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The maserati ghibli developed and built by ferrari we’ve got some wood the all-important buck goes both ways with the seneschal mez erotic grill perforated maserati brake discs behind that what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by out atop an owl my name is max and today we’ve got an awesome little italian sports sedan the maserati ghibli and

It is a very important car for maserati when it came out in 2014 because they wanted to increase their sales by quite a lot and for that they needed some well liked more entry-level cars that they could sell a lot more than the more expensive quads reporter and the gran turismo crank gabriel stuff like that so this is their bmw 5-series od a 6 or a 7 or a mercedes

E-class competitor and well today i’m going to show you around it show you the spec we’ve got it in and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the old man for an autobahn blast but before i begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to receive updates when we upload a new video please consider subscribing because it really helps us

Out the more subscribers we get the cooler the cars we can arrange we borrowed this car at new house a cars in seuss in the netherlands so it’s for still over there it has done something like 34 thousand kilometres so it is pretty fresh it’s from 2014 and well if you want more information go check out the link i’ll put a link in the top comment with that we are

Going to start with the spec of this ghibli it is or also energiya red metallic very cool a very nice color for this car at the front we’ve got the quintessential maserati grille with the trident in the middle of course and this has a black grille so that really shows off that chrome trident in the middle we’ve got a beautiful front and i have to say probably

My favorite part of this car it is really really gorgeous that headlight flowing into that grille it is really nice we’ve got some 20-inch wheels by collar really nice as well with some perforated maserati brake discs behind that and we’ve got p0 tires and on the side we’ve got this maserati’s design feature of course those three vents in there which is really

Nice some chrome on the outside which is also typical maserati the beautiful logo on the hip there and at the rear we’ve got four tailpipes and well they produce a pretty nice sound i would say so we’ll take a look at the engine this is the key by the way it is really nice it’s it’s nice and chunky it’s heavy feels like feels really high-quality so let’s take a

Look at the engine because because this trident has a prancing horse beating heart it is a three litre v6 twin-turbo designed and developed and built by ferrari codename f-16 oh and it is well it does produce a really really nice sound it’s a really nice engine for a car like this it has 330 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque so that is pretty decent you

Could also go for a ghibli s which had 410 horsepower or you could have a diesel with 275 horsepower all our three litre v6 engines it’s not super powerful i mean 330 horsepower is nice it’s basically on a level of a bmw 535i of that time you know the f10 bmw 5-series it is pretty heavy though just over 1,800 kilos but you know the most important thing is the way

This thing looks because yeah if you compare it to a 5 series i mean the exclusivity and the cachet you get with this car it just means something it is on the maserati m156 platform but it’s actually called the m157 because it is a shorter version of the m156 platform which is the platform of the quads reporter but actually there is some decent space in the rear

For this class so let’s take a look inside because we’ve got some wood yeah combined with this ivory leather is really really nice other than that we’ve got leather on the dash which is nice as well leather on the doors with some wood some aluminium so that’s all really good i’ll start it up so you can hear it’s quite raspy already we’ve got the maserati touch

Control system right here which is i mean it’s not the best system out there we can be honest about that but everything you need is in here i mean your heated seats your sun blind in the rear it also has heated seats in the rear and your navigation and audio climates phone everything is in here it’s not the best system it doesn’t look that great and it doesn’t

Work that well but everything is in here i mean you wouldn’t need anything else now what’s in here so i mean that’s a good sound that’s in sport mode i don’t know if maybe it’s a little bit deeper so let’s take it for a drive towards the old bam we’ve got a tire pressure monitor right there everything looks good so let’s take it for a spin and see what it’s like

Especially since this car is for sale and is well quite affordable now is it a nice alternative to like a bmw 5-series from this era one that is like six five or six years old and i would say it is because it feels really really nice and special in here you’ve got that sound i mean it’s not it’s not the quickest car 330 horsepower for eighteen hundred at something

Kilos it’s not that much we don’t have paddle shifters behind the steering wheel so if you want to shift yourself which you should because this set of 8-speed gearbox actually shifts quicker if you put it in manual mode but the feeling you get in this mess arathi is completely different than the feeling you get in a bmw or mercedes pour it out ii it’s just it just

Feels more special so if we start shifting with the gear lever you can feel that you know there’s a pretty good gearbox in there it’s just in drive it’s a little bit slower zero to 100 should be done in 5.6 seconds top speed is 263 kilometers an hour both are respectable i would say it’s rear-wheel drive of course and we’ve got a little tunnel so let’s do a little bit

Of a sound check first gear that’s a very nice raspy v6 sound i would say handling wise as i said it’s on the m156 the shortened m156 platform and one57 which means that it has independent suspension multi-link at the rear double wishbones at the front so it is a nice setup and you do feel like you know it’s a good compromise between sportiness and comfort i would

Say okay we’re going to close the roof and get the speedo going on the screen in front of me how there it is okay i’m actually going to keep it in manual mode because i think it’s faster to shift manually anyway but also maybe a little bit before the red line so here we go third gear flooring it and well it’s respectable i would say i mean it’s a lightning-quick

But it does move as i said top speed is 263 columbus hour let’s see if we can get close to that you do need some space suspension chassis is really nice composed comfortable – 62 63 64 5 nor bad 7071 we’re going to break brakes work really well as well so it performs like it should still after all these years well it has only done 32,000 kilometers right now so

It’s to be expected that it still feels fresh but it is in really really really good condition this car it feels like new if you compare it to the competition of this era as i said a bmw 5 series mercedes e-class out ea6 i think those cars are a little bit more refined than this i think but the all-important buck goes both ways they always say oh messer are these

Are you know they’re behind when it comes to the interiors but they’re behind when it comes to like developing cars that feel worth their price but there it is but it just feels so much more exclusive and when you walk up to this car you’re not just you know another bmw you’re not just another audi you are in a maserati and it it just makes you feel special and

I think you know you have to take that into consideration you can’t just look at it and compare the numbers on the paper you have to compare the feeling as well and even though there are a lot of flaws on this car don’t get me wrong it does feel like really nice and special to drive a maserati so if you are interested in this ghibli three litre v6 twin-turbo go

Check it out at lyoha cigars is sushi in the netherlands as i said i’ll put a link in the top comment to this car or to their website because this car is in great condition it’s in great shape it’s a great spec i mean what else do you want a nice classic italian red with some ivory interior two tone i mean it’s not bad at all it’s not a bad car at all so that’s

It guys for this review i want to thank noooow cigars for lending us their car of course to you guys thanks for watching you can subscribe by clicking the big button right here you can also check out this video or go check out this playlist see it the next one bye

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