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Meet The ULTIMATE Luxury Tundra: The All New 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone

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Today on tfl now we are introducing the top of the line 2022 tundra capstone that’s right so we’ve got a new trim on the all-new 2022 tundra and this is the one that’s got all the goodies toyota describes it as the halo grade in the tundra lineup and it arrives in dealers this spring so case first of all what do you think of these ultra luxury trucks yeah i mean

Obviously mixed feelings about them because you want to use a truck as a truck abuse it a little bit and these are expensive trucks and another thing for the usability of this truck is that this capstone is only going to be available with a crewmax and a five and a half foot bed yeah so not the available other configurations that you can get on the tundra lineup

So if we look at like some other vehicles within the lineup for example you can get a vehicle with a six and a half foot bed and a double cab configuration there’s also an 8.1 foot bed with a double cab but this one is only the crew max with the 5.5 so as is similar with other trucks in the ultra luxury lineup it’s pretty limited on its kind of work usability

From a bed standpoint but it does make up for that in a lot of design so what is one of the headline design aspects of this truck yeah here’s something that’s kind of in your face 22-inch wheels those are the largest wheels that have ever been offered on a tundra from the factory and they look it they’re huge yeah i mean they are massive for sure and compared

To other vehicles in the tundra lineup too they even look pretty big and impressive now when you look at like the tundra lineup so at the base end of the spectrum is the sr up from there is the sr5 then we’ve got the limited the platinum the 1794 and now the capstone and at the end of this video we’re going to kind of compare some of the different trims and see

How the capstone brings some new features to the table but apart from the 22 inch wheels there are a couple of other distinguishing factors on the exterior so it’s got a color keyed outer grille surround so the grille frame is tied into the body color of the truck and a chrome inner mesh grille what do you think of the grille design it’s actually cool so the the

Tundra that we have here at the office has a different color on that grille surround so a little bit of contrast but not everybody likes that and the grille on these trucks are so big it is a good way to distinguish from one model to the next you’ve also got a chrome tundra tailgate insert and then a ton of power accessories power features like automatic running

Boards and a standard power step for the bed that’s pretty cool yeah you’re exactly right so what we’re seeing with the capstone is a lot of the optional goodies that you might find on a limited like we have here a platinum a 1794 are going to be standard on the capstone which is pretty um pretty much what we see in other trucks in the market from the gmc sierras

To the the rams and that kind of thing so we’ll talk about those in a second but as we keep talking about this new capstone as case mentioned it’s got the standard power running board the standard power bed step and it also has standard adaptive variable suspension with the height leveling function in the rear so it’s got rear um ability to compensate for load in

The bed and then what’s the standard power train the only powertrain option on this capstone is the iforce max that is the hybrid system with 437 horsepower through a 10-speed automatic so a very premium powertrain setup that we’re excited to do some testing with yeah so this is where things get a little bit interesting because currently if you want to buy a 2022

Tundra you can only get it with the standard twin-turbo v6 so it’s a 3.5 liter it’s a great engine but there is no hybrid currently available now they’re saying that this is arriving in dealers this spring which means that we’re going to have to start seeing some more specific specs on the hybrid i’m talking about like fuel economy numbers which we still don’t

Know so there are two models which are upcoming in the tundra lineup the the capstone which we’re talking about today and also the trd pro those are both hybrid only specific trims which is why they’re currently not out but i’m excited to see what the fuel economy ratings will be and those have to be coming out soon if this truck is going to be out the spring so

Talk to me about max towing and max payload yeah so some ratings that we do actually have the numbers for are towing which is 10 340 pounds and payload which is 148 pounds so not the best figures that you can get in the entire class but this is a spec out truck so obviously there’s going to be some of that payload and everything that’s dedicated to all of these

Nice power features that add some weight to the truck it’s not a work truck but you still have decent ratings for being able to tow things and put stuff in the bed well what i appreciate is that toyota actually has come up and told us the towing and the payload for this specific trim because oftentimes the oems will just be like it’s got a max towing of 12 000

Pounds or 14 000 pounds but that’s like the base model stripped down model rear-wheel drive yeah short bed that kind of thing but at least on the capstone they’ve come out and said this is what the towing capacity is this is the payload so payload of 1485 pretty similar to actually our limited tundra that we’ve been doing a long-term test on which i think when

You are viewing this from a truck enthusiast perspective you’re probably like oh 1400 pounds it doesn’t sound like much but when you consider that some of the halftone trucks especially the limited and luxury trims especially in the kind of the performance trims like the trx you’re looking at like even in some cases under a thousand pounds of payload yeah

So 1485 is okay and then this also has the towing technology pack standard so it does like the the trailer back up assist guidance um and then also the blind spot monitoring can recognize the trailer as well and like all tundras it comes standard with the soyuz toyota safety sense 2.5 what does that include case yeah the toyota safety sense gets you a ton of

