Mazda6 vs Mazda CX-5 – Is The SUV Better Than The Car?

The Mazda CX-5 outsells the Mazda6 by over 130,000 units in 2019. However, the Mazda 6 is a fantastic vehicle so I explore and try to see what the differences are and if the CX5 is actually better or if it’s all just a trend.

Now it’s no secret that everyone is flocking from sedans to suvs and with talking in my friends at rustero mazda in the automall of milwaukee they sell a million times more of these cx-5s than they do of the mazda 6 and that got me wondering is one inherently better or worse than the other so what i’ve done today is i’ve gotten two almost identically specked

Mazdas the six in signature and the cx-5 in grand touring reserve and we’re going to put them through the paces and see what makes these different and why are they selling so differently all right so we’re gonna start behind the wheel of the cx-5 and see if there’s anything inherently better about the car that’s selling oodles more than the other car now what

We have to start with and saying is the fact that this cx-5 has the exact same engine as the mazda 6. it is a 2.5 liter turbo charged four-cylinder engine makes about 250 horsepower and with the right fuel 310 or 320 pound feet of torque that’s with premium gas you can run regular unleaded fuel in this and it’ll be a little bit cheaper but you will sacrifice

Some performance in the car now with that being said they have the same engines but they also have the same exact transmissions six-speed automatics these are in-house built from mazda now a lot of vehicles are going to more gears eight speeds 10 speeds and that is for fuel economy mazda is not necessarily known as the most fuel efficient brand but they really

Shouldn’t be they’ve always been the zoom zoom brand they’ve always been something a little bit more fun a little bit more sporty and you definitely do feel that sense behind the wheel here so engines are the same transmissions are the same largely the same vehicle right well there’s a big difference in that this has an all-wheel drive system it is a skyactiv

G vectoring system which essentially in simple terms means that it does a very good job at controlling your torque and what excellent wheel it sends it to now the base is a very product the base that you get this in is front wheel drive the option is to go all-wheel drive with the skyactiv g vectoring so it is a front-wheel drive dominated experience however it

Does a fantastic job of picking up which wheel needs torque which wheel needs grip this is especially helpful for the wisconsin winners i know it’s the middle of july or the end of july beginning of august and you’re not thinking about that but that will come there will be snow and you will have to deal with it so this is really nice for that now another place

That this mazda cx-5 differentiates itself between the six is in wheelbase and that’s something you take for granted and you don’t assume in something like a cx-5 versus a mazda6 suv versus sedan this actually has a significantly shorter wheelbase which means that it turns a lot more nimbly however it comes with a trade-off this is an suv it’s jacked up the

Suspension is a little bit higher the center of gravity is a little bit higher if you’re going to push it into a corner you’re going to get more roll making you feel a little bit more wobbly and that kind of hampers the driving experience if you’re looking for something a little bit more sporty but that comes with the territory of having an suv ultimately the

Suspension and the damping is very nice the ride is very smooth it’s quiet in here this is one of the best riding suvs that you can buy however i have a hunch the mazda6 is a little bit more fun behind the wheel so let’s jump into that and see now real quick before we get started some of you will have noticed that i’ve made a wardrobe change that is because well

My my film corrupted so i got the cx-5 footage and then the mazda6 footage just wouldn’t load on my computer so we’re re-recording but with that let’s give it a little power sport mode on here we go so it’s a lot of the same stuff that you get in the cx-5 that you get here you get the same 2.5 liter turbo charged four-cylinder making 250 horsepower 310 pound-feet

Of torque all that good stuff that’s on premium gas remember um you get the same six-speed automatic transmission the big difference here is how the power gets to the wheels this is only front-wheel drive which most of the time is fine however this is the zoom zoom brand this is a sporty car as we’ve talked about before when you’re pushing it in a corner and you

Give it throttle you will understeer you will push the car out because those front wheels will always struggle when you ask it to apply a lot of power and also make a steering input now with that being said there is rumor of a rear wheel based all-wheel drive system coming to the mazda6 for next generation now i don’t know somebody corroborate in the comments

