Meanest Ferrari SF90 on Earth SLAMMED, Lots of Rolls Royce Jobs…

We are modding a lot of SF90 Ferrari’s lately! This one is the lowest one we have done and has a set of incredible 21/22 Wheels! We stayed on the dark side for this one with just a hint of chrome on the hardware. Lots in store for the future of supercars!

All right guys i’m sure you guys seen this car on our previous youtube this was in san black our good friend marty didn’t like the color so we went and changed it up we did matte silver the carbon pops a little more here so yeah this is super unique with the carbon so uh i think it pops better with this color you only had it for what like two weeks three weeks i

Had it yeah a couple months a month so yeah so we’re back we’ll be back for this color next yeah i’m pretty sure he’s gonna change the car and buy that one he was this close to taking that car he went to one of our employees and said i’m here to pick up my car and i was like whoa whoa whoa what’s up this car yes couple yeah that’s next couple more okay there you

Go that’s not how you sleep oh one happened enjoy it bro thank you thank you how do you go back on this down there oh there’s too much technology for me imagine if my camera had this much stuff what are you doing i’m helping out we’re trying to get this car on the lift it’s so low so we got to make sure we don’t damage anything so that’s what we’re doing right

Now get on the lift so we’re going to work on it we’re going to put wheels on it wheels and tires on this thing all right guys i am standing in front of another sf-90 strugale this is uh belongs to mo chalizzi as you guys already know our good buddy that we’ve done several several crazy crazy builds and we’re back at it with the sf90 this is the lowest

Sf90 on the planet it is slammed it’s on novotech springs with some tweaks to make it even lower it’s on 21 22-inch velos wheels these are the same wheels that we put on another sf90 but it’s a different configuration with the floating spoke option not like the retro style so the front is a flat face but the back is deep concave looks incredible two-tone black with

The chrome hardware bolts on there as well and this car is amazing looking it’s a metallic black color it’s all blacked out and there’s more to come on this as soon as there’s body kits available we’re gonna be putting it on there god knows what else we’re gonna do to it knowing my buddy mode we’re gonna do everything to it so super excited about that this is an

Intense sf90 i think this is the hardest one in the world right now and we have much more to come on it so hope you guys enjoy it it’s getting cold in la and i need to go put a hoodie on uh so all right guys here we are finished up a porsche 992 turbo s right here there’s a coupe this car used to be obviously gloss black and we have a full satin clear bra

On it we left some of the things gloss black obviously for the accents the wheels are now gloss black powder coated the wing stayed gloss black but we clear brought it the roof has been cleared abroad the mirrors everything else is satin black it’s a gorgeous looking car the porsche turbo s the new one especially is a fantastic monster of a car and in satin black

Even wilder so you get the protection and you get the look at that thing it’s sleek everybody trips up when they see this right away it’s not like a satin black wrap and it’s actually a clear bra it has that really silky smooth finish to it gloss black powder coated wheels center lock of course beautiful beautiful car and mounted all over is foreign

Oh yeah beautiful beautiful wheels this is in the polished silver configuration and then we go here there’s a rake we can have to go this is called raptor it also has the 22 wheels so they both have the same wheels different cars same size really one of the nicest this car unfortunately got a little nick right here and it’s a wrap so protect the grill we’re

Gonna be re-wrapping that in the color match me that’s the new smarter way because rdb cannot pay enough so he’s doing a side job hustle baby are you doing at your house like you’re going to fix the car at your house or you’re going to go to somewhere else and do it no you’re going to fix my house can the people hit you up and save money just straight up

Trying to steal my business by the way my number three um

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Meanest Ferrari SF90 on Earth SLAMMED, Lots of Rolls Royce Jobs… By RDB LA