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Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S 4MATIC+ Plus Coup

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The 4-cylinder high-tech engine provides the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S 4MATIC+ with an output 421hp and peak torque of 500 Nm, enabling the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 4.0 seconds.

Hello it’s lucas from mercedes-benz festival and today we have a short video on what i think might be the best looking mercedes amg product on the market at the moment we have the cla 45s 4matic plus plus this one’s finished in mountain gray and this being a full performance model we’ve got the very aggressive front end intakes just here with the canards on the

Side as well with the amg panamerica front grille just there now this being the plus model gives us the multi-beam led headlights which the most advanced available on the cla and just as i come around you can see we’ve got the coupe styling which is absolutely stunning but with the four-door practicality of the cla we’ve also got a lovely turbo badge on the side

Just denoting its performance heritage and this one also has the night package so we’ve got the black mirror housing dark window surrounds and privacy glass just here we’ve also got the 19-inch amg cross spoke forged alloy wheels just here as well and you can see the duckbill spoiler on the rear really looking great this car also has the quad exhaust the two

On either side with a very aggressive rear diffuser as well just opening up the boot though we’ve got a very very wide opening space here so you can fit plenty of larger items in especially for a car of this size and we’ve got the ability to fold forward the rear seats in a 40 20 40 split just by pulling on these toggles and just lowering the boot and coming

Around the side you can see one of the additional perks we’ve also got the keyless entry system so we put our hand in the handle like so to lock unlock it and brush it against the back to lock it and as i open up the door we can see we’ve got the lovely titanium gray pearl leather along with the black leather and the yellow contrast stitching as you get in the

Plus models you’ve also got isofix points on both of the outer seats again just boosting the practicality of the car now what i’m going to do is just open up the bonnet so that we can have a bit of a look at what makes this cart really special so under here we have the lovely four-cylinder engine produced by amg and as you can see they develop it with the one-man

One engine um philosophy still and this one is built by nicolas danich produces 421 brake horsepower power and 500 newton meters of torque which would be good to get you down the road to 62 in just four seconds flat so now that we’re inside the car itself we can see we’ve got the beautiful digital dash in front of the driver and the multimedia screen running mbux

As you’d expect on the latest generation of this vehicle now in here we can use the touchscreen just to prop whatever we’re wanting to do so going to phone first of all you can see we can connect up two phones simultaneously to make them receive calls going into navigation as well you can see it’s very quick and very clear with plenty of information and we just

Prod where to to put in the postcode to set our destination it is honestly as simple as that next one up is radio and this is where we can go into fm and dab as well as am stations and save our favorites along the bottom we have up to 20 slots in this car it’s nice and easy to change the stations as well just as you can see by clicking dragging in media where

We can play apple music or spotify for example from bluetooth through our phone and in um this menu here we can see we can adjust the lumbar support or the side bolsters so we can inflate them slightly more to hold us like more firmly in the seats if we’re wanting to but the one that i always like to show is the ambient lighting so we have various color schemes

On the left hand side and as you can see um it wraps around the front passengers very nicely just here but we can actually change the color schemes themselves and so you’ve got a little preview of the colors just on the left hand side um on there but my personal favorite is purple sky coming out of there we do have track pace as well so you can see this being

A full amg product we’ve got various telemetry or drag race options but the car will actually detect if you’re nearby to a track and give you various pointers on how to go a little bit faster around there as well we can also get various vehicle and engine information in the normal info screen so you can see the temperatures there and whether the car is ready to

Be pushed slightly harder or not then just coming down we have our climate control options for both the driver and the passenger just here and it is fully automatic as you can see with that button on currently we then have a wireless charging pad um a usb type-c plug and a 12-volt adapter if you wanted to use that and over on this side we have the dynamic select

Which is how we can adjust the sport sport plus mode from there but just coming down we have various amg specific options such as traction control engine node or suspension settings and just hitting that button there as you can see can change the engine notes into slightly more sporty soundtrack now on the steering wheel itself we have various touch buttons now

Where we can actually adjust our favorite settings nice and quickly so as you can see i’ve got the engine note on at the moment and i can change through all of these but you can actually turn them off just by using the little toggle just there and we’ve got a wheel on the right hand side going from comfort sport to sport plus all the way over to race if you’re

Wanting to use it on track then we have the flappy paddles just on this on each side of the steering wheel which have a lovely click and feel to them and just over here we have the fully electric memory seats with three different saving positions for the front passengers and just coming up this being the plus model we do also have a lovely panoramic sunroof uh

Absolutely huge and provides loads of light to everyone in the car itself and we’ve got the amg seats here so these are the performance seats as you can see finished in the gray uh pearl uh just there with the lovely yellow contrast as you’d expect on this cla 45 s plus thank you so much for watching this video on this beautiful cla45s 4matic plus i’ve been

Lucas you can get me on one three two three four six five 028 or by putting an inquiry with mercedes-benz of esport please don’t forget to like and subscribe if you’ve enjoyed this and look forward to talking soon bye-bye

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Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S 4MATIC+ Plus Coupé By Mercedes-Benz of Eastbourne