Maserati Grecale SUV Preview – GT, Modena, Trofeo

A brief preview of the Maserati Grecale SUV.

This is the all new maserati grakale a brand new suv from maserati coming to the us this fall and here’s a quick rundown of all three models you can expect to see first up we have the gt model that will have a two liter four cylinder engine that goes up to 296 horsepower and zero to 60 in 5.3 seconds now you can see the front is a bit inspired by the new mc20

Supercar with the elongated headlights and here we see the optional 20 inch wheels with the trident pattern and the optional yellow brake calipers stepping into the cabin you’ll notice a really well-appointed interior with a 12.3 inch digital cluster that dominates the front with an additional 12.3 inch digital display on the right hand side and a comfort display

That rests right below that now the central display is run off of android automotive and was pretty responsive you can control all your basic automotive needs including gps wireless apple carplay vehicle settings and drive modes and below that is the comfort display which will control the air conditioning lights and heated seats because there are gear shift buttons

Placed in between these two displays the center console is opened up for more storage here you can see a matte wood grain storage console that opens up for a usbc and usb a port and the armrest portion opens up for even more storage space if you opt for the full premium leather upholstery you get this really nice leather upholstered side panel on the door and the

Wood grain finish along with the sonus bobber speaker system and the back rear seat area is best in class rear leg room for a compact suv and we sat inside i am 511 and i had plenty of legroom space as you can see between me and the front driver’s seat overall the entire console just looks great with richly appointed leather and different accents here and there one

Of the best parts of the gricale is this button push door release which is electronic and there is a manual fail safe door opener as well and this is a peek of the gricale cargo area which offers up to 20 cubic feet of space and look pretty large and roomy for a compact suv next up we have the mid-tier moderna version which includes the same four-cylinder engine

But is tuned up to 325 horsepower and it goes from zero to 60 in five seconds now the version you see here using a great iridescent paint color inside is a cream leather with a piano black wood trim the middle seats folded down here for the cup holders and you can see a black finished trident on the c-pillar that comes exclusively with the modern version last

But not least we have this beast it is the trofeo version which includes a twin turbo v6 523 horsepower engine detuned straight from the mc20 supercar it has an exclusive leather trim this great carbon fiber option that goes against that leather trim and this exclusive yellow contrast stitching that just looks fantastic and that is our preview of the maserati

Gricale it will hit showrooms this fall starting at 63 500 and for more videos hit the subscribe button for more news and reviews head to

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Maserati Grecale SUV Preview – GT, Modena, Trofeo By PUNCH JUMP