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Pour vous rendre de la maison au travail ou à une soirée en ville et vice-versa, tous vos besoins de transport seront comblés dans le plus grand confort avec le VÉ MX-30, le premier véhicule entièrement électrique sans émission de Mazda.

But the turn today on the show we have in the studio the brand new mazda and guys 30 100% electric first 100% electric vehicle from mazda we will talk to you about it in a moment will continue our chronicles with harnesses mechanical holding we also have the people from the threshold group in auto credit with us mathieu komassa he has prepared several industry news for us

So we will have some interesting things to reveal to you shortly we will also answer your questions 6.7 09 07 8 positions 230 or even turn to telemac point you meat our facebook is the ways to ask us your questions and comments jean welcome feel good but yes thank you from our women yes thank you but jacques we have the masoe guys 30 here with us 100% electric i went to

Test with the people from mazda canada a vehicle that we couldn’t wait to present to us not quite a novelty because it is a vehicle that was already driving in europe and then we asked masses of ‘water when are we going to have used the frame is what we are going to know that it finally has it we have arrived with this brand new vehicle for a long time since they had not

Had any big news on the side of joey mazerolle we were pretty proud to present this vehicle to us just before jean will be able to talk about all the numbers because some interesting figures with the guys track down the development of the vehicle which is not hidden on the side of amazon use and a modular platform yes overall that of these extremes that we use almost all

The sauces on the side of mazda but like the fact that we are a vehicle and that we make a 100% electric vehicle well the beauty of today’s platforms. hui precisely we call them not me from there for nothing what we can modulate as we want then we arranged it to have a 100% electric vehicle important thing to mention there were important parameters on the side of mazda then

Obviously the autonomy is really important so much for young people but on the side of maso said good maybe not the autonomy which is more important for us we want an exceptional performance of vehicles so we have placed batteries to remove that until the au au tac we arrive at the performance we wanted what it gives at the end of the line it is a vehicle with exceptional

Behavior but 160 km of autonomy and we say in the format of vehicles that we are there now we will not add more battery because the vehicle achieves the performance we want more vehicle battery would be too heavy and we would not have a really optimal performance so its 160 km of autonomy a little a battery of 35.6 kilowatt hour so true still acceptable for most people we

Have the mazda design obviously the exterior is what we wanted it to be recognizable we inform the two vehicles a little different also but once again what we worked very hard is on the finely louse of the vehicle on the side é from mazda absolutely as you say the first electric vehicles that i give offers us here in canada among others and alongside the lauquet baston we

Quickly recognize from the look of masses of water per hour grille before it because of the leap to convey and draw and it is a 4-door vehicle but there are two doors are camouflaged it is two long times from the es2 not well going to mont thabor des papas bain but which opens very wide it is vintage which opens incredibly sexy that these grains when it opens and all that

Is done because when you want to board radar yesterday it was the two other partitions there with wrists we like it or not but by the animated series inside so you can tilting your hand and opening them allows you to access the interior to the rear seats so this side is a bit of a series for people who need the green space towards the beer it was a place places for children

Or for a god you will live us the i’ll do i sit down the riaj anyway worse then i don’t quite touch the fabrics so it’s a convenience store together yes yes but at that moment it’s a convenience store what comes as well as two thirds at least is rocker dallas behind which allow to have a trunk which is immense finally so i disapproved of longer to climb in the trunk it is

Things to learn and there is space and it will be very comfortable thing that one does not has perhaps not spoken from the beginning it is the vehicle as such it is an electric vehicle we know that from the battery it is a 35.6 or so and that it will beat so it is not a big battery but it still allows vehicles to perhaps achieve autonomy depending on how you see using your

Vehicle and at what time in the year because we know that winter does not want to know how to consume more energy and it is a car that we say of life but it is a car that allows us example we are in quebec we have no sight of the immensity quickly out of life then distributed for people who would live in beauce à sainte marie and who live in laurier station who may not

