Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo V8 REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo V8 REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

Make sure we’re straight look at that my god that is just gorgeous downshift don’t doubt shift if i’m in manual mode maserati what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top now my name is max and today well today is a good day because we finally have some proper snow in the netherlands again well we’re in germany right now but we have

The same amount of snow back home and i just love winter i love snow i think life is just so much better with snow it is a bit difficult for us to properly test and film the cars though so that is a bit of a challenge but it’s also a bit of a shame to let this beautiful winter wonderland go unnoticed and unused so we’re going to try today anyway because we have

The new 2021 maserati quattroporte trofeo and this is a very very cool car it is the performance version of the quad reporter they also have the ghibli troffeo and the levante troffeo of course all with same engine the 3.8 the 3.8 liter bi-turbo v8 with 580 horsepower we’ve got a couple other uh changes as well for the 2021 model facelift so we’re going to cover

Those as well and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the autobahn where it is a lot drier than this so at least at the autovan we can give it the beans but before we begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to receive updates when we upload a new video and check us out on instagram if you like at autodopanal alright so a big

Disclaimer for this video as you can see this is very slippery so we’re not going to do anything crazy on these roads and it is very dirty uh we tried a couple of car washes here in the neighborhood but they were all closed and well if you drive for one kilometer it’s super dirty again anyway so just try to look beyond that because it is a gorgeous gorgeous

Car at the front so the trofeo gets this grille with these double vertical well spokes basically in them it’s a really nice and aggressive grill we also have these carbon fiber inlays in the bumper on the left and right side and this little carbon fiber splitter down here i have to say the carbon fiber that they use is very nice you’re going to see that on the

Inside as well which looks really really cool it’s a it’s a very good carbon fiber now on the ghibli you also get a performance hood so you get a performance like with air intakes and stuff like that the quad reporter doesn’t get that which is a cool difference because i think the quads reporter also should be a little bit more stately you know a little bit less

Aggressive so i think that’s a good idea the wheels we get these 21-inch wheels these are the trofeo wheels and uh we have pirelli solder zero winter tires with a 270 kilometer an hour speed index on it so that’s absolutely fine with high performance brakes behind that with red calipers the trofeo gets this badge of course on the side and these little vents have

A red accent as well that’s for the troffeo this is for the trofeo as well the italian flag and this little red accent on the maserati logo and on the outside the treveo starts as a grand sport model so you also get a lot of black accents around the car like around the windows the mirror stuff like that so at the rear we also have a couple of new rear lights

And i’m going to show you guys i think you have to oh there they are all right so rear lights on and you can see that you get this sort of a a boomerang shape again like with maseratis from a couple of years ago the 3200 gt for instance also had these beautiful boomerang lights uh this is sort of a modern interpretation of that i would say and it is it is a really

Good update because you have a lot more uh modern rear end because well it’s it’s quite old already this maserati crossover this generation but they keep updating it and i think this is a very very very good update uh yeah i think it improves the quad reporter uh by a lot now of course we also have a different exhaust for the torfeo with these double tail pipes

You get a carbon fiber diffuser at the rear and this is very strange the tropheo and only the trofeo you can open it like that so the unlocking mechanism is electric but you don’t have an electric closing button and you do have that on the regular quad reporter so i don’t know why they decided that the tropheo should have a manually closing bootlet but it does

Weird but cool all right so let’s take a look at the engine the 3.8 liter v8 bi turbo which looks absolutely gorgeous look at that my god that is very cool that is one of the coolest engine bays i’ve seen on a modern car in a long time with a little carbon fiber cover those red accents really really beautiful that is cool so big kudos to maserati for making this

Look so cool this is awesome okay so um this engine it made its way from the quattroporte gts with 530 horsepower to the levante troffeo which already was an evolution of the engine from the gts this is a further evolution of that levante trofeo engine the levante also gets this upgraded engine uh but it has different pistons it has different turbos a different

Oil cooler i don’t know what it it’s a lot of stuff it looks cool and it has a lot of power so we just have to move the car for this gentleman and i think we covered the outside anyway so let’s move to the interior because this is really really beautiful as i said take a look at that carbon fiber that is just gorgeous that is so beautiful without weave in there

The light hits it and it just comes alive you have a quad supporter badge right there we have this beautiful piano nivore leather which is uh really soft the seats are beautiful we’ve got this troffeo logo in there and a maserati logo the rear space is actually really good as well very comfortable seats and well one of the biggest upgrades is the infotainment

System so you have a touch screen right here 10.1 inch with a completely new reworked infotainment system which is miles better than before it looks good the touchscreen responds well and well it’s just a major step up from the pre-facelift we’ve got the zf 8 speed of course so you have this beautiful new gear lever which is new to us because we haven’t driven

A recent quad reporter but it is it has been on the quad reporter for a while but it is really good a couple of buttons down here but i think the touchscreen works really well so i think that’s perfectly fine to use what else we’ve got bowers and wilkins audio so this is the most expensive audio 15 speaker 1280 watts so that’s a serious system i mean in general

