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Maserati Levante Trofeo: Meet the 590 HP Crossover That Can Take On A BMW M5

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( ) Take a look at the new Maserati Levante Trofeo. With 590 horsepower, this 4,700 pound crossover can keep up with an M5!

Howdy folks welcome to a slightly soggy michigan behind me is the maserati levante trofeo pro fayed tony which weighs it japan you know trofeo he’s been in italy more recently than i have have a look here 590 horsepower twin turbocharged v8 yeah that’s a lot of power that’s interesting because when you look at this car it doesn’t look like any other vehicle in the

Industry i used to think that it was related in terms of its platform to the alfa romeo stalvey oh no this is a much bigger vehicle well check out the brakes just even the rears are pretty massive larger wheels these are 22 inch aluminum wheels forged aluminum what do you think nathan have any look they look terrifying if you go near a curb but otherwise you look

Fantastic look at the exhaust big fat quad exhaust this is almost like a a matte paint job yeah usually i don’t know if you guys are in the matter now i think some of you are in some of you are personally speaking i think it looks kind of sinister and kind of cool there it is maserati trofeo so we have these really aggressive bucket seats are they comfortable nathan

They’re very comfortable now check this out aside i’m not a big fan of carbon fiber especially on suvs because i don’t really see the point but this is very interesting unlike carbon fiber that’s covered with like a lacquer this isn’t it’s a braided carbon fiber it feels very real it doesn’t have any of that extra stuff on there so it’s it’s unique that’s for sure

The metals are fantastic and of course beautiful italian leather this is the 8.4 inch display which is shared throughout the fca family there are other vehicles that have the imprint 4 inch now there is another thing to keep in mind this is not a cheap vehicle starting price is basically a hundred and seventy thousand dollars tommy this thing is also kind of a heavy

Creature right it’s like what over 4,200 pounds yeah i think it’s actually more than that like 4,700 pounds 4,700 pounds yeah but then again you’ve got a lot of horsepower backing it up well that 590 horsepower like you said vibe yeah 60 to 50 rpm so you’re repping the crap out of it to get there which is awesome and then you get 538 pound-feet of torque so it’s

Pretty damn torquey – all-in-all i really like the fact that this really feels like a racing interior but it’s not overdone and even though i don’t like carbon fibre and interiors this is very tastefully done you guys really have to feel it it’s fantastic i can sit here all day long in vilnius this is also cool that’s right and there is a launch control system in

This thing too so it should be relatively fast as a matter of fact it should compete directly against the jeep track hawk and of course the bmw x5m by the way if you’re curious that is an 8-speed automatic transmission feeding of course all four wheels this is an all wheel drive vehicle yeah the other thing too is your regular levante will make right around 345

Horsepower if you get the s 424 this will go all the way up at 590 yeah 590 horsepower but then again those other two vehicles are v6 s this is a v8 so a whole different monster and yes it is incorporated with components from ferrari let’s take a look the engine yeah yeah one way you can tell a trofeo from a regular lamonta for these hood vents right there yeah i

Think those are heat diffusers and look at this that’s real that’s beautiful so isn’t that gorgeous painted red all right it’s not painted it’s even like yeah this is a twin turbocharged engine so they’re not screwing around with it and once again typical maserati fashion they probably have one of the most stylish coverings out there but the point is is that it

They really made it look really nice i mean that’s molded it’s just yeah that’s right this is the only one of the maseratis that has this so it’s one just one for 170 grand and if you decide to buy one you need to talk to tfl so we can drive it kind of important their eyes anyway thank you so much for joining tommy and i we really enjoyed our walk around sorry

It’s raining but it’s got all the way it goes we’ll see you next time

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