Mazda 3 SKYACTIV-G 2.0 122 TEST POV Drive & Walkaround ENGLISH SUBTITLES

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Mazda 3 is one of the most important, if not the most important his is definitely not an evolution, but a revolution, and mazda 3 was created from scratch. even the key is new, for which i give mazda a plus from the beginning a nice and original key is something that every unconventional car should have and the new mazda 3 is certainly so, or pretend to be in this

Color soul red and on this rim, it looks insane i love it, but i know that the design is sometimes quite controversial especially the rear widening, where there are no clear embossments can slightly bother window washers in the wiper nozzles or light washers located near the headlamp such treatments, firstly, do not damage the ideal line of the body, and in addition do

Not dirty the mask as it happens with the nozzles on the hood or in the bumper away from the headlights. i managed to park next to the previous generation and the difference can be seen immediately the new one has a longer and lower front, and the back is slightly more inclined the dimensions remained almost unchanged, and the differences are literally millimeters but

These millimeters made the new mazda 3 look sportier and modern like never before. unfortunately, this wonderful design damaged a bit practicality the space between the blind and the roof is symbolic, so riding without a blind only minimally increases the trunk it is also a pity that there is not a single hook or socket under the lighter in the boot under the floor you

Will find small compartments, a repair kit and an audio subwoofer. the space at the back is optimal for a person up to 190 cm tall. i have 186 and i have literally a few centimeters of free space both for my head and my feet here you can also feel the style, the high window line quite strongly limited the light inside and it is too dark at the back we have an armrest

With two cupholders and unfortunately that’s it there are no air vents or at least connectors to recharge the phone. in mazda 3 the front is the best where we have a very comfortable seat and a great position behind the wheel it’s one of the few cars where i lifted the seat up because of the window line, i couldn’t see anything with the seat in the lowest position

Anyway, visibility in mazda 3 is pretty bad, especially backwards luckily, mazda can have a lot of security systems including 360 degrees cameras that work great here a curiosity, in mazda 3 you can turn on the camera at any speed, so if you cannot see anything behind then you can turn on the camera and you can see something there like the body, the dashboard net through

A metamorphosis look at it. it looks crazy! minimalistic and very elegant, not to say rich in total, the only element that bothered me is a plastic piano black near the gearbox the rest is really great, the materials are of very good quality and the fitting is perfect. i was a bit sad at the sight of the changed clocks, because i loved the previous ones – with a centrally

Located tachometer however, after a few days of the test, i have to admit that the new ones are also very nice and work well in the central circle we have a display where we can change the views while on the sides there are already standard, analog indicators. the second display is the one on the top of the dashboard the system works well, and after a moment of learning,

We are able to navigate everything efficiently well, except for navigation, because there i needed a little more time to learn the commands but i have to praise this system and graphics, which are very minimalistic and fit perfectly to the character of the car and do not distract us. and this is a huge advantage. in the cabin there are also several storage compartments,

There is really enough of them, and we’ll find them even in the roof or on the left side of the steering wheel. i still have a little comment to air conditioning, which is inefficient it happened that i traveled all day with it set to 18 degrees and auto mode, and the cabin was still warm. here, unfortunately, for now we do not have too much choice, because the offer has

One motor but what a motor. a naturally aspirated one. a naturally aspirated gasoline. because it opposes the trends and does not throw small engines with turbo but only a 2-liter gasoline the predecessor was also available with a similar engine, but there was 2 hp and 3 nm less hence according to the catalog, it accelerated to a 100 km/h 0.4 s faster than the new one the

New generation should do it in 10.8 s with the automat, and the predecessor in 10.4 fortunately, these are catalog data, because during my measurements i did repetitive 10.4 seconds mazda 3 is not a rocket, but the car quite quickly pops unfortunately, then it’s worse and i have some remarks to the automatic gearbox it is a slow transmission, which sometimes drags the

Gear too long, and sometimes it can jump there is also a sport mode, which does almost a cvt, so long the gears are dragged i would definitely take the manual, which works great. short stroke and high precision the automat is good, but only if we drive quietly. i don’t recommend it for those who like to push harder. the new mazda 3 drives very well, and its suspension

Softens bumps but don’t worry, the engines from the skyactive x family with the power of 181 hp will be in the offer, and will be a real revolution i hope i will test this car with a new unit and then i will say more about it now all i need to say is that it will also gasoline 2.0 with small compressor, gasoline which works a bit like a hybrid of diesel and gasoline,

Because there is a spark-ignition there. but i will talks about it another time. still talking about driving, the new mazda 3 now has a torsion beam at the rear, not a multi-hitch what does this mean for ordinary user while driving? nothing absolutely nothing, because we will feel the difference only driving very fast, which the average user will not do i hardly felt the

Difference, but it is not better or worse. it’s just different theoretically, the multi-hitch gives more comfort and improves the driving dynamics, and the beam is simpler, cheaper and slightly lighter but in theory, because in practice one would have to switch from one to the other in order to feel. here, initially, we will experience a shock, because the basic mazda

3 starts from pln 94,900 i mean, it’s still a lot of money, but it’s only an illusion that the competition is cheaper mazda noticed that the previous generation was not bought in the lowest versions of the equipment, basically, for me, i get everything that i would expect from the car the tested car is the hikari model for which you have to pay a minimum of pln 109,900

For the manual version and pln 117,900 for the automat however, if we retrofit the competition to the same or similar level, we achieve a similar or even higher price so as i said, mazda 3 is seemingly expensive, or seemingly more expensive. the new mazda 3 is one of those cars in which you either fall in love at first sight or not at all the appearance, both external and

Internal, and its finishing can cover its disadvantages such as a small trunk, poor visibility or a bad automat don’t be afraid of the price, because the competition costs similarly or is more expensive and it’s great that mazda has quite big and only naturally aspirated gasoline engines however, if you think that 122 hp are not enough, then it is worth waiting for a

New unit especially that i feel that the driving characteristics have potential for me, the new 3 is a very good car, although i realize that not everybody will like it.

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Mazda 3 SKYACTIV-G 2.0 122 TEST POV Drive & Walkaround ENGLISH SUBTITLES By Autowizja