This is a really really nice car this is a really good car to be in nice steering wheel as well soft leather we’ve got analog dials yay with a v8 badge in there which looks like it came from a chevrolet from the 60s but at least they’re analog which is just really really cool i i really like analog dials we also have these aluminium shift pedals which are really

Nice column mounted yeah i have to say we we drove a quad supporter gts a few months ago this is so much better it’s a really really big improvement so let’s take off my jacket and go to the ultraman now as i said uh it is way too slippery and uh sketchy to be doing anything crazy on these roads i mean we’ve got rear-wheel drive we do have winter tires but

Yeah it’s really slippery so we are going to go for sport mode of course because that’s just what we do with any car we get in and we have these little ice thingies on the road everywhere that’s the the thing that makes it a little bit sketchy all right so what does this luxury performance saloon feel like on the road it is really really comfy we have air

Suspension combined with the sky hook system from maserati and that means that in normal it is very very floaty in sport it is still quite comfortable and if you go to corsa mode which is also new for the trofeo you have to hold it in after being in sport mode uh it tightens up and this is the mode where you really feel the tropheo part this is uh much much it

Also lowers i think but especially the dampers are much firmer the steering is quite direct and that’s a bit weird when you’re driving in normal mode or in sport mode because the the steering feel the directness of it doesn’t match with the damper firmness and the altogether the feeling of the chassis if you have it in corsa mode it all makes sense so it is

Very very torquey this engine 730 newton meters of torque that is a lot and you really feel that the cool thing is that you feel it really early so um i think it’s from like 1500 rpm yeah it’s it’s really early so the car feels very very powerful the sound is a little bit muted on the inside but that’s because we also have the double glazing for isolation but

We can do a little pull in first gear here make sure we’re straight so on the outside there definitely is some sound uh it actually sounds pretty decent on the outside but in here you hardly hear it only at the top of the rev range uh the exhaust starts i don’t know with a little bit of a raspy sound it starts opening up more and it starts singing more very

Nice very nice i have to say this car has surprised me quite a bit because it feels really really good as i said we drove that quad reported gts a couple of months ago the zenya special edition but we never published a review with that car because uh we had a faulty gopro so we lost all the footage but that car felt a lot older than this i think they’ve done a

Very good job updating it along the way and making it feel like much more modern oh man it feels really really powerful so you guys get a speedo cam on the autobahn and yeah see it is quite a bit drier here so full throttle here we go and it just takes off it is seriously quick zero to 100 for the quattroporte roveo is four and a half seconds four point

Three for the ghibli of course because it’s a lot lighter and if you want the quickest accelerating trafeo you have to buy the levante because it has four wheel drive the ghibli and the quattroporte are not available with four wheel drive but that levante does 4.1 seconds so that’s the quickest of the lot so we are still in corsa mode and even in this most sporty

Setting uh the chassis the suspension the damping it all feels really good it it feels very solid and together like it’s it’s very confidence inspiring this car because even though it feels very soft and filtered and the steering doesn’t really give you any feedback it still feels like it’s a really solid car and it won’t surprise you so that’s a good thing

As for the competition what do you compare this to well you might compare it to a bmw m760 li the v12 super saloon or the bentley flying spur w12 and of course the porsche panamera now i think and this is of course subjectively the quad support is still one of the best looking cars of the lot i mean it still has that italian flair it still has that ability

To look aggressive and beautiful at the same time performance wise as i said 580 horsepower and if we compare it to that 585 horsepower m760 li this is a full second quicker from 100 to 200. so that is seriously impressive it’s also faster than the bentley uh it’s a little bit slower than the panamera but that has horsepower of course but man it is freaking

Fast holy moly you don’t hear that much so it’s it’s very effortless kind of surprises you how quick it is and of course we have those winter tires limited to 270 kilometers an hour so can’t go any further than that but still that’s an impressive road to 263 i think so let’s demonstrate the amount of torque this car has or this engine let’s go for six gear 100

Kilometers an hour we’ll put it in manual mode 100 full throttle uh downshift don’t doubt shift if i’m in manual mode maserati okay i’ll feed it in no okay here we go sixth gear and that’s full throttle yeah that’s impressive that is freaking impressive so here we are 270. with the tire limit border is inside fun is over but luckily we still have the winter

Wonderland to enjoy so i’m going to end this review here i hope you guys enjoyed it uh i really freaking love this maserati this update with this new infotainment system uh the zf8 speed the trofeo engine it is a serious serious competitor to those cars i mentioned earlier it still has that i don’t know that special feeling when you drive it it makes you feel

Cool it’s elegant and aggressive at the same time really really cool car so i’m going to end it here i hope you guys enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can also check out this video or go check out this playlist see the next one bye

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Maserati Quattroporte Trofeo V8 REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL