Mercedes AMG EQS review and details of AMGs first electric

Mercedes AMG EQS review and details of AMG’s first electric

Hi guys one more review and details for 2022 of the best sports cars and today we are going to do a complete review of the mercedes amg eqs 2022 so already like the video and subscribe to the channel the button is waiting for you and tell us in the comments what the next sports car you want to see here on the channel and will pay due attention to the mercedes amg

Eqs as well as the amg team that developed this monster we already know that the amg versions of mercedes are amazing and with the first all-electric model from amg it couldn’t be different mainly because it has such impressive specifications the mercedes in the amg version has a robust and powerful electric motor that delivers 751 horsepower with the boost mode

That is optional while the standard output version delivers 649 horsepower these are impressive numbers for the first all-electric mercedes car amg another change made by amg was the suspension it was tuned to be a firmer and sportier suspension combining very well with the additional driving modes the battery used by the amg model is the same as the basic eqs

However with 107.8 kilowatt hours of usable capacity so the range should be similar and the big news for 2022 is really this amg launched the novelty is the mercedes amg eqs that enters the amg production line in general the mercedes amg eqs has a standard configuration similar to the standard eqs with an electric motor at the front axle in a second motor at the

Rear axle thus delivering four wheel drive but the amg version has an extra power that delivers 649 and also has an amd dynamic plus package that further increases that number and reaches 751 horsepower mercedes claims the car reaches 60 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds when using launch control mode even though it is a big and heavy car the eqs is a stable and firm

Car to drive with better control compared to the non-amg model but despite the amg suspension tweaks and rear axle steering it’s not as agile as other ev sedans like the taken fortunately the amg model retains the smooth ride of the standard eqs the amg eqs relies on the same battery as the non-amg version a 107.8 kilowatt hours battery we expect it to provide

A similar range on one charge we know that the amg version has more powerful engines which can decrease efficiency but mercedes makes similar charging claims for the amg eqs as a base model as it has fast charging capability when we looked at the interior of this mercedes it was clear that its ev models will have the same sumptuousness as its gas-powered luxury

Cars of course the amg eqs is no exception it has the same higher tele configuration with a huge screen that extends across the entire panel the main difference we notice is the additional driving models and performance displays for the amg mercedes offers a wider range of trim options that include carbon fiber and aluminum the amg version being all electric

Features false sounds channeled into the cabin that try to add some oral thrill to the silent acceleration we know it’s not real and it won’t please everyone but it’s still an option some of the details of the huge eqs hyper screen it’s unlike any other infotainment system we’ve seen before plus it allows for many customizable display options in addition to

Having a head-up display that has an augmented reality function the amg eqs will have a driver assistance package as standard meaning it comes equipped with features like adaptive cruise control automatic emergency braking and lane keep assist like the car do you have any suggestions for the next car you would like us to review leave us a comment let’s discuss

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