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Meet The 2022 K5 EX – New Cool Kia Sedan

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Meet Kia’s 2022 K5 EX trim. This midsized sedan is powered by a 1.6 liter turbo 4 cylinder engine with an 8 speed automatic transmission. The amber daytime running lights really make this car stick out. LED reflector headlights are complimented by LED rear combination lights. The K5 EX sits on 18 inch machine finished alloy wheels. This particular model comes with the everlasting silver paint job and the ash blue Syntex seating material. The interior really pops. There is real wood grain surrounding the dash and a gigantic panoramic sunroof with power sunshade. At the center of the K5 is a 10.25 inch touchscreen display with navigation. The integrated apple car play / android auto plays wonderfully out of the Bose premium audio with active sound design. This trim also come with a wireless charging dock, 4 usb ports and heated and ventilated seats. Drive in confidence with four different drive modes and ample safety features. Forward collision avoidance assist with pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist, lane follow assist, driver attention warning, blind spot and rear cross traffic collision avoidance, parking collision avoidance assist for the rear, and safe exit assist with power child lock will keep your whole family safe. If you’re in the market for a new car come talk to the car experts at i25Kia. Or if you want to stay on your couch visit where we have a payment calculator that helps you plan out your monthly payments. Take advantage of our 24 hour home test drive. We deliver the vehicle to you anywhere in Colorado. When you are done with it we will pick it up. If you would like to buy it we will bring over the paperwork, clean the car up for you and then the car is yours. Check back next week for more Colorado Kia content, and please like and subscribe!

Welcome back to the channel it’s your host rob with i25 kia well you guys have been asking for it so i’ve delivered this is the 2022 k5 ex we’ve almost covered every single trim level now with the 2022 k5 and as for me i’m a gigantic fanboy of the k5 i’m very excited to get this first hands-on review of the k5 but before we begin let’s take a look at that exterior

So as of right now in my life this is probably my favorite kia this one in particular is the everlasting silver paint job it’s kind of got like a blue tint to it i don’t know if you can if that’s picking up on the camera but i do like the way it looks of course you do have those amber daytime ring lights these things are very unique it’s a very special look every

Single time i’m driving down the highway i’m like oh there goes the k5 oh there goes another k5 but i like this i like being seen with these amber daytime running lights at the front of the k5 you do have your signature tire nose grille where it dips down in the middle you have a forward-facing camera and i like the design of this grille it’s like these little tiny

Shelves it’s just a sharp look you do have functional vents at the front and at the bottom of course you have the new redesigned kia logo it looks great on this very simple hood i mean it’s a very minimalist hood you can see a couple contours making it look a little bit more sporty but all in all the front of the k5 looks sweet you do have led projector beam

Headlights but those are not the only leds you’ve also got leds in the back i like the way the tail light looks it goes all the way across and it’s complemented by another kia badge looks really cool as for the shape of the k5 it’s a very sporty look it’s got lots of elements in the body that remind me of the stinger especially the sweep back rear windshield i

Like the chrome that surrounds the whole piece and every time i drive a k5 somebody always asks me what it is well it’s right there man it’s k-pop the caves 5 sits on these 18 inch machine alloy wheels these look really good i like the two-tone the silver and the dark gray and it’s also complemented by that new kia badge it looks great and as far as the sedan

Goes i like how low it sits i just like it i love it i love the k5 if you test her of one you would love it too k5 does come with a handy dandy key fob if you lock it and then hit this button you can do full remote start and now with the key fob in my pocket i can walk up to the door hit the button once and gain entry and dang would you look at this interior

The interior of the k5 is it’s popping this one in particular is the ash blue interior package this is actually like a really light shade of blue it’s kind of hard to pick up on this camera actually no that’s picking up but this is a syntex material for the seating um it’s very comfortable it feels like a leather it’s very squishy it really just feels like high

Quality at the heart of your k5 you’re going to have a 10.25 inch touchscreen display it’s got the integrated apple carplay slash android auto where you can access your phone calls go through your music all the maps that you already have loaded on your phone will automatically just pop up and you can also go through your text messages using siri i’m sorry but

I have 105 unread text messages but i got on some spam list but it’s very fluid navigation you can even use apps like the waze app but yeah i really like that and you’ve got all sorts of other things that are in this touch screen display things such as sounds of nature to have like a lively forest this is another thing i like i like the dual screens so you

Can still have your maps open while you’re listening to your music but yeah there’s all sorts of fun stuff within the k5 touchscreen this touch screen is also going to be where you find your backup camera it does have those dynamic bending lines and like you can see having this grid system is really convenient if you have a garage you can just back right in and

