveaways to the channel with his savage 1080 brake horsepower 1135 newton meter 3.2 liter turbo swapped r32 mark iv golf estate built by jerk johansen and modifications on this beast include a fully built r32 bub engine board to 85 mil and forged r32 mark 4 crankshaft a ported head super tech valves and valve springs custom spec cat cams

A garrett g42 1450 turbo kit twin 50 millimeter wastegates a triple plate sentimental tilt and clutch a big external fuel system and is mapped on an aem infinity ecu by catch denmark the golf running on rae are semi-slick street tyres and is estimated to weigh in at around 1 600 kg giving him a very healthy power to weight ratio of 675 brake horsepower per ton the

Golf drives all four of its wheels via its haldex 4-wheel drive system and manual 6-speed sequential gearbox and stepping up against him today welcoming back alex to the channel sporting an unbeaten 2-0 record here at the battles with his rapid 830 brake horsepower 1130 newton meter four-liter twin-turbo audi rs6 built and tuned by qs tuning and modifications on

The rs6 consist of an e-venturi intake csf intercoolers pair on downpipes and a krapovic exhaust system and methanol injection the car is running on michelin ps4s street tyres all round and weighs in at a scale busting 2070 kg giving it a power to weight ratio of 400 brake horsepower per ton the audi drives all four wheels via its quattro all-wheel drive system

And zf8 speed traditional auto torque converter gearbox now on paper although the torque figures are near on identical the overall bhp figures of the two don’t quite match up but don’t sleep on this bad boy it’s currently europe’s fastest stock turbo rs6 and paired with all of its modern tech it makes for a formidable rival anton from level up giveaway yes what’s

Happening good man back on the channel bro uh you have pulled up in a serious weapon today yep hopefully an rs6 killer hopefully definitely how do you think you’re going to get on with the roll race and the drag race i think the car will do fine me on the other hand i’m not too sure about um yeah i think rolling race maybe might win or level i don’t know uh but

Yeah not to 60 i’m worried about launching a car i’m being completely honest this is the first now i’ve never launched it and this is like the first proper drive in the car so it’s a lot it’s like a test day for me today yeah yeah i’m looking forward to that okay well listen i think most people are going to be behind you on this one yeah stop the rs6’s winning

Streak right yeah yeah all right sorry alex let’s get into it yeah yeah alex collins qst performance back again listen you’ve had a good winning streak so far yeah it’s about to well gonna get smoked well listen you’ve got a lightweight 1000 brake horsepower old school but let’s say it’s not manual sequential yeah a lot of driver involvement and a lot of room

For error let’s say yes however things are a little bit more roll race he’s gonna absolutely smoke me um quarter mile i think i’ll have him on the start but i reckon by the time we get to the eighth mile he’ll be gone do you reckon i think so i don’t have to wait we’ll we need to work up hard as well but yeah they’d already known that bike yeah but like i think

Naught to 60 is probably the only thing which i win but that’s kind of unfair because it’s just a zf8 what i’ve got to do is just it’ll be it’ll be good fun like it will be fun yeah yeah i i think i don’t know i think this will do very well it always does very well very uh very good platform and you know tuned very well too so bro listen good luck although i kind

Of want you to lose good luck you know we’re gonna lose anyway there’s no point watching the rest of this video guys it loses and that’s right today the lads are gonna be battling out to take home the new sugar coat cup and a set of its ultra effective super sweet ceramic waterless watches and first up today is the drag races but first let’s hear what they sound

Like so the boys are running in around 27 degree heat today and to top it off this is anton’s first ever time launching the vw wanting to make sure the cameras were rolling if anything went wrong what a lad he’s going to need all the help he can get off the line lined up against alex and that rs right drag race time i think if he can get that off the line well

It’s going to be interesting but i think he might struggle with getting it off the line and to be fair to me hasn’t had the car that long so looking at them it was hard working here as well with the aircon on i mean releasing that footprint oh yeah i literally just said i bet alex is doing this with air con on and the rs6 shows who’s boss and shows the

Vw a direct route to gappy stan the r32 bogging hard off the line let’s line them back up and see if anything changes ah and once again the vw struggles to keep that massive turbo spooled up from a dig and gets beaten to the finish by a bus length now were you expecting that so let’s just take a quick look over at the all-wheel drive 0-60 leaderboard and

Alex runs a time of 2.81 seconds however not making it onto the leaderboard this time but holds on to 13th position from a previous appearance then taking a look over at the all-wheel drive manual 0-60 leaderboard anton struggles with his launch and achieves 9th position running a 0-60 of 3.97 seconds then taking a look over at the all-wheel drive quarter mile

Leaderboard alex runs a fast time of 10.65 seconds at a speed of 134 miles per hour however once again fails to make it onto the leaderboard but holds on to 15th position from a previous battle then looking at the all-wheel drive manual leaderboard anton clearly paying for a lack of seat time drops into eighth position in the gulf running an 11.48 second quarter

Mile however at a stronger trap speed than the rs’s of 137 miles per hour so round one goes to the mighty rs6 now it’s time for the roll races and this is where things get interesting place your bets so that’s fast that is fast he was catching on me and that time anton and the vw managed to close the gap massively gaining on the beastly rs6 but still get

Beat into the finish by around two karlings the rs6 is no joke let’s line them back up and see if anything changes he’s going here and finally the crazy r32 wagon pulls one back for the vw fans and beats the rs6 to the line by a carling madness let’s line them up for a decider me this car is mud it’s clouds come on oh that was close great close

He wouldn’t but that was closer and the rs6 hammers the final nail in the coffin beating the golf to the finish line by around a car and a half and takes round two so taking a look over at some other cool data from the vbox pbt and checking out the fastest 100 to 200 kph times achieved by the two the rs6 goes 100 to 200 in a time of 5.98 seconds unsurprisingly

The golf proving the faster car on paper running 100 to 200 in just 5.50 seconds interesting so taking a look back at today’s races once again alex and the rs6 proved to be a formidable pair advancing to an unbeaten 3-0 record at the battles proving the technology paired with qs tuning’s modifications to be a savage combination and they take home the revered sugar

Coat cup and all four epic flavors of its ultra hydrophobic ceramic waterless washes congrats brother the vw still a savage beast however the driving input needed to pilot a car like this to its full potential takes a lot of practice and perhaps anton’s lack of seat time in the car leading up to today’s race contributed to the outcome of the battle let me know your

Thoughts and as ever don’t forget you can save a massive 20 off the whole range of sugar coat and it’s insane smelling ceramic waterless washes for a limited time using my unique code og20 thank me later so guys as usual let me know which one of the two you prefer on your driveway and why and as ever if you have enjoyed today’s battles don’t forget to smash that

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