But supposedly it’s going to be getting a significant engine and power upgrade and a new drivetrain upgrade with that rear wheel based all-wheel drive system that i mentioned before if that’s the case just here just take my money master that’s great i love it i love it we need it anyway back to this car so yes this is a very different feel you’re sitting a lot

Lower you’re pinched a lot more in your knees but it’s still very comfortable it’s more sporty it’s more aggressive you get a little bit more from the steering wheel just a little bit more heft a little bit more feedback and that’s great because you want it to be a little bit more sporty because you’re driving something like a sedan rather than an suv so center

Of gravity is a bit lower that helps in cornering you don’t get as tilty and with that being said you also have a longer wheelbase which isn’t always great for dynamics but in here they’ve made it work pretty well you also have independent suspension and fixed dampers and i will say that they compose the body really well it works both when you’re pushing it hard

And when you just want to relax in cruise right now i’m just a normal road having a grand old time in my mazda6 very comfortable in my white leather and then up here we’re gonna get to a corner and then i’m gonna want the suspension to stay firm and and true and here we come to a 90 degree right hander pitch it in good balance getting on the power comes out of

The corner well you can time it a little bit you can get on the power a little bit around mid corner because it’s going to take a second for that turbo to spool up and the power to come out so here we go mid corner power down good balance good bounce yeah this is a fun little car and with that let’s talk about the interiors a little bit more all right so back in

The cx-5 we have to talk about interiors now starting off mazda across the board has some of my favorite interiors in the segment it’s elegant it’s upscale and it just looks and feels more expensive than they sell the cars for however there’s always been an achilles heel and it’s right here the technology has not it’s not bad it’s not hard to navigate it just

It just seems like it’s from a generation past now with that being said this is the older infotainment system the new system is present on the mazda 3 that’s the first vehicle to get the new generation system and yes it’s a little bit newer the interface is a little bit better and you know more modern looking but ultimately the system works for what you needed

To and they added apple carplay android auto a couple years ago so there’s really nothing actually to complain about other than some graphics being a little outdated looking however with that being said the cx-5 does get some really nice technology bits and that comes in the form of your head up display that has a bunch of different functions and you have a

Largely digital gauge cluster that’s again very customizable shows a lot of your safety features lane keep adaptive crews things like that to keep you safe now while we’re in the cabin we have to talk about the way that this interior feels and like i said it’s from a design perspective it is very nice and it is very elevated feeling compared to its rivals like

The toyota rav4 and the honda crv however there are still things that aren’t quite as nice as you get in the mazda6 you have some harder kind of soft touch rubber down here a lot of piano black the chrome kind of vents are a nice touch but this again is pretty pretty tough and then the wood is very very fake as compared to the mazda 6. now with that being said

You have such a more open experience up here behind the wheel against in the mazda6 you sit lower the the console on your center on your right knee is a little bit tighter you obviously have a more sporty experience there you still have a nice kind of sporty snug feeling here but with this being a little bit lower the dash being a little bit higher it feels

Pretty open and pretty comfortable and pretty roomy okay now this rear seat is spacious enough now i am a little bit compromised for leg room here genuinely i do think the mazda6 the sedan actually offers a little bit more leg room but you have a lot more headroom in here there’s plenty of room at six one for me to wiggle my head around now one of the things

That doesn’t particularly help is the darker leather in here in the mazda 6 you have the white leather but both come with a standard size roof the only thing that i would change on this is a panel roof i would love to have it however it is still quite comfortable in here i could just ask for a little bit more knee room and a little bit more sunroof however the

Best thing about the back seat of the cx-5 is right here looks like a normal armrest right but you have heated seats back here three levels for both sides of the back seat now this is something that is typically reserved for stuff like bmw 7 series mercedes s-class and much more expensive luxury executive vehicles so very impressed to see this back here let’s

