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Mazda News Update | Mazda CX-50 is Top Safety Pick Plus

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The 2023 Mazda CX-50 is now included with the other Mazdas with the highest IIHS testing tier of Top Safety Pick Plus.

What’s up everybody i’m jonathan sewell sales at mitchell mazda on the boulevard and enterprise and today we’re talking about mazda safety this is one of my favorite subjects because mazda is always raising the bar with more top safety pick plus vehicles in their line than any other manufacturer and so it’s a great thing when we can add one more to that list and that

Of course is the 2023 mazda cx-50 so we’re going to dive into those iihs test and go over the results so stay tuned so the iihs basically has two awards that every auto manufacturer is after the first one is the top safety pick the second one is the top safety pick plus for either of these two awards a vehicle has to score good and at least six of the categories

Of their testing these evaluations include the driver’s side small overlap front the passenger side small overlap front the moderate overlap front the original side impact test roof strength testing and head restraint test and it must also have new technology in a front crash prevention system that earns advanced or superior in vehicle to vehicle testing and daytime

Vehicle to pedestrian testing really what distinguishes the top safety pick versus the top safety pick plus is the quality of the headlights so to get a top safety pick you have to have available headlights that uh or at least good or acceptable to get the top safety pick plus you have to have good or acceptable on every trim in the vehicle line now before we get

Into the results of the cx50 let’s check out the video of the driver small overlap front test foreign as we get to the slow motion here remember that a vehicle or a safety is the vehicle is concerned is to keep the passengers safe and protected not necessarily be the best looking after a collision and notice how the airbags opened up and protected this test dummy

In the front and side perfectly and this small overlap front test although it’s one of the harshest it’s also one of the newest and knock some vehicles out of these two tiers years ago however it also leaves the vehicle looking the worst but it’s a good test of integrity of safety so as far as the results the cx50 of course met all the requirements for the top

Tier of the top safety pick plus the standard i active sense front crash prevention system or the smart brake support that’s offered on all cx-50s earns superior ratings in the vehicle to vehicle testing and the vehicle to pedestrian testing now as we talk about the headlights of course to get the plus the adaptive headlights that are standard on all the turbos

Did receive a good rating and the static or fixed led lights on all the other trims the naturally aspirated trims earned an acceptable rating so that projected us to the plus now here’s a few more pictures of the cx50 that vehicle that we just saw in video and you can see that it looks horrible the front wheels gone the bumpers and grille is just obliterated this

Looks a very similar to the damaged cx-5 that was uh for sale at copart a few months ago we know that this this was a naturally aspirated vehicle because we can tell from the engine cover there man this looks rough and you can just see that’s a lot of folded sheet metal on that small front overlap here’s an inside look of where the test dummies head hit on the side

You can see and again i was very impressed by these airbags just how it covered all that glass on the side and gave that shoulder neck and head protection and even the airbag up front did its job as well so glad that these were available again 2023 mazda cx-50 top safety pick plus mazda continues great safety across the whole line and of course of of the vehicles

That are tested so the miata is not and rest assured if you’re thinking about owning a cx50 or do purchase one that it uh it’ll stand up for you when it needs to if you have any other questions on anything mazda or anything mazda safety drop it down below in the comments or you can text me at 334-718-0504 i’ll be here on the boulevard and i’ll see you on the next one

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Mazda News Update | Mazda CX-50 is Top Safety Pick Plus By Jonathan Sewell