And this is going to direct you very well you’ve also got surround view so you’ve got cameras on both of the mirrors and you’ll notice that if you open your door it starts to change just like all kia steering wheels this is designed very nice this one is wrapped in leather on the left side you can control your phone calls you can change the volume of your music

You can also switch through music the mode button is going to switch you through all your types of media so xm radio fm radio your apple carplay whatever you got on your right side you can activate your cruise control this button allows you to change the distance between you and the leading car you can also access the menu of your dashboard and then this turns

On your driver assist it’s also got that new kia badge and you know how much i like that with the k5s ex package you do have different user settings so if you share your vehicle with your spouse your girlfriend your boyfriend you can set one person up for driver one and then the other person for driver two what this is gonna do is it’s gonna change the motor

Driven seat and it’ll configure and conform to whoever is driving it all of your music is going to sound really awesome out of these bose premium audio speakers and with this ex in particular you do come with the bose active sound design which just makes it a little bit more crisp to the left of your steering column you can control the brightness in your digital

Instrument cluster you can turn on and off your lane keep assist your traction control and you can also open the trunk from inside the cabin as for all the other design elements within the cabin i really like the wood grain on the dash i’m a fan of any vehicle that brings the outdoors inside and this goes all the way across the dash and then into the door another

Feature that brings the outdoors inside is this gigantic panoramic sunroof this thing goes all the way this is a kick-ass sunroof some of the other features you have up above are these little push lights just a little touch activates them and then you can also access all your uvo e-services right here you have soft touch materials on the inside of the door

Including the syntax right here i like how shiny this is where your hand goes i also like how this just conforms to your hand with this little shelf i really like the design of the center console you’ve got a gear select that’s wrapped in leather in your charging station you have a 12 volt usb and then a rapid charging usb but if you have a compatible phone

You can just place it into this wireless charging dock this is super sweet you’ll also notice that you have ventilated seats as well as heated seats for driver and for passenger in the k5ex you’ve got four drive modes smart normal sport and custom you do have dual climate control i like how straightforward this is you know what every single button does pretty

Simple as for the back seat it’s very spacious i’ve got good room for my legs there’s also two rapid charging usb ports down below you’ve got these nice leather pockets to hold maps or whatever you want to hold and then it does have that nice hard plastic on the back if you’ve got kids they’re going to be kicking this scratching it wiping stuff on it it’s easy

To clean it’s real tough and these are both automatic windows for going down and up that’s a thing that you don’t see too often in the back seat you’ve got your hidden cup holder armrest it’s the same material as the rest of the car and it’s very comfortable you also even have the wood grain in the back this car is sweet the trunk is very spacious you’ve got

These little levers you can pull but you’re going to unlock those back seats so if you have some long item you can just push those seats down but these are 60 40 split seats so lots of cargo space underneath the floorboard you’re going to find your tire mobility kit you have a whole bunch of additional space around this where you can put some winter clothes or

Whatever you need i love the back end of the k5 though well you guys already know i’m a fan of the interior and the exterior so let’s see how this thing handles uh let’s take this thing for a test drive you know the drill even though this is one of the safest kias on the market you still got to be safe so i gotta buckle you in so this is a push button start

And you’ll notice that my seat starts to move that’s because the memory seats it remembers exactly how you set it up depending on what you set for the user setting well i think it’s time let’s take this thing for a spin so the k5 is powered by a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine it has an eight-speed automatic transmission and this thing has some get up and go with

That transmission i mean if you ever have to get on the interstate it’s very easy to do so this car handles very well it really just drives like butter the steering is very smooth and it’s a very quiet ride i like how lower the ground it sits i like the angle of the front windshield and the back windshield in terms of safety this has blind spot detection lane

Keep assist forward collision avoidance with pedestrian detection rear cross traffic alert blind spot and rear cross traffic collision avoidance assist not to mention the countless airbags that surround the k5 so this is a very safe vehicle you can have the confidence to take you and your family wherever you need to go and i think everybody’s gonna be happy

Comfortable and feeling pretty cool in this thing and as far as my personal review goes for the k5 i want one if you guys get any questions about the kia k5 because i certainly didn’t cover all the information make sure you go talk to the car experts at i-25 kia if you’re interested in purchasing a car go to i-25 we have an amazing payment calculator

Where you can see what you’d be paying monthly you can also see how your credit score holds up or if you’re interested in taking a test drive for one of these things take advantage of our 24 hour home test drive no matter where you live at in colorado we’ll deliver the vehicle to you and then if you want to buy it we’ll bring over the paperwork we’ll take the

Vehicle back clean it up bring it back to you and then the car is yours check back next week for some more colorado kia content and if you want to be kind please like and subscribe it really helps me out and have a great day bye

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