Maserati Grecale Premiere 2022

This is the new Maserati Grecale World Premiere. This is a stunning vehicle due to the car market very soon. If you like our videos please leave a like and subscribe for future reviews.

Ciao and welcome my name is klaus pusser i’m a head of design for maserati and today we’re super excited to introduce to you the latest edition of our lineup the design of a maserati is always about visual longevity and the way we accomplish this is through great proportions clean surfaces and iconic details the face directly derived from the mc20 supercar

With its high-mounted headlights and the low-mounted grille that frames our iconic logo the trident you have a part of the car sculpted by hand whereas in contrast the lower part is all about engineering carbon fiber designed in the computer but the maserati is never just about style it’s equally about performance and so our engineers again are delivering perfect

Weight balance allowing for outstanding handling in any situation it is in a way like driving in a new movie every day this is the oh no oh new maserati look at this it’s pure sculpture matilda ciao alessandro what do you think of our new baby it’s great timeless style classic lines elegant but projector towards the future yeah i agree a design that reminds

You of the mc20 but with something something new something eternal i’d say wouldn’t you one one it’s starting to rain what don’t you hear the thunder no no you don’t believe me well you never believe me even though you say you love me klaus take over a storm is coming the key so um this is the end our love over all these years doesn’t mean anything to you i

Just don’t want to fall in like this we move the gear shifter out of the way to open up space for a more intense in-car experience but also for better interaction with mia maserati intelligent assistant oh true you’re right alexa put on a romantic music please the playlist kenzone de moray on amazon music yeah thank you do you remember hey maserati let’s go

Home alexa put 20 degrees temperature at home please the heat set to 20. how how did they find us did you hear the sound of this engine next time we have to use the electric version oh oh my god oh we have to hurry up a good thing the gracala is the first maserati digital clock right well it’s not just a clock it gives you a lot more information about krikalin

Alexa play some powerful music playing power music on amazon music hang in there i’m gonna take you home okay the sound inside the car is fantastic too no i’m gonna take you on stage it’s the sonos fiber system with 21 speakers all right i’m okay the trunk what did we get everything i think so uh all right okay okay wait don’t worry baby do we have the

Children’s back oh yes okay the inflatable the cam stove yeah the slabbing in case it snows yeah the guitar i don’t see the guitar the guitar thank you the guitar yeah it’s good there sure is plenty of room huh yep there is still some space left over just in case do you know why there is so much space the design and the 570 liter capacity obvious she knows

They really seem to enjoy the space in the front row but with our engineers we were also able to create best-in-class space for the rear compartment in every possible dimension you can measure shoulder room headroom leg room boot space and interior storage okay signature sound it’s performance time in the end looks like we’re back when it all started out

Do you hear that what 530 horsepower twin turbo v6 yes the neptuno engine inherited from the mc20 that allows for high efficiency and output that’s the one exactly that aluminum and carbon fiber prop shaft for weight saving it has the best power to weight ratio in class as well as top speed acceleration too well actually the fuel is injected directly into

The cylinder at 350 bar and the air fuel mixture is pushed into a central pre-combustion chamber during the compression stroke near top dead center the mixture is ignited by a spark plug in the pre-chamber and then channeled back into the cylinder by a series of holes triggering multiple further ignition areas it’s an amazing super efficient engine and this is

Just the torfeo the gt and modena versions with hybrid power trains are also available and coming up next year we will complete our range with a state-of-the-art electric engine the caracala folker all right 10 points for close anyway i i won yeah i think so no i got at least two more points than you on the engine challenge i don’t think it’s true but anyway

Who cares look at this car it really is as beautiful as all the best movies huh yeah but why are you dressed like that right now let’s heal it up the tail’s up the tail down uh where are you come on baby where are you i’ll tear down klaus did you see matilda please perish i really don’t know what is happening you know what it looks like she does like

The gray color oh yeah too much maybe but on the other hand i’ve been counting two and i think you won oh really you do know cars it’s okay well ah i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship let’s go we have to walk yeah but it’s okay you

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