Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S Shooting Brake 2020 – FIRST Exclusive look in 4K | Interior – Exterior

Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S Shooting Brake 2020 – FIRST look in 4K | Interior-Exterior

Hey ladies and gentlemen this is the key focus on it so the new key of the new amg cla 45s shooting brake look at this amazing we want exhaust cool diffuser you can pop the trunk you can play with your foot you can press the star and then press here not too shabby room so we have a carpet here so there’s actually more room on the bottom you have the other

Points we’ll have the next here you have hook for more 30 points extra room here led lights so on the top mercedes do a light press to close and let’s check the front so just beautiful force mg red calipers prepared disks let’s sit inside and check the interior ooh look at this star on the bottom projected quality high quality materials leather aluminum brushed

Mg illuminated aluminum doorstep have the sport bucket seats mg of course with some sort of dark gray and light gray extension there sport battle-ax stiff got your light switches just leave them on automatic elimination for the screen electronic parking brake and then let’s sit inside well tight here so all the mercedes your new your smooth here gonna block

Ourself you have a lock button here so we don’t get interrupted so we have here a amg flat-bottom steering wheel black a leather on the top and the bottom and then alcantara on the sides flat edges and bottom then we have a little touch sensor from the front and the left i mean right for the right screen left for the left screen your cruise control everything

Carved in aluminium really nice controls and then we have this sport buttons and wheels we have a touchscreen the other ones not probably one in the best into the class we have a speaker on the top on the in the a-pillar so these are the buyers by meister i have speakers and on the top mirror you have your leds you have a panoramic roof the sports seats bucket

Seats are a little harsh maybe but you know it’s sports car and this is the back look a little bit dark because of the black roof lining so amg you can choose your spec surf or the shake a little area here for the manual there’s ac beautiful turbine vents and then you have pretty you know simple ac controls there’s some serum or cds introduction so i’m gonna

Try wrapping it up and we have cup holders wireless phone charging mat usb c then we could close this and then you have the taptic feedback touchpad for the infotainment there you have the dynamic select so if we press here the start/stop i’m just gonna show you get the mercedes amg screens you can customize the screens i’m not gonna go through that you can

Have amg of course here if you move you have d you get the amg performance so you can hear you know get more information about you can cost you my cd settings of the car for the track you can see on the top stuff like you can see the motor i guess the mode engine needs to be turned on this is just eek electronics turn on and if you want to go to the drag race

Or you can measure your time time lapper and you know track pace you can you know work would be you know a tracks certain track you can choose a track like the nurburgring or something similar and then you know you know take your laps and you know go with the coach and you know check the the best way to go through the track navigation of course i mean vienna

Auto show you know we just zoom in or you can just zoom out here you get the augmented reality stuff like that so pretty nice you have here dynamic select and then if the engine was on so actually you have comfort individual sport and sport plus the thing you get on the amg you know real amg cars and then race and over here as you can see if this beautiful

Dice against a support plus race or you know comfort there’s actually snow so look at that individual classic sports brooke bluster race you know and snow so over here we have energy dynamics and turn them on so if you excuse me press this one and again then you can see here dynamic you can turn on/off the valves and then over here if you press again you get i

Guess sports suspension and here you have also exhaust you can see if here if i press the button it changes and over here that’s roughly i think you can excuse me you can press here to you know shift up manually might be wrong and then like you know stretching control off this is just a palm to rest of course you can cost you – colors they could be different

Colors on the bottom or the top and the turbine vents so you know really really beautiful elegant on the back look at those seats as well and over there as you can see and of course you have a armrest with two usb sees a little area here actually could fit a bottle you know it’s decent not too bad if you have a cable in the middle you can put that too and the

Ac spree you know just simple so you know it’s really really nice i love this car this is one of my favorite car i like that i like the you know the sedan version but this is a shooting brake also pre convenient now i’m not gonna leave the key here i turn this off i’m going to unlock the car go to the back just to show you you can pop the trunk from here i’m

Gonna show you the front pull it here we’re gonna show you the front yeah sure so let’s check it the back space and then the engine bay so this is the back space actually 40 meters tall person actually have a static point here it’s interesting you have two acs and well storage here two more usb sea chargers so look at this guy’s like talking he’s like hey look

At me you know he’s watching you and he’s like oh me i just a little bit joke kind of funny the design now had enough room on the front this is the back still you know it’s going down it’s a sports you know look so but you know there’s enough room you have an armrest here you have to you know cupholders it’s a little bit dark in here so i don’t know when it’s

Off so but yeah let’s check the engine bay and finish this up so yeah must say beautiful color metallic so supposed to push it to the left and then you get the amg engine cover and this is the amg so it’s handcrafted by nikolas tonnage so i guess this guy is definitely from the balkans area either croatia bosnia serbia maybe montenegro or something like that

Maybe slovenia i don’t know made in germany and as you can see this is the rest so get the room number you get the amg on the top so i’ll back up but there’s a lot of people around me so there you go and close this up and then beautiful on the front there’s a lot of people around me here but when managing to squeeze so beautiful lights aggressive stance only

Air intake on the left side my left side or the cars right side the red ones you know the other ones fig that on the driver’s side you get a huge star and you have a parking camera here probably 362 people passing by a little hard to fill so give it a thumbs up for the effort and you have the led lights i love this aero kit so it’s an extra so you’re wondering

Not even sure if i cover the price i’m going to come closer so this is the premiere so this is the six-cylinder 8-speed automatic and it has the four 421 horsepower so i guess this is the price for the car this might be with the extras and the taxes if i’m not mistaken correct me if i’m wrong and this is the founder truth i would love to back ups and show you

The whole car in the frame but you’re gonna see him it’ll be a roll so switch to cure so there’s the car i love it looks awesome even the shooting brake i like the you know the the other version of can’t remember the name now top of my head of the coupe i mean the you know it’s not a sedan it’s four-door or something to make some up in my hand doesn’t matter

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Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S Shooting Brake 2020 – FIRST Exclusive look in 4K | Interior – Exterior By Josip Ricov