Features you get automatic emergency braking so a pre-collision braking system you also get dynamic radar cruise control lane departure alert auto high beams you get sign assist rear seat reminder and then blind spot monitoring there’s a ton here rear cross traffic alert it’s a lot of different systems that come standard with this tech is one of the really big

Features on this capstone absolutely so colors wise wind chill pearl magnetic gray metallic celestial silver metallic midnight black metallic supersonic red and blue print so lots of different color options this is pretty cool sometimes in the luxury trims they do severely limit you to color options however it’s worth noting check out the toyota website if you

Have like a specific color in mind you might be able to get it on other trims um and and maybe not every trim so for example like the 1794 has a really kind of rich dark brown called smoked mesquite so it’s worth noting that you do have to kind of look across the board if the color you want is not on the capstone so let’s kind of talk about some of the inside

Stuff because there is some cool stuff going on what do you think of the capstone specific black and white leather seats i love that i have a car with black and white leather seats and i think it’s a really good look so yeah black and white seats pretty cool you also get dark american walnut open pour wood which is a really long name for your trim i do like the

Wood actually it looks like it’s got some inlay in it too so it appears to be really well done i mean if you go back like 10 15 years some of the wood like trims and trucks was pretty horrible yeah and it was shiny and it was clearly plastic but on the tundra it looks to be like a nice finish and then when we talk about the capstone specific logos it’s obviously

Found on the outside but on the inside it also has capstone in front of the passenger on the dash and it’s backlit which i think looks pretty cool yeah and it’s also surrounded by a walnut inlay so it’s a pretty nice looking thing to have on your dashboard you also get a standard panoramic sunroof which is always nice and one of the really interesting things about

The tundra is it actually has acoustic glass so it should be quieter on this interior cabin than any of the other tundras in the lineup yeah and the capstone is the only tundra to feature that so when we talk about the capstone it’s in a lot of ways a tundra with all the options included but there are a couple of things like the acoustic glass which are specific

To this luxury shirt yeah so technology 12.3 inch cluster screen standard 10 inch heads up display standard 14 inch main screen standard and because it’s got the big 14 inch screen it’s got like uh the the cool tech that you’d come to expect so it’s got um dual bluetooth phone connectivity which is kind of funky it’s got standard voice controls standard wireless

Double play so lots and lots of tech in the capstone trim so overall what do you think of this truck it’s nice and it should be because there’s a lot of trucks that it has to go up against there’s plenty of competition in this area because more and more people in recent years have been driving trucks as their main form of transportation so they’ve been getting

More and more luxurious and some of that competition includes the f-150 limited that starts at 73 105 dollars there’s also the new gmc sierra denali ultimate which was just released and that’s 80 395 dollars and then of course you have the ram limited at fifty nine thousand nine hundred and ten dollars and nissan’s titan platinum reserve for sixty two thousand

Seven hundred and ten dollars so that’s kind of a big range for all of the flagship trucks from the different manufacturers and again pricing is not yet released on this tundra but we would imagine it’s gonna be somewhere in this 60 to 80 000 range that all of the other flagship trucks are competing in yeah and it’s also worth noting like some manufacturers do

It differently so certain manufacturers have all the options on the top line truck and there’s nothing left to choose other manufacturers like ram track the starting price on the limited at 60 but then you can get it way up from there when you start speccing it out now what i do want to do is check out the tundra 1794 which is currently kind of the top dog in the

Tundra lineup so that starts at 57 690 but let’s kind of add some of the features the capstone has and see kind of you know guesstimate what the base price might be so just like the capstone the 1794 comes equipped with standard leather and then there’s also an optional spec as well which is quite nice and then up from there lots and lots of different packages so

The blind spot monitoring with tow mirrors power running boards are going to be standard on the capstone right yep um we also see some advanced uh package options which might include um some of the the the features like blind spot and power running boards in kind of like one big bundle so pricing on the 1794 somewhere in like the mid 60s when you start specking

It out nice now 1794 is more like the western theme yeah kind of like a king ranch kind of thing or a longhorn yeah exactly right and 1794 is actually um a date in reference to the cattle ranch where the toyota facility now sits where they manufacture the pickup trucks but we can also do like a quick comparison of the different models so let me eliminate the

Sr and the sr5s sorry but those are not anywhere near the luxury luxury uh spec or trends but if you like look at the limited the 1794 and the platinum you can see that there are some things that are going to be standard on the capstone so for example on the platinum and the 1794 the 10 inch color heads up display is available it’s going to be standard on the

The platinum and we see that with like the lighting is available and limited is standard on these higher end specs as well power running boards once again available on the platinum available on the 1794 standard on the capstone so if you want all of the goodies in one truck without having to check boxes if you want the big wheels if you want some kind of cool

Wood trim and some inlays this is pretty cool yeah and the acoustic glass the acoustic glass is pretty unique yeah i’m curious to see if that’s really going to make much of a difference yeah we’ll have to do a little sound test with our tundra and a capstone whenever we get our hands on one yep for sure well guys let us know what you think in the comments section

Below this has been tommy and case yeah we’ll see you on the next episode

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