Manny Khoshbins Wifes Rolls Royce Ghost gets the white RDB Wheels treatment

Let’s start this week with more awesome cars! How about this wild G Wagon that’s worth about $800,000 (normally most would clickbait this title easy)! Yes it’s extremely modified and painted in full camouflage!

I’m in a good mood today how are you yeah okay so this is usually 35 and 10. okay so it would be 45 so we’ll just do 30 bucks for you yeah that will do that we’re gonna get in trouble again did you just get what he said what you just called me a legend yeah why do you go why do you only get the bad stuff i like it more than for circus yeah i’m gonna give him

Another first so he’s gonna get stickers not for that too because this man behind the camera likes to put only negative stuff that i do so they’re they’re trying to like you know yeah mess me up yeah exactly have to have a flat fun put them all over your car i’ll try and yeah thanks for uh buying merch and visiting us when i listened my music why you didn’t

Say nothing like turn it off oh i don’t speak spanish so see man with the white body and this corvette mileage is really low we have this phenomenal white body this part this mark doesn’t come exactly right but uh i have to do something to make it fit so a lot of parts you see we’re going to make like a one piece i’m going to put these ones over here so

Original i tried the first time not even gonna not even fit so i cut it and i had to fill it again with fiberglass the whole kit is a fiberglass so this part over here about the bumper we’re gonna make it looks one piece too what we do is cut the piece cut and make it fit and fill it again so that diffuser we work on two i don’t know aggressive you know so

This part over here that’s the wind really nice really nice it’s really more aggressive like so you guys are very familiar with this one you guys have seen this before this is logan paul’s 4×4 a g-wagon this thing we did a lot of work on you guys you guys remember it wasn’t it was in an accident we also did a lot of stuff on it so it’s uh battery died came

In here on the tow truck logan paul is currently not here he’ll be back probably on the 26th or so so we want to service this thing get it running for him before he gets back and you know we basically did the battery we did a good oil change service on it tune up is done um he drives this thing super hard you guys so we got it done it’s gonna be picked up and

We’re done but logan paul wants this car to drive like a lexus so he told his assistant to tell us that he wants this car to be exactly very smooth and it drives very rough well what do you guys think there’s 40 inch tires on this car so yeah it’s not going to ride smooth so our stock is definitely not going to ride smooth we have fans in the back waving at

Us while we’re doing our uh video so yeah that’s basically so we just finished up the 2021 rolls royce ghost belongs to leila milani who is manny kushman’s wife as you guys probably know if you’re watching our channel you probably have seen manny coachman’s car collection he’s got all the hyper cars craziest hyper cars around really really insane we’re

Gonna be visiting him and taking a tour of his stuff soon i think that collaboration is something that everybody’s been wanting for a long time but layla loves the rdb wheels and we were gladly gladly happy to build them for her 24-inch for her rolls-royce ghost her ghost is english white color which is a nice beautiful white metallic pearl color so we paint

Match the wheels to the car same exact color threw them on no lowering kept it classy tinted up the car very very classy look with the 2021 ghost they’re from newport beach they came out to la they went to the waldorf so we went over there and dropped it off for them unfortunately they did not like the van i guess mono was driving um let them explain the

Story to you guys we went inside the hotel and they didn’t let me in they told me to park here parked there and i kind of i got a little annoyed but i was nice i wasn’t mean they were very wow they were rude to me i wasn’t rude to them the first time according to you guys i’m a rude person they told me to park end of the street they made a quick walk yeah my

Story isn’t cool wow those are cool it looks like uh chris brown’s mustang tins so we weren’t allowed to film in there so that’s why we’re filming in the car it’s the film car the film this definitely is a film car you know we got the rdb air fresheners we actually have had this van from day one so um free filming yes pre-filming pre even before instagram

All this stuff we got this van it was like a workshop van and we still have the same van i think we changed the transmission on at one time yeah um it’s been hit like a few times marcus hit it with a truck one time and he um denied it and we saw we saw it on the camera and they’re still united so yeah this has brought in us a lot of good luck a lot of amazing

Videos that you guys see is with joe sitting where he is right now i’m sorry again sorry have you heard of like silent when we’re filming i’m sorry i’m sorry hello by the way this is machine gun kelly calling the whole plan was we were gonna deliver the car leila and manny were gonna accept the vehicle and we were gonna you know film it for you guys to watch

And see the reactions um but unfortunately we were unable to capture any of that because we swiftly got kicked out of the hotel because we had a camera and everything and that was really the the issue that’s why we’re doing this ink car in the van on the way back to the shop and uh yeah so you guys might see layla layla will be posting the vehicle manny will

Be posting the vehicle um really really good looking car blessed that we were able to work with them so all right guys i don’t know what to say about this car i don’t even think it’s legal in the united states because it came from germany this was built in germany for geneva convention as you can see it’s wild probably about eight hundred thousand

Dollars yes eight hundred thousand dollars for a g wagon started off as a g63 obviously now it has about 800 horsepower has a wide body kit on there carbon fiber this is a full paint job camo paint job even on the wheels camo paint job red lights in the front full interior redone crazy as starlight has all kinds of crazy materials inside this was modeled

After that brand philip line so ultra ultra luxury material clothing brand it’s a wild g wagon one of the wildest dragons i’ve ever seen pretty good build quality like i said i don’t even think it’s street legal so we just took around the block just be careful there you have it really really wild stuff you’re not gonna see this really anywhere it’s one of

One uh the car needed some little little work on it uh undisclosed work that’s why it came to us and um it’s done very small work nothing major obviously this car was completely redone so really really crazy car like i said almost a million dollars it’s one of one it’s gonna keep going up in value crazy let’s go for a test drive we’ll put some wheels on this

Thing we blacked it out you guys it looks really good okay so vic and manor at the office me and stark has escaped from the office momentarily and we’re not supposed to be doing this but we just want to go around the block real quick just to make sure everything’s okay and we’re gonna head back to the shop and vic’s gonna probably be very angry as soon as we

Get back play some music sarkis wants music but we can’t listen to music and film at the same time because we just can’t once i ran over a fire truck jesus what are you doing sick they just run without looking without looking at oh my god what is going on you’re the worst driver why because i’m driving why because i drive slow and i’m careful and i want to

Hit anybody is that why bro you cannot drive them you cannot keep the car in the same lane you’re talking about the definition of a worst driver is you you drive recklessly you know i think i know how to underlining the land super fast like you’re not supposed to that’s crazy you almost killed me one time remember went to the movies yes we went to the movies

And he was going side to side he was getting through cars between cars at really really high speeds it was very very gonna be late to the movie yeah and he was playing piano on my leg that’s how what a good driver i am thank you thank you so much you

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Manny Khoshbin's Wife's Rolls Royce Ghost gets the white RDB Wheels treatment! By RDB LA