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Maserati Quattroporte Larini Exhaust ,Wow

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Take a look at our fabulous Maserati and hear that Larini pipe roar

Hey it’s about the well it’s been a while we’ve been busy and we’ve had many videos out but this one is the start of getting some videos out maserati quattroporte 4.2 proper zf gearbox so none of that select seller speed selectomatic rubbish in this one condition of the car is absolutely lovely ceramic coated hopefully you can see the shine there

You can see me wondering about look at me rossi t-shirt absolutely stunning those we will get to in a minute with a full arena well say full i don’t know how full but it’s a lorini exhaust system full someone will think i’m down to the manifolds and all the way into the pistons but anyway you saw the rooney exhaust system don’t know how full but doesn’t matter when

You hear it that look and clean as a whistle calipers and everything silver maserati calipers in there little mark there that’ll probably take off or something if actually we’ll take it off that um you will find some little marks about the cab obviously it’s not brand new it’s down as black it’s a very very dark gray i can’t remember the actual color but it’s a

Very high spec vehicle this one for one of these quattroportes tires on the front there look almost new yuli royals and again the back ones as well they’re spot on i can’t remember what mate they are the universe on the front are pirelli sport contact on the back there so proper tires improper good nick now i only want to watches any of these things they’ll

Know that i absolutely love my maseratis and this one’s no exception but these quarter portes you haven’t got to get a full automatic gearbox but i tell you what you’ll be absolutely saving yourself a fortune if you do the selectomatics bit jerky around town and stuff do drive really well when you go and you’re pressing and whatever you bought you know every

Few thousand miles a clutch swap it’s not really ideal is it for anybody got limo tints on the back of this so if it gets a bit darker here when we come in but as you’ll see it’s pipe leather what you can’t see in this video is the smell that’s coming out of this car which is absolutely gorgeous electric rear blind there as well that all works and this car’s got

The electric adjuster rear seats as well so see electric adjust there for the seats up and down in the back so making the back a really nice place to be as well and the front seats which have never actually come across on one of these before somebody else will have done uh obviously full electric but they’re also massaging heated and cooled so i’ve never seen

That before you may well are done i haven’t so yeah got the alcantara suede headlining electric sunroof so far absolutely everything works in the car that i’ve checked it’s got a parrot bluetooth apart from the petrol flap when you press the button it doesn’t always go but there’s the little toggle in the boot if you get stuck probably wants a bit of a a bit of

A looking at on the contacts in there as you can see it’s got a special order two-tone leather i’ve never seen one this color before either which is really nice on the dashboard it’s got the bose sound system and the leather handles as well pana candles it’s just just a really really nice car memory seats electrical just steering column and it’s also got the

Memory steering column so when you get in and out and stuff it it pings backwards and forwards there’s your power up there there’s your bit of a bit of dashboard it’s got the nav it’s got the discs oh it wants some fuel that could be your new hobby so there you go and you see that it’s a bit blurry there look it’s telling me seat comfort is on beautiful bit of

Music coming out oh let’s go outside have a walk around so what what can we offer you with this car well so 2006 car so this is what now oh god blimey she’s 16 years old hard to believe but she is so when you take on something like this you’ve got to expect it to be your car down there the usual place at the catch the stones down there forgot to mention that

Earlier so really you know we’ll we’ll say you’ll get home in it not a problem and i would expect you to get to the south of france in it and i would set off there tomorrow in it well you know you have to make your own judgment on these cars they’re a very expensive car to buy new and the bits don’t get a lot cheaper and yeah these are all your decisions to make

Me all caddy in the background there look but really we can finance the car we can take your part x we can do all sorts of good stuff like that and for what these cars go for you get one hell of a car for your money ferrari engine in there proper zf auto gearbox the luxury of the thing is unbelievable and it’s so quick and you wait to hear that noise from that

Pipe i know you want to if you’ve got a pad exchange visit our website the and you will see on there we have a pad exchange form that catches everything i need i can’t sort of deal with a do you want to take my brown mazda type email request because that doesn’t really work does it so that’s your website there let’s go zooming in on the alcati so black round we go back to them as a if you’ve got to ask your missus before you can have this car then please that get that out the way before we all get together and start talking about it because nothing worse than we have a real long conversation everything’s positive and then you say room off to us the misses yeah thanks for that thanks for

Wasting my time we won’t hear from you again just tell me you don’t like the car tell me you don’t like me tell me you don’t like anything but don’t do that compressor toolkit nav discs etc all with the car there look they’re all still there there’s a bit of string there look for your petrol cap they need to slam that soft closed boot that’s just give it a hard

Close wheels are in nice condition calipers are everything else it’s lovely if i wanted to polish it again i’d give you a demo on the ceramic coating but it just beads off there it really really does so we had a quick look inside we can show you that acres of space in the back let’s get in there you’ve also got a button in here in your flight center console

We think armrest there we go and you can get rid of your passenger look at that so if you want some leg room when you’re sat in the passenger seat in the back you can there’s your buttons for your door locks and for your um wiring so let’s press the blind and there she goes that’s your blind gun and then here we go again look there goes the shed disappearing

So it’s not looking like a bad place to sit this is it at all right why my camera keeps going blurry but it does and it’s driving me crackers anyway that’s another story for another day i’ve gone mess with some settings what do you want to do is listen to it don’t you so i want to do i’m going to put you down over here so yeah and then you can listen to that

Without firing up hmm so if that hasn’t got you going i don’t know what will so that’s it that’s your 2006 maserati quattroporte with the full zf gearbox can’t be total perfection because it wouldn’t be a used car but i think for the money that these are they’re an absolute supercar bargain so don’t forget ask your missus first if you need to ask anybody to

Have this car if you want a power exchange get on the website the and fill in the part expo in two minutes and i’ve got everything i need to get your price for your car bike whatever you’ve got really and after that what are we gonna do well we can help out with the delivery we’ve got a trailer you’ve probably seen it and it’s sneaking around the

Corners so we can talk about that i’m not promising we’re not doing it for free but we’ll we’ll work it out between us i’m sure stacks of history with a car it’s got all its books everything else as well it’s book pack i forgot to mention that so there you go give us a little like subscribe see more crazy sort of out the way cars that we like to deal with thanks

For watching boys and girls and on to the next one

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Maserati Quattroporte Larini Exhaust ,Wow By The Real Toy Shop