Check out the trunk all right so this is obviously the biggest difference between the mazda6 and the mazda cx-5 obviously this trunk is way bigger and each seat folds down individually so 40 20 40. so you have absolutely massive amounts of space but aside from the trunk and a little bit bigger cockpit i’m struggling to see a huge difference in between these two

From an interior standpoint let’s check out the mazda6 alright so we’re back in the interior of the mazda6 and yes it is a little bit tighter in here and it’s largely due to the center console part it comes down in a really elegant way and it’s got this lovely padded leather on here so it’s great for your knee and honestly i do think the lighter parchment leather

That you get in here does bring more light in and does make it feel more open but it just quite it’s just not quite the same and it’s just not quite the same open feeling that you get behind the wheel of the cx-5 and with that we’ll talk about driving position so yes obviously you’re not in an suv you’re in a sedan so you’re sitting quite a bit lower and the way

That the cabin kind of molds around you and that the dash kind of comes out and like this like i said this padded leather portion here you really do kind of get a sporty feel behind the wheel here you feel like you’re very much kind of snug and tucked into the cockpit you’re hunkered down you’re ready to drive and it’s a good feeling but we have to change gears

A little bit and talk about build materials so whereas behind the wheel and the driving position you get a very sporty feeling you look around you and you have just exquisite build materials everywhere this suede leather here really elevates the premiumness of this car i’m not premium this is kind of a taboo thing to say in journalism but it really does translate

That way the seats are fantastic they’re heated they’re cool the steering wheel is heated all of the leather in here is incredibly soft everything that you touch the well fake wood but everything feels more rich than it should be for this segment and then there’s the achilles heel like it is in the cx-5 and it’s just the fact that the technology is a little bit

Out of date like i said before the new system is in the mazda3 this gets the old system and you can really tell when you get to the user interface and particularly the backup camera now i’m gonna harp on this and i apologize if you’re tired of hearing about it but i really do think with the white leather in here and the build materials the suede is brought back here

As well this is such a more premium and nice and luxurious cabin than the cx-5 which is kind of saying a lot because the cx-5 is already doing well for its segment so this kind of gives you a hint of just how well they’ve done back here i would go ahead and comfortably say that this material and this design and layout does rival something like bmw maybe audi and

Mercedes but that’s just kind of a taste of just how good it is in here now as in terms of comfort the head room is a little bit sacrificed your your roof does come up a little bit to give you a little bit more headroom when you’re sitting straight up but if you lean forward you’re going to hit your head on the on the headliner if you’re 6’1 or above like myself

One of the things though is that you actually get more legroom in this mazda6 than you do get in the cx-5 by quite a good margin i can fit about four fingers in front of my knees here couldn’t really fit more than one in front of my knees in the cx-5 so really really impressive back seat here and it comes with the same amenities and heated seats all right so here

At the trunk is obviously where this is going to fall short of the cx-5 however i will say that you actually have an incredibly deep trunk back here and you have the seats that split 60 40 so you can still fit longer items in here now the only hampering back here is coming from the opening and the mouth of the trunk so if you have bigger bulkier awkward things

You’re going to have a hard time getting it in here where you wouldn’t have as much of a hard time in the cx-5 but pretty impressive with rear cargo space and there you have it essentially what we’re looking at is this if you care about driving and you don’t need to carry around awkwardly large things the sedan might suit you better it drives a little bit nicer

And i think the interior is legitimately better however if you want to sit up higher if you want to have a little bit better visibility and if you want to not worry about whatever you need to throw in the back then you’re going to want to get the cx-5 it’s a fantastic vehicle as well really no matter how you look at it you’re going to get a fantastic car both the

Mazda6 and the cx-5 are some of the best options in their respective segments so whether you want something a little bit lower to the ground a little bit sportier with a little bit nicer interior or if you want something a little more utilitarian and practical going to be served really well with either of these mazdas thank you guys so much for watching i hope

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