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Mercedes AMG EQS 53 – Its an EV with a hyperscreen

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The Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 stands at the epitome of Mercedes India’s EV portfolio and is currently only available in this fully imported AMG 53 guise at a mind-boggling Rs 2.45 crore (ex-showroom) at launch; and that’s super-car rivalling prices but with space, performance & practicality of a gran-tourer.Having said that, the EQS 53 just blows the competition out of the park when it comes to technology. The| gorgeous hyper screen combined with lounge Interior styling inspired by some of the world’s best-designed homes – and this sense of wow & desirability will simply impress your friends and yourself alike.

This brand with its engineering capabilities has really pushed developer look at this for example this is the eq s53 which is an ev the future it’s got the s-class luxury and this also has the amg performance all rolled into one hold your breath this one delivers 120 new 761 horsepower that’s 0 to 103.4 seconds it’s four wheel drive and it’s all electric all

Coming out of a 107.8 kilowatt battery now that’s an engineering power look at that hyper screen i’m studying the lap of a s-class luxury and the moment i switch the mode to sport plus and put the hammer look at that this amg electric amg completely blows my mind completely oh this class for the driver you get heads up display you get to know what kind of air

You’re breathing inside the screen gives you all the information though somehow it doesn’t distract you it’s a hyper screen they are gigantic screens with very high resolution but somehow it doesn’t distract you you still look straight on the road but the moment you want to look down and keep at the information or whatever you can see and it’s very easy to navigate

You can really miss any navigation and you’ve done because it’s gonna tell you all the way wherever you want to go right from here to stuttgart for example now you also get a track based mode which is something that we can’t experience here but this means that you can actually and finally take the s-class on a track and this is electric the future is definitely

Mind-boggling and confusing right quality multiple link air suspension adjustable damping i mean this right quality is as good as you can get it’s smooth it’s buttery only fallacy is that it can put you to sleep even in the driver’s seat that’s right perhaps they’re thrown in massachusetts that you don’t actually fall into sleep and you enjoy driving wltp range

Of 526 to 5 kilometer for a battery which is 107.8 kilowatt which is pushing a car weighing two six two thousand six and fifty five kg is actually a good range now when you do recuperation then you can get slightly better on real life conditions what we have tested is that we’ve easily surpassed the 400 kilometer mark with also putting this car on sport plus and

Being ill naughty once in a while but mostly if you’re driving seatedly you can touch 420 to 450 easy now this is how a 1020 newton of talk ev looks like doesn’t it look spacious but i have to show you a few quirks look at the 200. the way it pops out it’s like symphony at its best it’s not like this i have to show you this the steering wheel for that i have to

Go inside you saw that both the wheels turn at the same time that’s the tag i’m talking about i understand come inside this is called hyper screen it’s like the hyperloop but this is the hyper screen you look at the screen it’s all the way the whole dash in front of you is full of skin now let’s analyze this when we press it you get all these options you have

Charging option which tells you exact options then you also get a race track base which is the amg base of course it’s electric and i’m going to give you a live demo of how a track race kind of a thing sounds like or feels like you know and then you of course get massage function in both the seats the hot relaxing shoulders the passenger and driver unfortunately

People at the rear seat can’t enjoy this facility that’s something which they should have done with and this is called ambient all this and the dash looks very very pretty the sound quality is something that will really make you so immersive perhaps you will not miss being at tomorrowland now let me give you that demo which i told you now i’m going to switch the

Mode to individual now your comfort to sport nana i’m going to go to sport plus and right now as you can see i’m in sport plus i’m going to press this and as you can see right now this sound coming out of synthesis because is simply mind-blowing yes this is the future of electric amg if this is how it will sound we are not complaining yes it is definitely not

The ic engine sound but this isn’t bad you know slowly you will get to grow on it it’s like cheating your brain it’s telling your brain it’s telling your brain that it’s coming out of the engine but it’s not coming out is this because but this is so melodious once again once more demo and by the way this does zero 203.4 seconds once again this double 200 and 3.4

Seconds a car which is weighing two and a half tons plus it is phenomenal now the important question is that if you like this video please don’t forget to like subscribe comment and share with your friends if you do tell us where would you like to take this eqs if they give it to you yes we might just invite you next time if you like your comment and join us for a nice race

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Mercedes AMG EQS 53 – Its an EV with a hyperscreen ! By Exhibit Magazine