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Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 2020 – FIRST look in 4K | Interior – Exterior

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Mercedes AMG GLC 43 2020 – is entry AMG performance version of GLC, powered by a 3.0 V6 Biturbo petrol engine producing 390 HP and 520 Nm of torque. Power is sent to 4Matic all-wheel-drive via responsive AMG Speedshift TCT 9G transmission. GLC 45 launches 0 – 100 in 4.9 seconds, top speed is limited to 250.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a frankfurt auto show in this video we’ll check out at the new amg dlc 43 4matic so let’s check the spec first so we have a v6 390 horsepower 528 commuters of torque 0 200 kilometers in 4.9 seconds top speed is limited to 250 550 euros for a monthly lease price without taxes and probably with taxes and this is ok so brilliant blue

Metallic so youtuber 4matic now let’s jump inside well there’s no one here then i’m going to check the exterior for you so we have the black with red stitching as contrast standard electronic seats burmeister speakers which really look elegant high quality finish of brushed aluminium and then we have heated seats a little piano plastic finish here right contrasting

Aluminum controls and then we have a amg illuminated aluminium doorstep with an actual doorstep on the exterior these are the sports seats also black leather with contrasting red peripheries it and then a little bit alcantara in the sides would be extensions for these actually wish is for well here you can see it’s electronic this little guy so amg carpeting is

Wall let’s sit inside there’s a little sun so apologize for that of course you can pop the trunk greetings and you have this beautiful like in the c-class digital cockpit but with this frames so we have a leather on the top alcantara on the sides leather on the bottom for the wheel okay i mean this is the amg sorry amg steering wheel so this is not the a new

Package this is the amg baby settings if the car was on but it’s locked in a demo mode your driving style you were touch operations for left and right and then you know voice commands all standards cruise controls and everything in the middle of we have a nice glossy finish carbon-fiber then we have our ac patrols round vents and beautiful elegant screen this

Closes or press to open slowly opens we have cup holders and we have a 12 volt charger and your phone charge it can be wireless if you option that speck over here we have a taptic feedback for the screen if the press here and the screen comes on actually has a tv you can watch so uh to be honest haven’t known about this option this is going to lower this volume

And come out so this is part of the entertainment you can use usb bluetooth and there’s a tv option and there’s actually probably satellite connection or something so next to the media there’s a tv so i hope you can see that i mean there’s actual sun but there is a little bit reflection but you can see things clearly this is because the radio came back on when

Frankfurt yeah i’m gonna kill the sound and this is of course touch screen or you can operate it but this of course at this car you have trick bass and if you want to go and track major your laps and similar stuff and then you can see in the amg performance you can connect your energy with the app and then there’s car information there is a heads-up display over

Here that i cannot see because the car is in a demo mode but gonna turn off the screen you see hold should turn off press it display offices off so system hop off and then over here next to the taptic i mean touchpad with at optical feedback control you have your want to press if you i guess want to drive manually use this sport paddles your suspension control

You can be stiffer i mean this car is sitting lower than the standard esp off parking cameras but off and then you have the exhaust open or closed valves of course if you want to hear the pop ups you should open them and then here pretty generous nice carpeted love compartment this is nice c-class and then this is also interesting contrasting red seatbelt i’m

Not sure if this is red pepper this light is just for the car show this is not here usually and then we have the glass roof on the top led lights with the lights this is when they’re on of course we have here your glasses compartment a pretty standard mirror on the top black roof that’s true alcantara option sorry and some other angie models and let’s check a

Deep back space just not to forget this standard usb see two of them one you can use for your tablet there’s actual storage area down there and a lot of storage area here so i’m going to pop the trunk gonna cover that later just how it opened of course on this side there’s a child seat so i’m gonna enter on the other side but before i do that let’s just open the

Trunk so a really nice family car with a lot of space over here flat bottom convenient when you’re having suitcases a lot of extra storage space on the bottom you can i guess knock down the seats electronically if you want to actually let’s do that they fall down flat so i’m gonna have it even more space this seat can also go down but i think of the chelsea would

Block it and then over here you can either live it or i mean lower this air suspension and now that fellow charger here as well you can close this if you want lynette’s will tether points are there and here on the sides a pre standard two lights and close it now i’m apologist my phone holder is kind of worn out so it fell down but we have beautiful exhaust here

Which is real with the diffuser so for round pipes some of you commented in my parents audition when i first filmed in ugl see that the lights that you don’t like them i personally think they’re not bad i think it’s refreshing anything it looks nice definitely looks masculine from this perspective so the others are on the top the amg and the glc 43 not on the

Bottom or you would expect them again this wheel’s that i haven’t showed you the amg wheels look pretty dope if you ask me now i’m trying to read from the tire this is a 21 inch wheel i definitely wouldn’t expect less tuber formatic and then the front look i opened the hood so that’s why it’s sticking out amg i don’t see too much difference from the amg package

Of course will sign exits now let’s see under the hood how it looks now we push up and then wow we have this beautiful backup here you have this beautiful amg in the red believe it as we sit v6 not gonna talk too much there’s washer fluid that’s all you need to know the rest leave it to the guys in service and that’s it this good closed so i’d like to hear your

Opinions of the new angie glc so there’s other cars as you can see you can see the new cla amg as well in a separated video so make sure to subscribe to the channel if you want to see that of course leave a little bail to get information or not if occations when i upload a new video of course if you like this video please give it a like it helps me a lot leave

A comment i always want to hear your opinions what do you think about the new cars and i’m going to see you in the next one stay safe on the road if you want to see more content from frankfurt auto show it’s gonna be here for maybe two or three days so got a feel as much as possible there’s gonna be a lot of content you know what to do see in the next one bye

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Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 2020 – FIRST look in 4K | Interior – Exterior By Josip Ricov