Mega Audi Drag Race: R8 v RS6 v RS3 v S1 v RS2 v Ducati 2017 | Head2Head

Join us for our massive high-performance Audi group test as we pitch the S1, RS3, RS6, R8 and historic RS2 in a head to head track battle. Watch out for a special two-wheeled guest, too.

I’m really really excited about this we’re gonna see if your extra cash really does get you that much extra performance i don’t know what’s gonna happen it could even be an upset od has built a reputation for making supercar slaying high-performance versions of its normal cars the pinnacle of these auto barnstormers where an r s badge rs is 2 ld what a mr. bmw

And amg is from us a ds and all rs cars are built by audi’s boutique super sports division quattro gmbh and this was the very first car to wear the rs badge it’s called the rs2 and it was co-developed with porsche and it’s actually based on an audi 80 and that’s the car that your geography teacher probably drove but porsche they fitted some uprated suspension then

The brakes wheels and even the door mirrors from a 964 turbo and it’s cause actually launched in 1994 and under the bonnet is a 2.2 litre straight 5 cylinder turbocharged engine from audi but porsche they changed the internals they fitted bigger injectors a larger turbocharger and a heavy-duty intercooler and the result was 315 horsepower and that similar power

Output pretty much to a 348 ferrari v8 from about the same time thanks to its quattro all-wheel drive system though the rst was faster than the italian supercar to 60 miles an hour covering the sprint in 4.8 seconds back in the day that was totally mind-blowing again it’s it’s impressive though it’s it’s a marginally faster than a supermini this is the s-1 and it

Represents the entry level of audi performance with a nought to sixty two time of five point eight seconds it’s not quite hot enough to warrant an rs badge hence the lesser s monica still the s-1 develops a respectable to tan 31 horsepower from its 2-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine in the way we can use this car to illustrate just how far early performance

Has come in the past two decades obviously to do that where you need to have a race now don’t think we’re going to do this for fun it’s strictly in the interest of science well pub science unfortunately i’m not allowed to do a full on drag race star in this old there because it’s it’s from out his heritage of lead there was only 182 rst sold in the uk and this

One has only done seventeen hundred miles and how did it well they know what way to destroy the transmission with some ham-fisted start however the have said that i can do a race from a rolling start so what we’re going to do is put both cars into first gear with a coast along in first gear about 50 miles an hour and then when we reach that start line we’re gonna

Plant our right foots and i’ll see what happens so here we go about 15 miles an hour so i should be on boost here’s a line let’s go my god done s one takes off really quickly this is really close i’m gonna get it it’s something it’s like the change of gear i can hold out to 7000 rpm but it’s just oh whoa that was really close just hit me the s-1 may have won

This battle but at 26,000 pounds it’s quite expensive for an a.1 especially as it’s not a full-on 4s model if you want a full fat quattro division car you need to spend a whole lot more and your entry point is this car right here the rs3 and it starts from 41,000 pounds this one though with options is actually 51 grand still you do get a 2.5 liter turbo engine

With five cylinders and 367 horsepower you also get a 7-speed dual clutch paddle shift gearbox which incorporates and launch control that’s so easy to engage your grandma that could even operate it even when she’s forgotten to take a medication top speed is still limited to 155 miles an hour but there’s no shackles on acceleration the rs3 can sprint from nought to

60 two miles an hour in just 4.3 seconds and with that kind of capability you may think spending eighty five thousand pounds on an rs6 performance is totally unnecessary after all it’s little more than half a second quicker to 62 miles an hour at 3.7 seconds and it requires a tad more skill as its torque converter automatic gearbox doesn’t have launch control but

You can’t sniff at the sheer grunt from its 605 horsepower twin turbo four-litre v8 and its 750 newton metres of torque it has 285 newton meters more than the rs3 and more than double that of the s1 but if you want the ultimate road car produced by audi’s quattro division you’ll need this the r8 v10 plus it’s 5.2 liter engine and many other components are shared

With the lamborghini huracan however it comes in a more subtle and e wrapper subtle being well relative of course and it’s got the performance to match the looks with 610 horsepower and your clutch gearbox with launch control nord 62 miles an hour takes just 3.2 seconds and unlike with the other cars top speed is an electronically shackled to 155 miles an hour

If you have the space this thing will do 205 miles an hour all this extra performance comes at a price a hundred and thirty-five thousand pounds to be precise but is it worth it there’s only one way to find out right so in a launch these cars and race them over a standing quarter-mile i’m going to see if the increase in price is reflected in there away from the

Lights acceleration it’s gonna be interesting on the way first gosh this rx6 to the hooters for the life this is close the other cars though yeah yeah they’re miles away miles away this thing rockets off the line it doesn’t have dual clutch gearbox like that ra but it was white like a rocket but no nothing it just came on so i’m going well that was it basically

Other cars hmm so yes your extra cash does get you extra performance scientifically proved no you’re absolutely welcome so the all right one well just it is the fastest accelerating road-going ld you can currently buy or is it this is the ducati 959 panigale it’s the latest sports bike from the italian firm and if you’re wondering why it’s here well howdee own

Ducati so effectively this is an audi team just one with two wheels that’s built in italy the 959 is powered by a 955 cc v-twin with a hundred and fifty seven horsepower and weighing in at just 195 kilos it has a power-to-weight ratio of 800 horsepower per tonne compared to 392 horsepower per tonne for the r8 of course bike is just one wheel drive than for still

It does only cost 13,000 431 pounds that’s about the tenth of the price of the are right now the bike notes among you might be wondering why the heck we’re not using the range-topping 205 horsepower panigale are well there’s three reasons number one the 959 is actually dick at his latest super bike so we’re being topical number two it’s standing quarter time is

Very similar to the r8 so it’s gonna be close and we want a fair race number three most importantly of all is that our rider is just too much of a war to ride anything over a liter okay then here we go a drag race between a car and a bike are four wheels better than just two now i think i’m gonna get away first i’ve got launch control but if he gets a good start

There’s a chance he may reel me in we shall see i mean it’s gonna come down to his skill basically all i have to do is press a few buttons and hold the wheel straight so let’s go of us goodbye bike i’m not actually getting a lead on him i’m pulling away now he’s coming back there we go he was coming back a little bit at the end but cuz a large control bosch i

Add him oh it’s close once he’s gone away it was neck and neck but yeah it’s all about the start this thing every time press a button and dr. goodman so there we go what are we learning well our offers a wide range of performance at a wide range of prices and if you have the nerve you can get super car like acceleration that’s very little money though you do have

To end up wearing leather you can enjoyed this video please like it share it and subscribe to our channel if you click over there you can watch our in-depth video review at the audi r8 now didn’t know the quattro gmbh is ceo is stephan winkelmann who was the former boss of lamborghini

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