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Mazda CX-30 Skyactiv-G 150 KM – innej Mazdy nie chcesz (PL) – test i jazda prbna

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Mazda CX-30 to kompaktowy crossover i hit sprzedażowy Mazdy. Zapraszam na test Mazdy CX-30 z silnikiem Skyactiv-G o mocy 150 KM. Tego silnika Maździe brakowało. Dlaczego?

This particular model is with a 150 hp skyactiv-g motor. so i’ll try not repeating everything i already said in my other reviews of mazda models basic on the new skyactiv-vehicle architecture platform. in the video description i’m linking to the mazda3 reviews with the 122 hp skyactiv-g engine, and any changes that may have appeared versus what i’ve seen in test

Vehicles i’ve driven earlier. so, what’s the big deal with the skyactiv-g 150 hp engine, and why am i talking about it, as if it was a breakthrough in the mazda lineup? it was initially available with the somewhat underpowered 122 hp naturally aspirated motor. mazda promised a more powerful, and thoroughly new 180 hp skyactiv-x variant will appear later. the problem

With the skyactiv-x engine is the price. it’s like jumping to the up a spec level, and adding some options on top or going from fwd to awd. doesn’t offer performance, which would make the extra 2 grand worthwhile. so the 150 hp skyactiv-g engine slots nicely in the middle. you can choose it with a manual or an automatic gearbox, mazda claims the 0-100 km/h time

For the fwd mt model should be 8.8 seconds on my first test run i got 9.7 seconds. it was a winter morning, and the road was slightly slippery. i suspect in the summer on a dry road i’d do at least what mazda claims or even better. the claimed fuel economy is around 6 liters per 100 km combined. mazda’s still offering 2 liter normally aspirated engines in its compact

Lineup. for example in the new c4 the biggest petrol engine is a 1.2 liter. and uses it to power the car’s electrical components. the mild hybrid also helps the stop&start system, as well as adds a little boost during acceleration. mazda uses a 24v mild hybrid system instead of a 48v one. according to mazda this is due to weight saving (like everything with mazda).

The skyactiv-g engine can also deactivate 2 out of 4 cylinders, in the 122 hp version i did encounter some jerking, it was especially apparent with them manual transmission. i can feel them especially between 1500 and 2000 revs. mazda has a great manual shifter, and if you don’t plan on driving this car in the city, go for the manual. but if the city is where you spend

Most of your time, it is automatic. because it’s easier to just downsize, and slap on a turbo, but in the end if you want to get anything out of this engine, you have to drop a gear or two. that’s what normally aspirated engines are all about. but in a kia or a citroen a smaller turbocharged engine is just more usable in everyday life. one may wonder, how long will

The 1.2 liter puretech last, to the point where i get the engine up to temperature, and the stop and start system is still unavailable. most cars stop and start is ready to use before i get to the main road from my house. the 150 hp skyactiv-g engine is in my opinion the optimum choice for mazda’s compact cars something i haven’t noticed during the cx-30 launch event

I’m recording this right after the snow has melted, so the roads are full of holes, finally mazda has fixed its software, and using android auto no longer disconnects traffic sign recognition. also android auto now uses more screen real estate making it easier to navigate. the center console is of course all scratch black plastic. there are 2 usb ports. one is above the

Smartphone cubby, to open this storage you need to slide the cover, rather than just lifting it. and if you slide it too far back, you’ll hit your passenger in the knee. seat memory function requires a long press on the set button, why not skip the set, since you need to long press the button anyway? at least the glovebox is fairly large, and the door pockets are usable.

If you get a 360 camera, you can set a priority view, for example to see image from the front camera on start-up. useful, if you always reverse park, and then you need to drive out from a tight spot with poor visibility. cupholders in the armrest, and places for bottles in the door pockets. however there is a double floor, something that was missing at the launch event.

Thanks to the double floor you get a flat loading area with the back seats down. it’s a two-piece job. and secondly part of its folds. to put this parcel shelf under the floor using one hand. on the plus side the electrically operated tailgate can be closed, and the car locked all with a single button. later i discovered that as usual i have no idea what i’m talking

About. mazda has made a special animation to show off the very genius of the three-way folding boot floor. i see what they wanted to achieve, and i respect that. if i have both hands free, and i have a bit of patience, the cx-30 boot is my oyster. start at 24 790 euro for the fwd manual transmission 122 hp skyactiv-g motor. this test car is a 150 hp skyactiv-g with fwd,

And a manual transmission. it’s reasonably priced, and you can also have it with awd – something that’s not a given these days among crossovers and suvs.

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Mazda CX-30 Skyactiv-G 150 KM – innej Mazdy nie chcesz (PL) – test i jazda próbna By Marek Drives