Live in montmagny but to go where they will be able to come and work anyway at quebec regularly if he works in quebec and the impact is when you have an electric vehicle it’s to have a discipline when we took out the loans of the first cars with seat belts it took us a a while before before being able to get used to attaching an electric vehicle that means plugging in so

At home you see a bar there a rather trendy place and if you saw with your vehicle in quebec, for example, find the place of work is in front i think the factory or what government place you should have a good one to be able to plug in so if you are all that no problem can you drive your vehicle it will most likely be a second vehicle may s of high quality and well designed

In terms of the design of the car a beautiful dashboard good flight 1 i have a big surprise when i sat at the wheel the dashboard are very similar to play it to show it in what remains of the capacities in barry their 120 zhou wei feel you look next to the level of the temperature this very conventional dashboard but which is with a new design which is very beautiful j ml

Sierre the solidity of his j i liked the design of the console right now from the start we can put shelters underneath and so on and when we talk with this average car softness and comfort that we can not imagine we drove electric cars remember daniel de boucher has been around for a few years now and we find a sweet to 2 a car which takes well but which accelerates the car

Then an inside which makes it look like the som increases i am a bit of an accident but it is so hushed it is so nt soft especially good brakes hence a plan to age well me i find that it is a car that really did something good with this car it was what masses of water wanted a caliber one of vehicles we wanted that it behaves like a normal car can play only the parameters of

The thing with an accentuated braking but when you by the car uh it is not acceleration or to live how one knows with the electric cars it accelerates like a gasoline car haffreingue like a gasoline car and we the brothers generate but it’s not exaggerating me it’s visually the suspension of the bridge a bump we have a high-end car the comfort of the seats time to talk about

The environment a normal and especially the driving of the vehicle given that we did not place too many batteries inside you pay a rope you see that the line of the vehicle and remains stable there is no deportation by excessive taxes really a yield of vehicles where i think that on the market at present there is no life that the best calibrated that this car and quality of

Materials quality of like mazda is to do all the time but as you say that at the release of abou killer the béarnais jean from the road and from the runs after until may recycled materials inside kind it’s really us to see the kind of water james of the lineage because masdar started as a company making cork only corks or something something of the kind so we will start

To make cork after that kinds of music and tauturu words in short we had fun with his side from mazda so a little nod to the origin of mass of water labs in fact a little accent, a little luxurious, the interior and we are only talking about the jewels for human mazda with a wankel rotary engine an author who will add autonomy to this car if we talk about recharging time

Passes quite important 160 km of autonomy but to recharge it so if you do not have s of terminal at your place that is done i think that i had 85 km remaining and the next morning i was full so i branches to have it in the evening then the next morning i had it i was full of loads that we say level 1 so conventional socket treasure before recharging the vehicle on a level 2

These two 240 so it’s 2.8 put three trees a maximum recharge and we can go up to 36 minutes to get 80 for that with 50 kilowatts so a level 3 is still acceptable so it is on time and it is comparable with the rest of the industry the prices 42 to 49 thousand i would have 5000 less on the magnum side and as the prices are the prices currently and that the number of vehicles

Is not exaggerated on the side of mazon he said to him we want to give a fairly high camping price but the quality of the vehicle justifies the price and this is where the young mazda go having to fight with the competition because we must not hide the bodies is e among others that there is 385 km i am also large with prices a little more attractive so that’s for sure is

A question of saying what we want a more upscale vehicle at least upscale range is the choice of the consumer not everyone who needs 400 km of autonomy if you are around 160 is going to be able to meet your needs en masse then it’s like you say a car which is which is enough top of the range which is different but with the rotary engine range extender engine it should be

Interesting it’s the same hole-size principle at bmw so the i3 where always has 7 liters of gasoline should have two sets but it gave evening 15 kilometers all roughly more then if masdar and with 1,100 km for example additional well there we will be in a completely different register on the side of the mx 30 and according to me we will look for them in large volumes with

This car because the construction is really in a class of its own, we can decently e t smokes his plans to be the last so here we stop a turn and the return group sciento credit remained there

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