Maserati Quattroporte GT-S M139 is the best super saloon for 60K

The fifth generation of the Maserati Quattroporte (the Tipo M139) was launched in 2003 and ran right through to 2012. Designed by legendary styling house Pininfarina, the car beautifully evokes the original 1963 Quattroporte’s athletic yet graceful lines.

Hi and welcome to unique motor garage my name is philip tarrant and i’m going to be talking to you about this 2008 maserati quattroporte gts it’s got the 4.2 liter v8 and the 2008 model is said to be the best of the range and the reason for that is that the earlier maserati quattroportes of this series from say 2004 to 2006 had what’s known as the f1 gearbox

Which is great when it when it works but unfortunately it was very troublesome and they used to go through clutches and were very expensive to repair it was also not a very smooth car for driving around town after all the f1 gearbox is designed for a ferrari whereas in 2007 onwards they replaced the f1 gearbox with a six-speed zf fully automatic transmission

The 4.2 liter v8 is also regarded as one of the most reliable uh this particular car has done 91 000 kilometers from you it’s black in color with beige leather interior it’s in absolutely beautiful condition it’s australian delivered from new and does have a full maserati service history since new and the reason why i’m talking about that is because it’s it’s

Hard to find any car let alone a maserati of this age that has been fully serviced by the dealer now i’m not suggesting that you have to go to a dealer to get it serviced but it’s just nice to know that whoever’s owned this car has looked after it and the last service was only about a thousand kilometers ago there’s lots of maserati specialists there’s one in our

Tarman who i use who has already inspected the car and it’s a sort of car which could either be driven on a daily basis you could put 20 30 40 000 kilometers a year on it or if you’re in that position you could easily have it as your weekend drive another good thing up this car is the interior is in particularly good condition from the leather to the roof lining

Is all excellent one thing which all maseratis suffer from and you’ll know this if you’ve owned one or even if you’ve driven one they call it the sticky switches and sticky buttons issue um where basically all of the all these components all the black components of the interior are really sticky it’s quite common from that age and era but this car is actually

Particularly good even on other cars you may look at this has worn out and gone all white but it’s just in really lovely condition and the same goes for even this little open button can get quite grubby um for a black car as i said it’s in particularly good condition i can’t see any dense scrape scratches whatsoever being the gts it’s got the sort of gray alloy

Wheels as opposed to the silver and we’ve had quite a few maserati quad reports and this would have to be one of the best we’ve had we will start it up because i think that’s what it’s all about with the maserati so we’ll turn it on just go around the back it’s cold it’s cold at the moment so i’m not going to rev it very hard i’ll just give it a little squeeze

They just sound absolutely fantastic when you’re in the cabin you do hear it but it’s quite a muffled sound it’s really the sort of car you want to be standing behind it or driving behind it even the switches here are in particularly good condition that’s the time we’ve got the keys in ignition i’ll show you the interior nav screens and things oh sorry needs

Fuel unfortunately all the pixels on the climate control display the radio works well it’s got a rear blind and really all in all this is a particularly good example we’ll have a look in the booth i just want to have a quick look at that log book i’ll just show you in the rear of the car also again as you can see it’s in beautiful condition i must say the

Maserati quattroporte i could just stand here and stare at it it’s easily one of the best best-looking four-door cars on the road where’s our books all right here we go so also it’s even got here the compressor if you get a flat tire now all the books look quite similar so let’s see where the service book is pretty sure that’s it yep here we go right so if you see

Look here you can see the last service was at 89 000 kilometers so basically in short was serviced at so 2016 17 19 21 and then we’ve also got 09 10 12 13 15 16 it looks like but the last one was only at the end of last year at 89 000 kilometers so it has done a couple of thousand kilometers since the last service but if you’ve been looking for a maserati

This is definitely worth having a look at if you are buying a maserati you do need to buy a good one and i say that because if you buy something like this it’s either going to be a fantastic car you’ll have it for a long time you won’t spend a lot of money on maintenance or if you were to buy a cheaper one or even one of the earlier models you could spend big

Dollars keeping this car on the road if you do have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact us my name is philip tarrant we are unique motor garage we’re located in petersham we specialise in european cars and we’d be only too happy to help you our contact number is zero two nine five one eight one eight eight four and we certainly look forward to speaking to you soon

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Maserati Quattroporte GT-S M139 is the best super saloon for 60K By Unique Motor Garage